Remotasks review

Welcome on my REMOTASKS Review 2022.

Remotasks team was about one year quiet and then they started to send me email after email, so I thought I'll check what the whole fuzz is all about.

The reasons this platform can be the one to go place, are plenty.

Maybe you want to travel or you hate your boss. 

Or due to the recent pandemic it might be just hard for you to keep the job.

Regardless of your situation, machine learning and artificial intelligence, both became popular ways of earning money. 

So, let me show you in my Remotasks review, if there is anything, you can profit from.

Name: Remotasks
Founder: Scale Labs Inc (Kiran Kumar is CEO)
Price: FREE to join
Overall Rating: 2.5 out of 5
Recommended: YES and NO

What is Remotasks?

Remotasks crowdfunding site offering micro-tasks in variety fields. They have more than 240k contractors and operate in more than 90 countries worldwide.

They use artificial intelligence and machine learning as main way of working.  

After completing training in your favourite area, you can expect tasks being available in following categories:

  • Transcription
  • Categorization
  • Text Highlighting
  • 2D and 3D Image Annotation and Segmentation
  • Video Annotation
  • LiDar Annotation and Segmentation
Remotasks review

For who is Remotasks?

The Remotasks is suitable for anyone, searching side hustle incomes, as well as for full-time, home-based position seekers (reviewer position).

A very good thing about it is that you don’t have to possess any specific knowledge prior to beginning. Obviously, if you are skilled in any related topics, as above mentioned, you have a big advantage.

You can plan the working hours, so this offers a portion of flexibility for home stay parents, or full-time workers.

Remotasks review

How does Remotasks Work?

Firstly you would need to Sign up using your email or Facebook. Personally, I recommend using email rather than Facebook because of possible privacy issues.

In general, the process, is pretty straight forward and easy.

Secondly, you will have to Complete the training.

While some training is super easy (transcription), some might took you a whole day to complete (2D and 3D annotation).

Remotasks review


Update: The newly introduced Bootcamp is taking even several days. 

Get Accepted For The Task is further step if you want to get rolling with Remotasks. Normally, it should work, that when you complete the training, you should be ready to get accepted for the tasks.

However, that's not always the case, as task availability is not promised. Read further to read why.

Finally, when you finished the training and have been lucky to get accepted for the particular task, you Receive Payment via Your PayPal.

You don't have to wait to specific payday. When you reach the minimum threshold, you can request payment. 

Inside of Remotasks?

Inside of training centre, you'll get overview of your activity and earnings.

Additionally, there is new feature(at least it wasn't inside when I reviewed Remotasks for the first time in 2020)

Those are the language certification exams.

Updated version offers also Spanish, Italian and Polish language.

Even if you finished the exam, you won't get task guaranteed straight away.

I like that Remotasks creators are here transparent about it and mention that. See below: 

Remotasks review

Clearly, after finishing the exams, you will be qualified to perform language related tasks.

The biggest change compared to year 2020 is that Remotasks offers Bootcamp training.

This is intense 10 days training on LiDar annotation and segmentation. As these tasks could be really difficult, I think it is very smart move once again, to include this bootcamp inside the platform.

Remotasks review

Furthermore, there is support menu, that will offer you help when struggling.

Contrary to my previous review, Remotasks made updates also here.

Previously, it was quite hard to find particular training. Nowadays, it seems to be much easier, with everything in organised and easy-to-find manner.

Additionally, the FAQ has been updated what gives more comfortable feeling when you feel like struggling with something that is quite common. 

Last feature inside Remotasks is the community.

Rather than community, those are basically blog posts written by other users serving you as guide in several stages of your journey with Remotasks.

So, you can find more comprehensive info on getting started, bugs, or more detailed info on 2D or 3D annotations. Also, when you will join the community, you'll have the chance to interact by writing posts.

What I like about Remotasks?

Variety of Tasks to Choose From

Before the updated version, Remotasks did not offer so bright variety of options.

But, with the present amounts, the site has much more to offer and is therefore more compelling.

Just under LiDar annotation I found around 40 different tasks! If you see how many categories are there and if every category is so jam-packed as LiDar, we are talking in hundreds of tasks then!


I stressed out in my Remotasks review that you can work from comfort of your home. Besides location flexibility, you can also choose your time you will be working.

That's making it super convenient for people who are not ready to leave full time job. Also, for side hustlers.


Even though the community here at Remotasks isn't live (would be great if it was) it is always nice to have someone around if you want to ask something.

Additionally, it serves as sort of proof, that Remotasks is legit business where real people are earning money,.

I can imagine that for many, the idea earning money online, especially with easy tasks like transcribing comes very suspicious.

They go like: "What, can I really earn money by listening and then re-writing what I heard?"

Yes, you can -;)

But If you want 24/7 community, platform below might interests you more:

What I don't like about Remotasks?

Low Payments

You see, I think that Remotasks can earn you nice pocket money, but it is not serious income.(In case you are living in the western world.) 

