Simple Traffic Blueprint

I created this Simple Traffic Blueprint Review, because I feel your pain.

You want to earn money online, but at the same time, you are getting overwhelmed with noise coming from the course and program creators.

In the desperate hunt for what is working, you might try everything.

You do pay for ads, social marketing, and Instagram, and even consider paying for the Backlinks campaign.

None of them will work unless you'll do one thing.

Unless you'll master one traffic strategy and go from there.

Of course, "gurus" of internet marketing won't tell you that, otherwise they have no income.

On the other hand, people who did achieve online success will tell you, that in order to be successful online you really need to be great at one or two traffic method and grow eventually, not necessarily to other methods.

Also, let me show you why Phillip Borrowman is different from all other "gurus" out there.

If you want to start your first online business, you will love this Simple Traffic Blueprint Review.

Shall we start?

Founder: Phillip Borrowman
Product Type:
 YouTube Marketing/Affiliate Marketing
Overall Rating9/10
Recommended: YES

What is The Simple Traffic Blueprint?

Simple Traffic Blueprint is a simple and effective strategy for driving traffic, leads, and sales into your affiliate offers.

The main tool used to achieve that is video creation.

Simple Traffic Blueprint

Therefore the usage of YouTube.

No worries, if you hate to be in front of the camera, you are safe here.

Because inside Simple Traffic Blueprint you will be shown how to making living creating videos, without showing your face.

Sounds interesting?

See furthermore how it exactly works.

Who is Phillip Borrowman?

But before I will dig into how this program work, let me show you who is the creator.

Phillip Borrowman started his professional career as a baker.

Went through several positions, with a possible "highlight" being bar manager, before turning his professional interests into digital marketing.

(In fact in many ways, his journey is pretty similar to mine.)

Phillip decided to persuade an online marketing career at the point where he was tired of working for someone else.

I guess you can relate to it.

Similarly, to others who started out with enthusiasm, but without proper guidance, he ended up buying a lot of crap.

Long after that, he finally found the program that would teach him the right way of earning money online.

With memories of how painful (and expensive) it can be to fall into the trap of cheap promises of so-called "gurus", he decided to go his own path and started creating online training to beat "gurus'.

So in pursuit of becoming "anti-guru" he created and Taking Action Online.

Both valuable sources of information. 

Simple Traffic Blueprint

His another training program is Simple Traffic Blueprint. 


Read further.

How Does Simple Traffic Blueprint Work?

So, when you have a picture of who is the guy behind the program, let's find out how does Simple Traffic Blueprint work.

  • STEP 1 Choose a (DFY) Niche
  • STEP 2 Create Video Tutorial (no worries you don't have to be in front of the camera)
  • STEP 3 Drive Traffic From The Videos to Squeeze Pages With Your Offers
  • STEP 4 Rinse And Repeat

When you will enter Simple Traffic Blueprint, you will see that Philip uses the K.I.S.S. method of teaching.

I love that and you will too.

Simple Traffic Blueprint

In short, K.I.S.S stands for keep it simple (stupid).

Don't feel offended but you like over complicate the stuff. Especially when it comes to earning money online. I know you do. We all do, at the beginning. 

But Online Marketing is indeed simple. Not easy, but simple.

Unlike some "gurus" who will tell you the opposite (buy a lot of products with seemingly super easy press-a-button success guaranteed), it really comes to simplicity.

You really need just 1-2 traffic strategies, one website, and (eventually) one hard-to-resist offer to experience major online success.

The hard part of this is to find the training that will show you the right strategy.

Good news?

Simple Traffic Blueprint could be well one of the training that can do that.

Simple Traffic Blueprint

Inside Simple Traffic Blueprint

So what is awaiting actually inside the training once when you will pull out the 50 bucks?

Simple Traffic Blueprint

The training itself consists of 30 step-by-step lessons.

It is an over-the-shoulder type of training, so you will see all that you need to do LIVE.

Those 30 lessons are divided into four categories.

