paying social media jobs review

You landed on my Paying Social Media Jobs Review, because you want to earn money online. 

The owners of Paying Social Media Jobs (PMSJ) made it look super easy, the reality could be different. 

However, if you want to find out if the platform is legit, can teach you something and if you can earn money with it, you are on the right blog post. 

Creating an Online Business is something what people fancy to do. As it offers the time flexibility. Whereas it is lucrative lifestyle, not everyone can achieve that. 

But enough is enough. 

Let me show you in my Paying Social Media Jobs Review if this platform can live up to its promises.

Shall we start? 

Founder: Annie Jones (fake)
Earning Potential1/10
Price$17 front end, up to $248 on upsells 
Overall Rating: 1/10
Recommended: NO

What is Paying Social Media Jobs?

Starting with definition what is it, the PMSJ is online platform teaching you and showing you, how to earn money as Social Media Manager. 

While it sounds as super easy job, many people think all what you do is scrolling down facebook, it covers a lot more.  

Social Media Manager is responsible for the entire marketing strategy and often across more channels. So, if your idea of this job is just post and scroll, this lapse is first one we have to correct. 

Secondly, PMSJ has more to offer and not just social media jobs. 

But more on that later on. 

Meanwhile, the video can give you more of an insider view. 

Inside of Paying Social Media Jobs

After paying (if you act quickly, you will get $10 discount, so the price would be $17, with taxes would it be $20), you will lend on dashboard that has drop down menu. 

paying social media jobs review

The Intro Course and Training is described below. 

Social Media job Database is basically centre, where you can search for jobs in Social Marketing area. Please be aware, that there is no internal Job database. 

So, every job listing is from outside companies like Entrepreneur, LinkedIn, Indeed and similar. 

With affiliate products, you will have options to choose products to promote and earn "additional" income to your Social Marketing Job. 

The products you can choose form are from ClickBank and JvZoo. 

Firstly, you'd need to choose from categories (below you see Business and Investing).

The complete list of categories you can choose if you are interested in affiliate products on Paying Social Media Jobs:

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Betting Systems
  • Business & Investing
  • Computers
  • Sport
  • Education
  • Cooking & Wine
  • Employment & Jobs
  • Education
  • Green Products 
  • Health & Fitness
  • Home & Garden 
  • Languages
  • Travel
  • Self Help
  • Parenting 
paying social media jobs review

By the way, I still think Affiliate Marketing is the best way to earn money online in 2021. You just need to find place to teach you that.

Ugly Truth about Paying Social Media Jobs


If I write about what is inside of this program, I can't go without mentioning the ugly truth I cam across. 


You see, I am in the Make Money Online industry for some years already, and something i completely hate is when program comes with UPSELLS.

Especially, when you have the feeling the program is really there to stick with their original plan. 

But apparently, that's not the case here. 

VIP PASS is the first one. 

Coming as an extra help with its main function with Job Application templates it will cost you $67.

paying social media jobs review

Secondly, there is Social Media Arbitrage coming with price tag $37. 

When searching for its function, the most what I was able to find is, that you will be able outsource your work to other people and that way you can double your incomes. 

It is also noted, that an average Social Media Arbitrage User, earns $500/week more than member without it.

Following this upsell, there is one significant one. Maybe you read, my WriteApp Review. Apparently the creator of that program is the same one, as the creator of Paying Social Media Jobs. 

Because, You've got opportunity to get discounted access to this program, together with PaidOnline WritingJobs.

If you want to get access to both of these programs, it will cost you $57.

paying social media jobs review

Last, but not least, there are some additional upsells:

  1. 20 Ways to Make $100 for $9.95
  2. How To Get Out Of Debt Fast for $14.95
  3. How To Quickly Improve Your Credit Score for $14.95
  4. Launch A Digital Product Business for $47

I couldn't help myself, but i had a feeling, those upsells are made for people in debt searching for immediate help. 

How does PSMJ work?

The idea behind Paying Social Media Jobs is that, you will accomplish training they've put together. Following that, you will be in state to see difference between the options they are offering you. 

Social Media Account Assistant, Social Media Account Manager and Affiliate MARKETING. 

Each function has introduction and training. You are not the only one whom seems this somehow too easy.

But let's see the reality. 

After signing in, the first steps you want to take is the training. 

There are two types of training. Social Media Jobs Training and Social Media Affiliate Training.

In contrast to these 2 training there is one extra pre-module.  

The pre-module training is called Introduction to Social Media Jobs Training. That one consists of 3 modules.

paying social media jobs review

Some of the lessons and topics of the module 1 are going to be:

  • The different types of social media jobs you will be doing
  • How Much You can Be Earning 
  • Setting Up Your Paypal Account 

As a "highlight" of this module, you will be shown that you can earn $25/hour as a Social Media Account Assistant.

Module 2 goes unfortunately not further and shows you how to get "promoted" to Social Media Supervisor. This position could earn you $30-$40 hour.

Module 3 claims to show you the secrets of becoming Social Media Manager earning +$40/hour.

 Some of the tasks learned here:

  • Defining strategy for the social media campaign
  • Working on growing followers and increasing reach
  • Allocating tasks to members of the team
  • Writing reports for senior managers

Whereas, you might be enthusiast about it, note that the I went through this "training" in 10 minutes time. 

The Social Media Jobs Training

Following the pre-module training, there is this first training on the menu.

Let's see, if that will be any better. Maybe the pre-module is really just preparation. 

Below, you can see how the training is structured:

paying social media jobs review

Clearly, I have to disappoint you here as well. 

