Omar Martin

Welcome to my Omar Martin Review.

So you want to to earn money online?  

Be prepared it WON'T BE AS EASY as "gurus" want you to believe it. Omar Martin is one of the marketers, that have been in the game for more than a decade.

That said, he is not one of the be-here-today and disappear-tomorrow guys.

On the other hand, that doesn't necessarily mean he is the guy, that can help you.

Not being into politics, but I am guessing you saw what Putin is doing. He was doing it "successfully" for over a decade too.

But OK, I am not going to compare Omar Martin with Putin. Nor I am going to mix politics with online marketing.

I am going to show you if Omar Martin is a legit guy, what you can expect when you'll purchase one of his programs, and also, I will show you the #1 recommended way to start online biz, yeah!

So, if you are ready...let's start!

Who is Omar Martin?

Omar Martin used to work as a Physicians Assistant and as Paramedic in New York.

After one of his colleagues and friend died during the 11th September terrorist attack in 2001 he decided to quit.

So, after persuading a career in SALES, he eventually turned his career path online and started to sell stuff on eBay.

Not too long after, he met his later-to-be mentor John Thornhill, and he became an internet marketer full-time.

Nowadays, together with his wife Melinda he runs a successful internet marketing agency called Higher Level Strategies.

How Does Omar Martin Earns Money Online?

Omar Martin earns his money with product creation.

The majority of his digital products come as DFY (done-for-you).

Through selling those products further and also through sales of products from other people (affiliate marketing), he is earning a significant monthly income.

Furthermore, he creates so-called membership sites.

Once people will purchase a membership on such a site, they will get access to his other products.

So, apart from the recurring commission he earns from these sites, he can also leverage on selling his products. 

What Are Omar Martin's Products?

The list of Omar Products is long.

I divided his products into groups for better orientation.

Membership Sites:

  • My Unfair Advantage
  • Affiliate Builder
  • Commission Magnets
  • Rapid Profit System
Omar Martin

Training Courses :

  • Internet Selling For Newbies
  • Funnel Boss
  • List Bolt
  • Easy Video Solutions

Product Creation:

  • Launch Pad

Other Training:

  • Kickass SalesPage (Copywriting Course)
  • Copy Paste Commissions
  • Content Nitrous
  • IM Clinic
  • Buzzinar (List Building)
  • Automated Commission Enterprise

Can Omar Martin Help You Create Online Business?

Undoubtedly, he can!

You see, Omar Martin is a successful online marketer who is viral since the year 2008. He wouldn't be able to keep up with the present online world if he would not KEEP CREATING AND SELLING PRODUCTS.

In my opinion, he is strongest in product creation.

Furthermore his qualities are visible in copywriting and sales. 

Lastly, he can help you earn money because of his decent knowledge in Email Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

Unlike Branson Tay, who hasn't created the online authority yet (and probably won't), Omar Martin is almost a veteran in online marketing.

On the other hand, the amount of products he created doesn't necessarily mean, he can help you create a profitable online business.

You see, there are some issues with his business model.

Let me show them to you at the later stage of my review post.

Who is Omar Martin Mentor?

Before I will dug inside Omar's strategies, let me introduce you to his mentor.

Oftentimes, when you will know the mentor, you will know what to expect from the guy itself.

For me, it is super easy to recognise patterns in individual marketers, so I know if their product is going to help me, or not! This ability I gained when I got to know some "gurus"of online world and their practices.

Some "online gurus" with shady marketing tricks in house: Jono Armstrong, Cindy Donovan, and Branson Tay

John Thornhill is the mentor, who showed Omar the online marketing.

John is also a product creator who started as well on eBay and has become a platinum ClickBank seller. John has created well over 30 digital products up to date.

So you could say he knows the "stuff". The problem is, his teaching methods include too much UPSELLS and not much of VALUE. 

See His Products: Ambassador by John Thornhill or Niche Marketing Kit

Stuff You Will Hate About Omar Martin?

I said that number of created products, doesn't necessarily equal to creator's value, honesty and legitimacy. 

I have some serious doubts about Omar Martin intentions. So, I think it is important you are aware of them as well. 

Let me break them down for you.

Dishonest Marketing

Firstly, Omar Martin comes to me as dishonest guy.

Let me tell you why.

You see, he created his My Unfair Advantage as his latest membership site, and it is his flagship.

Even so, he provides some value from the webinars, and also some training, he is also offering ALL OF HIS PRODUCTS FOR FREE.

At the same time, he offers the products individually through the very same website as My Unfair Advantage (MUA).

Do you see what is happening?

He will charge you +$100 when you purchase Buzzinar for instance, but it will be for FREE when you join the MUA.

Omar Martin

Good deal for you if you join via MUA you can say. What about the other people who bought those products before? What about quality of the products? Most importantly, what about his honesty, when he tries to SELL YOU CRAP, that is available with another click FOR FREE.


His products might work, but through the nature of his business, upsells, cross selling, etc, it all COMES CHAOTIC.