The first part is the introduction where you will be shown what this money-making strategy actually is about.

It includes also Bonus 1 Phillip's case studies. 

See more about it in section BONUSES.

I like that Phillip is also transparent and will mention straight away what kind of external tools and software you will need in order to make this strategy work for you.

Simple Traffic Blueprint

The second part is getting started.

These lessons show you how to choose a niche, domain name, and email autoresponder.

All 3 very important elements of your future online business, so you have to be sure, you get the maximum out of it.

Simple Traffic Blueprint

The third part is implementation.

This includes keyword research, content and video optimisation, and also video uploading.

So, this is where your work becomes public and visible to others.

Simple Traffic Blueprint

Lastly, there is a conclusion.

This LESSON SESSION serves as tool to assure everything is up and running. 

Also, you should have your business set up and in the state that is ready to be repeated and earn you passive income on (almost) autopilot.

That's what you want, right?

Simple Traffic Blueprint

Simple Traffic Blueprints Bonuses

Everyone, who will purchase Simple Traffic Blueprint will get 5 EXTRA BONUSES from Phillip. I think those are pretty valuable.

BONUS 1 and BONUS 2 are both case studies about Phillip's own website. So, you can see from the first row what he is doing and what results he already achieved.

As mentioned previously, those two bonuses are part of the first training lessons.

BONUS 3 is Phillip's personal What's app number. I think this is really extraordinary and unique. Never ever, did I hear before some other product creator was giving his private phone number to be easier accessible for his students.

Thumbs up!

BONUS 4 is 5 SPTEPS AFFILIATE BOOTCAMP to speed up the process and help you gain more knowledge about affiliate marketing.

Simple Traffic Blueprint

Lastly, BONUS 5 is access to a SPAM FREE community of like-minded people. It is crucial that, especially in the early stages of your newly started business, you'll have some "buddies" with who you can share your questions, fears, and dreams.

I am member of a 2.5 million members community and it is much more fun and also much easier when struggling at the beginnings to have those folks around. 

You can see the community below.

What do I like About it?

Honest Affiliate Marketing

Especially nowadays, it is not obvious that the person who will teach you how to earn money online is also a legit person. Unfortunately, you are scammed more often than you'll encounter a nice guy.

Sad truth, I know.

Simple Traffic Blueprint

So Phillip comes definitely as fresh wind into the shady waters of fake gurus. You can therefore have peace in your mind because you can be sure he wants genuinely help his students.

There is no secret, push-a-button strategy or hidden loophole. Terms so often used fake gurus aka Jono Armstrong or Branson Tay.

Just honest affiliate marketing.

This means you will be shown how it works, and the rest (the action ) is on you.


Another great thing I like about Simple Traffic Blueprint is that it is simple.

You won't feel overwhelmed when following the training.

Every lesson comes in as another piece of the puzzle and it all makes sense.


Let me tell you something, his cost of $50 is really nothing.

In the online world, where you can be charged hundreds or thousands for fancy rubbish, feels Phillip's pricing like he is doing you a favour.

In fact, he is.

Some Expensive Courses: The Six Figure Mentors and Andrew James Oasis

Money-Back Guarantee

OK, you can say that in the present times, there is almost a must to include some kind of money-back guarantee, but it's not.

Even though many product owners include this, there are some who don't. Some of them are super expensive too.

Expensive Course Without money-back Guarantee: Commission Hero

Honestly, I don't think there is a big refund rate though when it comes to Simple Traffic Blueprint, but it is nice to know your purchase is covered and risk-free.

Positive Reviews

When you would search for Simple Traffic Blueprint reviews, you will luckily see just positive ones.

That's really a big thing!

Not just bad products, but also the good ones have time-to-time received a bad reviews. Therefore, hearing that people who purchased the training are happy with it, brings extra value.

What I Don't Like About Simple Traffic Blueprint?

Just One Traffic Strategy

No doubt, YouTube Marketing is a great way to earn sustainable online income.

