Pure Hemp CBD

Have you been searching for Pure Hemp CBD Oil, but you weren’t able to find the right one? 

Then you might want to try the Pure Hemp CBD. 

Company that is selling products that are affordable, organically grown and NON-GMO. 

You see the video and blog section of the website, that will help you navigate yourself if you want to get precise overview of the products. The variety is something to consider. 

Pure Hemp CBD

Pain relief for you and your pet, anti-aging or night creme for your skin, or even protein shaker after your tough workout? 

Pure Hemp CBD seems to have product for your troubles!

The Pure Hemp CBD team developed a system that ensures the production of high-quality CBD products. The system includes a thorough research check, safety test, quality check, potency check, and superior service check.

Additionally, there are great earning options offered by the company. It can be great match if you are looking for CBD products at wholesale price. As well as, if you would like to open a retail store or start an affiliate marketing business. 


Read further on to find out more details!

Name: Pure Hemp CBD
Earning Potential
: 8/10
:product price varies from $10- $250 (in time of writing this post)
Affiliate Program is FREE to join
: 8/10

What is it?

Located in Los Angeles, California the company is responsible for fully organic, full spectrum CBD extract product. 

Pure Hemp CBD provides products from different variety. Some categories to mention are Beauty, Pets, and Topicals. 

They are providing 3rd party laboratory tests with results shown on the website. Their products are GMO free and during extraction they use CO2 EXTRACTION METHOD. 

What is inside? 

As mentioned previously, the variety of choices is something that you can benefit from.

If you are searching for pain relief, the anti inflammatory effect of Pure Hemp CBD will do its work for you. For that you can use the drops. 

Oils available at Pure Hemp CBD are full spectrum, anointing oils, CBG, potency and pure isolate. 

Below are the overall categories, you can choose from.

Pure Hemp CBD

Pets- sprays, shampoo, and oils. 

Vape-kit including cartridges and batteries, available separately as well.


Capsules- pure isolate and liquid. 

Sprays- for relaxation, better sleep, anti-stress. 

Topical- bath bomb, relief scrub or tattoo after creme care.

Protein Shakers

Edibles -contains CBD gummies, tooth sticks, lollipops, and syrups.  

How to use it?

There are two types of usage. Firstly, the products and secondly, the earning opportunities. 

Products. When you are just beginner, this is what Veronika Fernandez founder of Nectar CBD says: 

“It is recommended to use 5-10 mg CBD for 3-7 days to start with. If you are not recognising the effectiveness, adjust the dose in 5-10mg increments until you find a level that’s both comfortable and effective

Pure Hemp CBD goes even further, and suggests you consider your dosage upon your body weight. See the chart below. 

Pure Hemp CBD

When it comes to application, Pure Hemp CBD explains below every product the steps. That’s awesome. Below is how to use the Pure Isolate 500 mg oils for instance:

Pure Hemp CBD

Earnings. For Affiliate Marketing, they do very simple procedure. (It is really the 1,2 and 3 and done, I have done it and it was the quickest acceptance ever. Your website won’t be checked for traffic or content) 

Pure Hemp CBD

For the Wholesale and Retail, the procedure is obviously longer and more in-depth. However, if interested all what you have to do at the beginning is to fill the forms on their website, and then someone responsible will take further contact with you. Nothing complicated. 

What do I like about Pure Hemp Cbd Oil?

Quality and Organic Products

The reviews of happy customers are just proving the awesome quality of its products. 

Secondly, I love the fact they are stressing out the non-GMO and pesticides free growth of their hemps. 

Pure Hemp CBD

Great Earning Options 

Affiliate Marketing is the first option you have when you join their network(and your application would be accepted). They offer outstanding 40% commission. 

E-commerce based business owners are lucky too, because Pure Hemp CBD is giving the option to buy at wholesale price, that is often 50% of the retail price. You need EIN and your resellers license in order to profit from this great deal.

Retail Store. Lastly there is an option to open real physical retail shop with the Pure Hemp CBD products. That can be real bargain for people looking for option to open an actual shop. You can email them using the form on their website. (There is even option to start it INTERNATIONALLY)

Wide Spectrum of Products

It was already mentioned earlier, there are several types of products you can choose from. There is not really specifity, like just sport supplements, but the choices are aimed for really wide group of people. 

Products are suitable for pain relief, muscle gain or beauty procedures.

Pure Hemp CBD

Why to stay away from it?

Some Test Results Are Missing

To be exact, lab test results for contaminants are those missing. Although, they do state on their website that the products are free from any metals(those could be contaminants as well).

So why those tests results don’t appear on the website, I am asking. 

It just adds unclarity.

For who is it suitable for?

Newbies as well as experienced CBD users will find benefits in there. 

Their products are made for daily and casual usage, not specifically for medical use, like this CBD for instance. Pet owners whose pet is struggling can find it hugely beneficial too. 

In terms of earning opportunities is Pure Hemp CBD very interesting too. If you have experience with retail you could open up physical store in location. 

Additionally, there are options for e-commerce or affiliate marketing. 

Those two could be SUPER LUCRATIVE if you have experience. 

(Unfortunately, Pure Hemp CBD does not offer sufficient training on Affiliate Marketing). Although, they do for e-com and retail. 

Final Thoughts About Pure Hemp CBD

Their products are grown organically, and are of a great quality. 

The wide spectrum of the products is making it suitable for bigger masses. 

They do ship internationally ($20, so maybe bigger orders are better) and they do provide amazing earning opportunities with affiliaite commissions 40% and wholesale prices 50% from the retail price. 

I think that this product is suitable for people who want to try the CBD and its healing effects and as well as for people searching for an extra income. 

With only one minus point, the issue of the missing tests. 

About the Author

Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • Hey,

    My brother is a CBD user and he talks about the benefits all the time, especially from pain relief. He is always advising me to look into it and stat using CBD.

    After reading your article, it sounds like something I should be using aswell as so many others all over the world. I will let you know if I take yours and my brothers advice. If I need any help or have any burning questions then I will get in touch.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


  • Hi Julius,

    Pure Hemp CBD looks like a good solution for people suffering from pain, also for our pets. I always have issues that I cannot relax and be nervous, causing me tight shoulders and back pain. I will love to try this if I travel to those countries that legalize hemp oils.

    The business opportunity seems like a good start for people who love to make extra money. If you are a big fan of hemp oils, this is the one to try. Hemp oil is still not legal in my country, so I will wait once approved by the authority. I can’t wait for that day.

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Hi Matt. That is pity that your country does not allow it yet. Which one is it by the way? (Just curious) Yes, the products can really help you with that back pain, too bad your country doe snot allow it. If you would have opportunity to go to one of those countries just grab the opportunity.

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