Especially for beginners.

Imagine you want to learn to earn money online. So, you will purchase one of Omar's products in god believe, it will deliver what you need.

You will study, learn and apply what he will teach you, only to find out he is having another program on similar topic. So, you purchase that one, but the information is slightly different. Then there is another product, and one more, and one got my point.

There is just not a STRUCTURE WHATSOEVER.

It's like playing PUZZLES only to find out that the puzzle pieces don't have some place where they can be put in.

Omar Martin

Done For You

Done-for-you strategy is used by huge number of online marketers with target of making your life easier.

But that's a huge misconception. In case of marketer who is online +10 years, I would even call it A HUGE LIE.

Firstly, duplicate content. 

In terms of written content, Google can penalise your site.

In terms of sales pages, landing pages, squeeze pages and so on, you won't stand out, simply because other people will use very same pages as you.

Secondly, you won't learn the skill. 

If you purchase email swipes, would you know how to write engaging email by yourself?

Lastly, the majority of DFY material is hosted by the owner.

In other words, Omar Martin is the actual owner of your business.


Omar Martin

Bombastic Crap

I can't leave this topic untouched.

When you will check Omar Martin's products, they all came with eye-catching Sales Pages.

They are not even eye-catching, rather they are really bombastic. Lot of superlatives, like the best product ever, only product you need, fake income claims, fake scarcity and much more.

Just to realise that after 6 months,Omar Martin has created another product "you must have".

After 1 year, there will be another one, and the cycle continues until Omar has bought him another house.

Sad true is that many of the products will DISAPPEAR after 1-2 years! When Omar Martin claims he wants to help struggling marketers, in my opinion he wants just to cash out on struggling marketers.

Your situation is and remains irrelevant to him.

Such a difference to people inside of the platform below. Would you believe You can have access to 2.5 million people worldwide and also to the CEO of the company?

What You Might Like About Omar Martin?


As already mentioned previously, Omar Martin is legit guy. Also because of his built social presence, authority status in several niches and because of his own blog where you can reach him out.

There are plenty of fake product creators, so it is definitely great sign, that Omar Martin is REAL and LEGIT guy.

Fake Creators: Paying Social Media Jobs and Auto Chat Profits

Successfully Making Money Online

You see Omar Martin has created passive income. He had proven results.

So, chances are high, he will help you to achieve some financial success as well.

Other side of the story is the way, how he earned it. But about that I wrote in previous paragraphs, so you got the picture.

Omar Martin

Omar Martin on Social Media Channels

One way of checking if the course creator is real is to check his or her social media presence.

Omar Martin has some decent followers list on Twitter, and on Facebook.

A bit less on YouTube and Instagram. In precise numbers it looks like this:

  • Twitter (almost) 7k followers
  • Facebook 2.8k followers
  • YouTube 611 subscribers
  • Instagram 209 followers

When it comes to YouTube and Instagram the numbers are followers/subscribers of his company High Level Strategies and not Omar personally.

Omar Martin

Are those numbers high or low?

You can answer this question, but I think it shows a proof, that Omar Martin is REAL PERSON.

How to Earn Money on a Sustainable Basis?

Even so, Omar Martin is real and legit, he even did experience financial success in the past, the way how he creates his income online is not sustainable.

Simply because he has to create new product regularly. To supply the demand, but obviously also to keep up with the trend and the competition.

Other way how he can operate is to create crapy products and sell it as "powerful" tools. I hope you agree, that both ways aren't sustainable.

What is a better way, you will ask.

Learning from ONE SOURCE, and selling ONE PRODUCT.

You think it is IMPOSSIBLE.

But you'll be WRONG.

You see, I joined this platform without any experience, skills or friends in IT, coding or selling. But after 2 years of joining, learning and taking action, I was able to create online income.

The best part? The platform exists since 2006 and will be here for many, many years.

At this moment it counts +2.5 million worldwide members.

(Such a difference to 4000 My Unfair Advantage ?

There is step-by-step affiliate bootcamp training teaching you everything you need in order to start your online business. Additionally, the platform is really all-in-one, which means you don't have to purchase expensive tools and it brings consistency into your business.

When I mean it has all, it really has it all.

Website, domain marketplace, hosting, weekly added training live classes on every single topic you might want to find training on, direct access to CEO s, outstanding and super fast technical support (answer less than 1 hour), and much more...

Why don't you try it by yourself?

They offer 7 DAYS PREMIUM FREE TRIAL. If you join by clicking below, I would become your personal mentor from the day one.

Omar Martin Review-Final Verdict

I know how hard it can be to choose mentor, or program to follow. When you want to to earn money online, it is not always easy.


Firstly, you need to find the right program to teach you how to do to earn money on sustainable basis, and not just sale here and there.

Secondly, you need your commitment, and you need to take action.

If you manage these two areas, you are solved.

But let me tell you something, it is not easy.

First of all, "GURUS" of today's online world will try to steal your attention (and sometimes your money as well) by promoting their newest shiny object.