But hands down, it is not the only one.

I know, I said better less functional ways than too many, but I would add one more traffic strategy to make the course irresistible.

In fact, Phillip also says on his sales page, that Simple Traffic Blueprint will help you earn $200/monthly passive income.

If you want to earn more, you need another source of traffic. Writing for SEO with the target to rank on Google or Bing, for instance, would definitely do the work.

Additional Costs

This shouldn't be a big deal since the super low entry costs.

However, you should be aware that when you join Simple Traffic Blueprint, you need to pull some extra (monthly) cash.

Those costs are among others for:

  • Domain ($15/year)
  • Hosting ($150/year)
  • Leads Oriented Website Builder ($250/year)
  • Autoresponder ($20/month)

Prefer all-in-one package?

The platform has it all as they use to say.

Can You Trust Phillip Borrowman?

In any working, business, or even private relationship there is a crucial element defining if this relationship will be fruitful or not, that's TRUST.

Do you agree?

Especially in a relationship when you will be paying for education, for some kind of knowledge, you'd expect VALUE.

Additionally, you expect that what HE (your mentor) will claim will also be TRUE.

Simple Traffic Blueprint

If this is what you are looking for, then you will be super glad to hear that Phillip is 100% your guy.

You see, unlike "gurus" who will tell you to buy their newest gimmick that will be replaced six months later with another one, another one, and another one...and won't be available if you need them, Phillip is different.

He really puts his students first.

In addition, the strategy he teaches are legit and evergreen.

This means that you can use those techniques well in the long future.

Can you wish for something more?

Do I recommend Simple Traffic Blueprint?

You see, I personally reviewed +100 online products and unfortunately, I didn't recommend the majority.

They were either expensive, low-quality, or both.

But Simple Traffic Blueprint is different.

Not only it is super affordable, but it also offers a great value and piece of knowledge you will profit from for years to come.

In addition to those facts, the creator itself is an honest, skillful, and most importantly caring person.

So to sum up my review: I would RECOMMEND Simple Traffic Blueprint 100%.

How Do I Earn Money Online?

If you wonder why I am so sure Phillip's program is the right one, it is because I am also earning money online with affiliate marketing.

I think affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money online, especially for starters, because:

  • You don't need a huge budget upon starting out
  • You don't need to create, stock, don't need to deal or ship any product
  • You don't need to deal with complaints or refunds because the product owner does that

On the other hand, you :

  • Work whenever, and wherever you want
  • You can choose products you want to promote
  • You can earn passive income for years to come

Previously, you read one negative part of Simple Traffic Blueprint being that Phillip is teaching only one traffic method. Again, you. Can create side hustle income purely using the strategy Phillip is teaching.

But if you want to scale up, you should consider blogging next to video creation. Blogging is basically talking to your audience in form of written text.

Again video is great, but the blog has a bigger reach.

The platform that teaches me how to earn money blogging is responsible for results like these:

  • 6.2k in Passive Income From 21 Year Old College Dropout
  • Single Mum, Earned Over 100k in 4 Years Passive Income
  • What About This Guy? $1 Million Over 10 Years in Passive Income
  • In case you want to try the strategy out, you can do it for free by clicking below.

    The PREMIUM monthly membership costs only $49 and comes with hosting, keyword tool and website builder included.

    OK, I hope you liked my Simple Traffic Blueprint Review and if you did, please share it further with people who might need it. If you want to try the platform I am using, I would be your mentor over there and would be happy to show you strategy around.



    About the Author

    Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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    1. I have been doing online business for a while now and I can honestly say without knowing what you are doing in terms of traffic and leads you are probably going nowhere. Thank you for such informative article on simple traffic blueprint . I have learnt a lot and I have bookmarked your site for future reference.

      1. Hey there,

        I am super happy that you found this blog post helpful. I would gladly serve you as an “information source point”. -;)

        Indeed, the Leads are next to Traffic, the lifeblood of every online business, I agree 100%

    2. Hey Julius,

      thanks for your insightful review. Sounds like Philip is a stand-up guy and different from the usual “gurus” you find online. Video Marketing is become more and more integral to affiliate campaigns, and this sounds like a good investment to get good training.

