Phoenix 2.0 review

I wrote my Phoenix 2.0 Review to see if you really can earn $1000 a day with it.

Is that really possible?

Or is it just another program with big INTRO, but no value, trying to rip you off?

I want to congratulate you because you commit some time to research if the shiny program is LEGIT or SCAM.

Without further ado, I am going to jump into my review. 

Please if you will find it valuable, do me a favor and share it with people you think might need it, I’ll really appreciate it.

Name: Phoenix 2.0
Mark Barrett and James Fawcett
Earning Potential: 
$7.95- $650+
Overall Rating: 

What is Pheonix 2.0?

Affiliate Marketing program claiming you can earn $1000 a day, just by committing 30 minutes of work on a daily basis.

Who is it for?

According to the owners for everyone who is tired of not having results online and can commit 30 minutes a day to build the business.

How does it work?

When you purchase the program, you will be walkthrough video series on how to start earning money in matters of days.

Firstly, you’ll be encouraged to find similar quality products for example on Clickbank, and get their affiliate links. 

Secondly, you will be shown how to create your funnel, using click funnels (standard premium membership is $297/month). Plus, you would be encouraged to connect it with an autoresponder, which will cost you anything from $13 to $89, if using Getresponse. 

As I am mentioning further those are important elements of your online business, the problem with Phoenix 2.0 is, that they are not going to teach you how to use it, at least not in the version of the program you will purchase as the first one.

Phoenix 2.0 review

While watching the video series you will be encouraged to purchase their DFY Package, which costs $197, which is coming with pre-made high converting templates.

Further on, they will talk about TRAFFIC.

The most important fuel of any online business, because if you have no traffic, you have no visitors. And if you have no visitors you have no SALES, right?

They do operate with paid traffic though, which I am not the biggest fan, because if you don’t know how they work, you can lose pretty much a lot of money.

Lastly, you will be encouraged to MONITOR and SCALE.

This is again crucial for not an only online business, but for any business or for any activity actually.

If you want to know how you are doing, you have to first see the results, so monitor.

However, I found their perspective a bit awkward.

Mark Barrett is literally saying:

”I put half of my daily income to paid traffic”

Is he nuts? It sounds to me almost like, he is a drug dealer…

What do I like about Pheonix 2.0?

Unfortunately, there is really nothing I do like, except the fact, that yo have 30 Days Money-back guarantee.

Phoenix 2.0 review

What I don’t like about Pheonix 2.0?


Mark Barrett is behind other get-rich-quick schemes. Like 60 Minute Paydays and 30 Minute Mogul, which both don’t exist anymore. 

He even confirms, that he went bankrupt and then he started this Pheonix 2.0 Program out of hate of this business. 

I mean there are different circumstances people went through, so I don’t want to judge anyone, but honestly, how much value can you get from this lad?


Initially, $7,95 is nothing. Be prepared that since the moment you sign in for the Phoenix 2.0 you will experience the fiesta of Upsells.

There are in total 6 upsells waiting for you. Ranging from $37 to $197. 

The strange thing, or the red flag if you want is, that you won’t get a chance to discover what the initial program contains until you purchase (or skip) the offered upsells.

Phoenix 2.0 review

No Training

They don’t provide training on Organic Traffic, Autoresponders, and List Building. 

Important aspects every successful online business has to have. 

They do suggest you use Paid Traffic, which is in my opinion not a way to create a sustainable business model (definitely not for starters, as you can lose much more money as you pull in)

What I don’t like is, that even they provide some videos about autoresponders and email building, they don’t teach you anything in that relation. 

False claims of incomes

While this is a very common technique, scammers are using, Mark Barrett and James Fawcett did use it as well here.

They are going to show their incomes for a much longer period of time than the Phoenix 2.0 is launched. As well, they will list incomes from different products than Phoenix 2.0.

Now, that is really ugly and it provokes at least doubts what the intention behind it.

Phoenix 2.0 review
Phoenix 2.0 review

Do I recommend Pheonix 2.0?

I don’t. It is very simple.

All this program reminds me of, is the way how online marketing shouldn’t look like.

The way how Mark Barrett and James Fawcett are doing the business, is basically they find products of low costs(in majority cases low quality as well) and spam other people’s mailbox (their #1 SUGGESTION, DO EMAIL RESPONSE EVERY 3-4 HOURS IS NOTHING, BUT SPAM) and then go on with another product.