In addition, there is your action. Not everyone is motivated enough to work hard when the revenue is not huge. But that's also OK, because as more quitters there is, as more $$$ there is for those who will make it happen.

Therefore, I am happy that you and I we are going to make it happen, right?

By clicking below, you will get to the right tolls (first half of your success) and with my mentoring I will do my best to help you stay on track and not deviated from your road. Needless to say, you are the creator of your happiness. But, with the right mentorship, everything is easier (winkle eye)

If you would like to see some results other people achieved with the platform, see them below:

  • 6.2k in passive income from 21 Year Old College Dropout
  • Single Mum, Earned over 100k in 4 Years Passive Income
  • What about this guy? $1 million over 10 years in passive income
  • I hope I could provide you with some value inside my Omar Martin review. If yo decide to join me, I will be happy to help you with your online journey.

    if yo decide, it is not for you, it is also OK, you are not risking anything.

    At he same time, I have to say that people often times regret things they haven't if you want to learn how to to earn money online, I don't think there is a better way to do it.

    See you inside?

    About the Author

    Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • Hi Julius,

    I have not heard of Omar Martin before. Your review seems very honest and upfront about the program. It seems you have investigated the system well. The system reminds me of ClickFunnels, an endless supply of upsells. With ClickFunnels it is a legit business but geared towards people with existing business to drive leads. It’s more about paid traffic.

    Is your take on Omar Martin a scam? Your review didn’t really address that aspect, just that he isn’t honest. To me, based on what you have stated, this sounds like it is possibly a scam because the products change over so quickly. If not, then it is just like ClickFunnels where there are endless upsells and the ads are so vague offering a ton of tools for free. Once you join there is upsell, after upsell, after upsell. Then you discover that you haven’t even actually signed up for the program and it’s $297/month.

    Thanks for the information,

    • Hi Chastity. There are different ways to look at SCAM. Even though, the Cambridge dictionary describes SCAM as dishonest activity, especially in the interest of making money, (by the way, I love this explanation), I don’t think that Omar’s SCAM. You see, he openly shares his products on his website, so if you look at it, you see that those products are cross-selling. Maybe you don’t see the upsells straight away (safe to say, I hate upsells so as you), but there is a money-back guarantee almost on every of his product. So, as he is open, everyone is able to see and make an informed decision if Omar’s products are worth joining or not. I think the majority is low quality, but that’s my opinion.

  • Hey Julius, another great expose post, thank you you for that.. I was not aware of Omar Martin or any of his products before, so I appreciate your detailed review. I really don’t like marketers who continually bombard you with upsells. It drives me crazy. I just leave the site in disgust.
    As far as a sustainable online income, Affiliate Marketing is the way to go in my humble opinion.
    Yes, it requires time and effort, but anything worthwhile requires time and effort. Get rich quick schemes are just that, SCHEMES.
    I would encourage you to continue with these type of articles. They really help us newbies in the online marketing world. Thanks again..

    • Hey William. You are welcome. I am really happy that you liked my blog post and that you see value in it. I try to help NEWBIES to make an informed decisions. Nowadays, the internet space is clunked with those get-rich-quick schemes. Obviously, for someone without experience, this might seem like the ideal way to go. Unfortunately, it can’t be further from the truth. on the other side, it is good(I do know there are courses and platforms that do help newbies create a legitimate online business. Affiliate Lab and Location Rebel are 2 very relevant ones, only a bit pricey. (I can imagine, that for someone starting out, the budget can be limited). My number one recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. Simply, because it offers all that you need to know, and later use when in an affiliate marketing business. Additionally, it comes with a price tag that is more affordable and it works on a monthly basis, so it is more suitable for people without a big budget. I hope this helpes.

  • Omar Martin is good at promoting his products to make money online instead of making money through affiliate marketing. With the misleading claims, chaotic training, done-for-you materials, and expensive upsells, I will not go one step further into trying his products. Chasing shiny objects isn’t the key to building a long-term and sustainable online business. Your recommendation sounds like a better option.

    • Yeah, Omar Martin belongs to the group of affiliate marketers, that are not really affiliates anymore, rather than SALES PERSONS. His mentor is John Thornhill and John is close to Jono Armstrong. Jono was part of Cindy Donovan‘s education and he is the inspiration for Branson Tay. They all prefer product creation rather than affiliate marketing. While it is up to everyone to choose the way to go ( i prefer affiliate marketing because it is cheaper to start) the product creator is responsible for the quality of the product. And if these product creators are bringing cheap crap, just to make money, they are rubbish.

  • When ever you do reviews we enjoy reading your material. Omar Martin is not fake, he is legit. The best recommendation you have is getting WA platform.
    Your suggestions are legit and the best platform on the internet seeing more and more people come to WA for help.


    • I am really happy to hear your positive feedback guys. Helping others is my priority number one. It is not easy to distinguish which product( creator) is a scam and which one is legit. WA is undoubtedly a great place to go when starting out earning money online. Cheers

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