Because anyone who would await some kind of real tips, strategies or step-by-step training on how to become this Social Media Manager, would just not find it.

The first two modules Social Media Manager 101 and Preparing for Success is basically repeating the pre-module with some unimportant extension of giving you obvious tips on making no typos in your cover letter and such. 

paying social media jobs review

Finding Social Media Jobs and Maximizing Your Income is about setting up your accounts with, and You are obviously clever enough to know, you can do it for free. 

In their lesson Starting Your Own Social Media Agency, you find shallow info about how to approach eventual clients, where to search for them and how to write your invoice. While running your own (digital) agency is hell of a work, with PSMJ manual it looks like opening Facebook account. 

Honestly, those lines are more sort of blog post as a training. 

No offense, but there is no chance you will get any value from it.  

Social Media Affiliate Program Training 

paying social media jobs review

The content of this training just didn't go outside of the pattern the previous two set up. Superficial, not comprehensive and lacking any kind of action, it is not really helpful training.

Apart from the fact that you will be shown how to set up ClicBank, JvZoo account and how to create some kind of "rebranded review", there is nothing of value. 

This rebranded review is literally just "freebie" consisting of E-book. That's it. 

And then ,using words of the people behind Paying Social Media Jobs,: "Voila! Your first check arrived."

I know, you are not naive, and know that for creating an online income you need more than someone's else e-book. 

What are some PROS?

Money Back Guarantee

One, and only one good reason you can join the platform. I've joined the platform and the same day asked for refund. 

This product is sold on ClickBank and this means, that ClickBank is taking care of this money-back guarantee. 

Therefore, no worries here. You will get your money back.

What are the CONS?

Fake Video "Breaking News"

When you will land on PMSJ sales page, you will be exposed to the Breaking News Video. 

Honestly, when was the last time, you watched legit and successful business displayed on breaking news? There is not even TV station mentioned on this informercial. 

After further research, the person shown in the video, is actor charging $50/hour for such "a service".

Fake "Business Owner"

The same what I wrote about the fake news video is valid for the "creator".  Her name on the website is Annie Jones.

But only God knows here real name, as her photo is downloaded from

Unfortunately, those 2 signals are huge red flags, that should stop you from signing in for this program.

Tired of this shit? You can sign up with real company instead. 


Furthermore, there are upsells. I have mentioned them already earlier, so you can see what exactly you will get for each of them.

To sum up, the price of the upsells is $248.

So from initial $17 to whooping $248 for products of questionable benefit. Why not add it at first place? Because no one would buy it, right?

No Value Whatsoever  

Lastly, the value of the platform (also upsells included) is not worth it the price. 

You see, the way of earning money promoted in PSMJ is legit. But besides this fact, you don't need this platform for anything. And to acknowledge that Social Media Manager and Affiliate Marketer are legit ways of earning money online, you shouldn't pay money.

Seeing the fake news video and fake owner, should we trust this email is real?

paying social media jobs review

Paying Social Media Jobs Review Final Thoughts

So, to sum up my Paying Social Media Jobs Review, I would answer question you might have.

Is this platform SCAM?

After detailed research I have to say, it is SCAM and I would not recommend to join this platform for any reason. 

You see, you will pay $17 for no value information. The training inside of PSMJ is lacking in-depth knowledge, valuable information and any kind of action followed the training.

In fact, it is collection of theory what serves as enlightenment about Social Media and Affiliate Marketing Jobs. you can see it as blog. You will read it through in 2 hours and I don't see a single reason to pay for it. 

So, please stay away from this program. 

Without a doubt, this program serves as informational, but not as a serious training platform, nor serious earning opportunity. 

The lacking in-depth knowledge, no action required after reading it and low value are the main reasons, I wouldn't join. 

On the other hand, one of the options mentioned in my Paying Social Media jobs Review is a legit and it can be very lucrative, way of earning money online. 

How do I earn money online?

You see, I am a huge fan of Affiliate Marketing, it is the best business model I can think of. More in detail about it, you can read here.

Like we everything there are good or bad ways to do it. There is good food and bad food, good sex and bad sex, good friends and bad friends.

The same is accurate for affiliate marketing.

There are two ways of earning money with affiliate marketing. Below is short description. You can decide whichever is fitting you better.

1. Paid one- Investment coming from your own pocket. Often times is short living and oftentimes you don’t earn what you initially invested. So you are in search for new shiny objects on and on. The only one who earns in that case is the owner of the course/program.

2. Free on- No(or very low) investment. Need of building your website and audience. Even, it can be time-consuming at the beginning. Sustainable profit on long term.

If you are clever, you’d choose the second option.

Not only will cost you much less to start with, but it will bring you success over longer period. When done correctly, and with right guidance, you can achieve results like guys below:

If you have any further questions, comments or tips, please leave them below. 

I will be happy to reply to them. 


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Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  1. Hi Julius, Have not heard of Paid Social Media Jobs before. It looks like it should be a good product but by sounds of things it is a good idea that has been wasted.

    To be honest I think if someone actually really put the time and effort into a product like this it could be a good gateway for people to earn but yeah I also think you can get work through the likes of freelancer and fiverr easy enough without all the BS training.

    Thanks for sharing and will be careful not to buy if I ever see this.

    Many thanks


    1. Hi Alex. Indeed, the idea behind the Paid Social Media Jobs is indeed nice, but the execution less. I would even call it very bad, and just insufficient. On the other hand, there are programs that can help you earn money online via starting own business and via legit way. Additionally, if you want to earn some side income, you should better use something like Appen or Roamler.

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