      Thanks again

      1. Hi John, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. Indeed, video marketing is legitimate and in some cases, it might be profitable. I know that for many people starting with youTube, the biggest obstacle is that they need to show their faces. Therefore I like that inside Simple Traffic Blueprint, students are taught video marketing without the need of showing their face-;)

    3. I remember the first time I came across Phillip Borrowman’s youtube channel…

      He resonated with me because he was honest and straight to the point.

      I know that his “taking action online” course has helped a lot of people to finally start a real business online and actually see success!

      I am glad to see that his Simple Traffic Blueprint course focuses more on Youtube marketing.

      To be honest with you, youtube is one of the best places right now to create content and get almost instant first page rankings – as long as you know what you are doing.

      I’m confident that Phillip delivers with this one.

      Thank you for putting this together. It’s helpful.

        1. I agree. More legit marketers are needed to weed out the bad apples you mentioned.

          The good thing is that you are making a difference by sharing the real deal programs and marketers.

          1. Thank you, Jason. You know how they say it: If the good people are quiet, then the bad people will be heard! I want people know about the honest way how to earn money online, as well.

    4. Hi Julius,

      Thanks for showing us what it looks like from the inside. I get enough information to make a better decision. Philip is legitimate, and we can depend on his training because he doesn’t create shiny objects that are only after people’s money. However, it still has drawbacks. He only shows one traffic generation method( YouTube Traffic), and extra costs are involved. People should understand this before enrollment.


      1. Hi Matt. Thanks for your comment and for sharing your Simple Traffic Blueprint as well. Our readers will definitely appreciate it.


    5. The timely review of the Simple Traffic Blueprint is much appreciated. The program seems well put together and teaches how to drive traffic from YouTube, which is something I have been wanting to do for my affiliate business.

      Thanks for sharing!

      1. Hey Femi.
        Thanks a lot for stopping by and leaving your comment. YouTube marketing is definitely a great way how to earn a full-time income. Also, it is a great way to get more traffic for a blog for instance. Most importantly, Phillip is a really honest, caring, and legitimate guy. So if you looking for options to start video marketing, this program is surely worth going for.

    6. Video creation e.g. YouTube can certainly provide you with a decent amount of traffic but what I think any marketer should be so careful of is to ensure that we don’t get spread too thin. In order to really capitalise on our online marketing efforts it is essential that content needs to be created on a very regular basis otherwise Google will not give us the recognition that we need.

      I have now realised that bloggers that are super successful are super successful due to them creating content almost on a daily basis and likewise with video creators on YouTube. The question is can you create content daily on WordPress and YouTube, especially if you are not doing this full time?

      For this reason it almost feels to me that you need to really make a decision to at first concentrate on either the one or the other and once one of them like e.g. the blogging aspect is really very successful and getting loads of traffic it is then time to perhaps start going flat out on YouTube too.

      Saying this, that is what I understood from reading up but I myself do not do this as I absolutely love video creation too much to just be concentrating on the blogging for now as I should and do get some decent traffic from video creation regardless.

      In a nutshell I do think there is a lot of traffic to gain from video creation though as people simply love video and therefore it is certainly worth investing in a good video creation course.

      1. I think you hit here on the problem many online marketers are facing. Do just blog or also YouTube videos?

        In the first instance, I tend to think like you, so do the first one (blogging) and then get started with other (YouTube) or VISA VERSA. But then I heard the advice of a friend who suggested doing both regularly but in different proportions. So let’s say you do 2 blog posts and one video. And I think that makes sense, don’t you think? Otherwise, you might miss this great opportunity to build on several traffic sources. On the other hand, I agree with you that it is not always easy to find that time for 2 posts and 1 video unless you are doing it full-time.

        Thanks for your engaging comment!

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