Until people see there is really no value in it anymore, so the owners move to another ”project” and the round continues…

That would explain the short life of the previous program Mark was the founder of.

Anyway, do you see sense in doing business this way?

Phoenix 2.0 review

I don’t.

I see a sense in creating, sustainable business based on ORGANIC TRAFFIC.

With owners who have real income proof and who are doing it for over 15 years. Who on top, create new training for their members on a daily and weekly basis. 

They create this with more than an affordable price…write the price?

Honestly, I haven’t found anything better, available online, like this…but that’s me.

Maybe you will feel different about it…

But you’ll not know unless you try, right?

So please, if you search for a way how to build an online business, that going to be sustainable, try this out.

Your friend, 


Phoenix 2.0





  • Money-Back Guarantee


  • Owners
  • Up-sells Fiesta
  • No Important Training
  • False Income Statements
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Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  1. Thanks for this review. I’m so sick of these get rich quick schemes. How are they allowed to continue to lure people into the scam? Most people looking for a solution like this are in desperate need of having an income and these people are not scared to work for it. Companies like this feed off the desperation and milk these people out of money and hope. This makes me so grateful for people like you who dig deep into their programs in an attempt to save people like me from losing money I don’t have. I plan on looking at your recommendation and regain some of my hope. Thanks again for posting this review. You may not know it but you are a lifesaver!

    1. You welcome Jamie. I feel really great that I could help you save some money. I don’t think I am a lifesaver though 😉
      but I do my best to help people stop spending crazy money, or basically any money, on products that are not working and trying to earn on people’s unknowledge…It always feels fulfilling reading comments like yours, then I do feel that the work I am doing is really important.

  2. I’m glad that you saved us the trouble of getting into another useless platform that sounds like a bunch of MLM scams we are going to keep with the program that you been showing us (WA). WA is the best platform that you will want to learn about and understand affiliate marketing and not feel like you got scammed.
    Phoenix 2.0 is not a platform that I want to get involved in because it sounds like there are more up-sales than actually learning you’re just trying to pay for that shinney object like you said.
    Saved us the troubles of not wasting our money and probably saved others from spending if they did what we did and be diligent in research not just buy, buy, buy,.


    1. Hey, there and thank you for your comment. I am really happy I could help you with my Phoenix 2.0 review( and I hope I will help many other people)
      Indeed, the up-sells are not a way on how to build trust. Especially if you see that his other programs don’t exist anymore, you can sense that the owner did not create his programs to help others, rather than to fill his pocket. Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand does that. The owners really care about other people’s success and that is the reason why I love it there.

  3. Hi Julius,

    This is a very important and honest review of Phoenix 2.0. After reading your review I completely agree that this is not an ethical way to run an online business. The false claims that you can earn $1000 a day in no time makes me a bit angry. Trying to scam people and get them to pay money that they probably can’t afford is disgusting.

    Thank you for sharing this review and keep the great work coming and exposing these products.

    All the best,


    1. Hey Tom. Yes, unfortunately, there are still plenty of people who are running the business in a ‘shady’ way. My mission is to help people to discover those and help them in their decision-making.
      The phoenix 2.0 review hopefully revealed that it is not a SCAM 100% because you will get something in return for your money, but the knowledge inside is very low quality and is missing the pieces, which if you don’t put together, you are going to miss the whole picture.

  4. Hi,
    Great review and happy to share it.
    Appreciate you for providing an honest review on Phoenix 2.0, truthfully a lot of such misleading platforms are not delivering on services as promised and the commitments they make are just fake.

    These fake platforms are an expensive and the nasty cycle of buying shiny objects continues because such platforms do not disclose their true identity and loot the hard earned money.

    It’s disappointing to see how this online platform upsells at such a high price, training is not good enough, false income claims and its over exaggerated sales page are just not genuine.


    1. Hey, there and thank you for your insights. I think it is edging unethical and dishonest behaviour, but in the end, people will make their opinion. I think you also like when you have everything transparently described at the beginning, right? Generally, people are willing to pay more if they see the value. It can be that less value and the lower price go together, but then who you want to work with? And why they set the up-sells in the end? Makes no legit reason for me.

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