Even though, I know that for people living in developed country, the revenue may even cover the basic bills.

In western world, $250 a month, can't be considerate nothing more than pocket money, do you agree?

Difficulty of the Tasks

Honestly, the tasks inside Remotasks could get really difficult.

At least those, that are financially more interesting. Because transcribing tasks are slightly easier, but then you also earn considerably less ($0.01-$0.05/task).

It could be just me, but the annotation and segmentation tasks are really not that easy. Especially, when contemplated the pay rate.


I mentioned the help of community as feature I do like, but the support from the creators or their support team is poor.

After submitting my concern about system issue, I have been waiting for days without answer. That might be the reason, they have introduced the FAQ since.

But still, some questions just need to be answered individually and you might become easily frustrated, after not receiving answer. Especially, when in the middle of the project.

Remotasks Complaints

When I was researching others people experience for my Remotasks review, I found some complaints about the payments.

Previously, I mentioned that the creators are pretty clear and transparent, that when your task is not sufficiently executed, you might be unpaid.

At one side, I understand it and it makes sense. After completing the training everyone should be in state to perform the assigned task.

On the other side I do understand those complaints, as it looks unfair, when spending the time on task and if wrong you won't get any money.

You can choose your point of view. 

There are 2 other serious complaints that came out when reading Trust Pilot reviews.

Firstly, the requirements for your task being accepted are super huge. In some cases, even the 98% accuracy wasn't enough to get paid.

This can be a big RED FLAG ?

Secondly, there is a time limit on each task.

That might lead to you being time-pressured and therefore perform less accurate, hence less money earned.

Can You Really Earn Money with Remotasks?

Even so, there are people who can earn money with Remotasks on regular basis, I think majority of people don't earn $100/month.

Unless you are reviewer, it would be very difficult for you to earn more.

Mostly because of the time limit, difficulty of the task and low pay rate.

Do I recommend Remotasks?

I remember how I excited I've been when I found out for the first time, that I could earn SOME MONEY ONLINE.

Remotasks was among the first platforms that I have tried and received payment from.

I have to say, REMOTASKS is LEGIT platform. There are REAL PEOPLE earning money.

It can give you some cash when you have that extra hour or two a day.

If you are interested in 2D or 3D image annotation, it might be worth of checking for you.

In the same time, there are some RED FLAGS that would raise my awareness. Should I know them before, I wouldn't join probably.

What I see as biggest reason for it, is the relation between the time you'll spend on it and the reward you'll get in return, as it is not interesting.

In other words: you might be working for 8 hours, to only found out, you earned $1 or something!

What to do Next?

In case your job opportunities are limited because of the pandemic, or you just want to be able work whenever or wherever you want, money making sites can offer you some nice alternative on getting paid.

They don't require (in many cases) prior experience and the hiring process is pretty straight-forward. Oftentimes, just knowledge of the English language is enough.

If you'd like to earn money as transcriber, I would suggest you to use sites Neevo or Appen. If you want to earn money online doing something easier, browsing or watching videos for instance, then Swagbucks can be your option.

But there are also certain dangers when relying on these sites.

No, I don't mean scammers.

You see, oftentimes the payments are super low. And when you already find some that pays great, it might have location restrictions.

At this time it'll be fine to mention, that in no case, would I recommend to use those sites as replacement of your income.

In case, you'd like to earn full-time income online, then online business is what you need.

I hope i provided some help with my Remotasks review. If liked it, I'd be glad if you share it frurther. 

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  1. Ah man, hard work for low payouts, I don’t like that. If I were to work on these low payout survey type of deals, I’d probably just use Freecash since they practically pay you money to just chill and play video games, or I’d use something like Swagbucks so I can just mindlessly answer random questions and get paid for easy tasks.

    Do you think that they pay out more than these kinds of survey apps?

    1. Hey David, thanks for your comment. Honestly, I don’t think the payouts are higher than on Swagbucks. Even tough,I didn’t earn a lot there neither. So far the most lucrative micro-tasks sites for me are Appen and Roamler. Second one is location dependant and therefore not great fit for everyone, but once you are living in one of their countries, it might be great source of extra income. They were months I earned $700 with super easy tasks. Basically, it is great “bridging option” when building own online business. I won’t see it as full-time income opportunity.

  2. I was really sold on the platform until some of your comments at the end. Working for long without sometimes getting high payouts can be really discouraging. Especially when the tasks aren’t that easy like you say.

    I like that there are variety of tasks on the platform though. Most I see out there only have few, rarely updated tasks. I’d check up on the swagbucks you mentioned.

    This is a comprehensive review in all. Thanks Julius.

    1. Hey Femi. It is what not only me, but few others using the app mentioned. It can be very discouraging. When you spent a lot of time working, and you won’t see any result. What I really dislike about the most is probably the fact, that even you’d manage to make it done, REVIEWER can dismiss it.

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