Magic Submitter

So, Magic Submitter can improve your Google rankings and send you qualified traffic on autopilot.

Additionally,Alexander Krilik, the creator of Magic Submitter, claims, your content will get 1000s of high-authority back links.

Wow, that's amazing, I almost hear you saying.

But as you land on my Magic Submitter review, you are probably already suspicious and wondering if those statements are any true.

Indeed, there are plenty of SCAMS using similar claims.

Only to lure you into their low-quality programs.

So, if you want to find out if Magic Submitter lives up its promises, you have to read my review.

Shall we start?

Founder: Alexander Kirilik
Earning Potential5/10
Price$4.95 First month, $67 months thereafter
Overall Rating5/10
Recommended: YES with warnings

First of all, let me introduce me short.

Hi, I am Julius, the owner in

Blog created with purpose to help people like you in creating financial freedom with passive income. Once on my website, you will find more than 100 programs I reviewed. 

Additionally, there are plenty of tips, tools and recommendations how you can start your online business.

I started my online business (as many others) because I was simply tired of my corporate job and full filing dreams of someone else. Maybe you are walking in the same shoes I have been. 

If you as well want to create your passive income and become financially free, then you will find the information in this review (and on my blog in general) super helpful.

I would be more than happy if you would come to my blog regularly for inspiration and TIPS.

Just a note, below you see the platform that taught me everything about earning money online, if you want to jump straight away there, you can do it below.

In other case, let us jump into Magic Submitter Review.  

What is Magic Submitter?

As the name suggests, Magic Submitter is software, that will help you with submitting yours content on several sites. Doing so, it creates backlinks to your website.

Most importantly, it does it automatically on autopilot. So, you should be able to use this tool once and then enjoy its results.

Magic Submitter

Why do you want Magic Submitter in first place?

The main purpose you would want to use Magic Submitter are therefore backlinks.

If you don't know what backlinks are (also known as “inbound links”, “incoming links” or “one way links”), those are links from one website to a page on another website.

The importance of such links are significant, when it comes to Google ranking.

In other words, if you want to rank higher, you want leverage the high-quality backlinks. Such a quality is represented by high authority of the sites the links are coming from.

The most common strategy for link building, is organically through SEO.

But this requires longer time. Therefore, software like Magic Submitter can safe you time and energy.

In the same time, those automations might bring some risks. Those I am discussing a bit later within my review. 

Inside Magic Submitter

Once you are inside of Magic Submitter, you'll see several websites across internet where you can post your content and Magic Submitter will help do its work.

Help you generate quality backlinks.

Good news is that among those more than 2000 sites, there are some with high authority.

You remember how we talked about importance of the quality of backlinks?

This way, you might expect some good quality back links to your page.

Furthermore and after creating your accounts with on one of the chosen areas and creating your meta description (including link to your content) you want to use Link Manager.

This tool itself is something what suppose to provide a cutting edge when it comes to automation tools. Because, many of such tools, don't use an "organisation" feature like Link Manager. 

What it actually does, is downloading every single link you created and store it for you in one file. 

Additionally, it helps you avoid your content being double linked through cross-referencing.

Moreover, it will ping your content.

That alone should guarantee your links being indexed and found by search engines.

Among other features and tool inside Magic Submitter, there is one worth mentioning.

It is Campaign Creator.

Using this feature will allow you connect all the sites you chose to get backlinks from to be linking back to your website.

At this place I want mention, that I am not completely sure if this is the best approach. Because it might cause suspicious behaviour in eyes of the Google. 

How Magic Submitter Works?

Put it simple, Magic Submitter creates short content and helps you submit it with intention to create back links for you.

In steps it looks like following:

a) You create firstly yours content, for instance blog post. 

b) Following step is to choose the very specific area you want to post the content ( those can be PR Sites, RSS, Video Forums, Forums Sites, Social Media Sites, etc)

Magic Submitter

c) After choosing the area (you can choose multiple ones) Magic Submitter will create AUTOMATICALLY accounts for you

d) Additionally , you create short "meta description" with your actual content included

e) Submit the content throughout your chosen channels and ideally see your traffic skyrocketing ?

Extra Step:

f) You can set up Campaign, which will run for 14 Days connecting all the channels to your site and double backlink them. (This step is just for advanced and can cause you some troubles when it comes to SEO) 

If you want to build your website SEO friendly, the platform below will teach you that step-by-step

Magic Submitter PROS

Money Back Guarantee

As all products placed on ClickBank nowadays, get money back guarantee automatically, you are here sound and safe.

Magic Submitter is also sold on ClickBank and therefore you can be sure you will get your money back if you decide that the software doesn't live up its promise.

Software is Providing Value

Link building is important part in Google algorithm. So, that said, you want get good quality back links. Doing it manually, requires a lot of time. Magic Submitter does it automatically for you what saves you bunch of time.

These strategies seem to be on the grey zone, although some experts are not recommending using them, those strategies ARE NOT CONSIDERED FORBIDDEN.

Creator Has Online Presence.

Something that should be considered obvious, but it isn't unfortunately.

I reviewed products with either fake or unknown creators.

For example: Paid Online Writing Jobs (unknown creator) and Paying Social Media Jobs (fake creator ) 

Alexander Krilik is the co-creator of PinBank and Traffic Xtractor.

Magic Submitter CONS

Not Google Favourite

Using automation tool like Magic Submitter can be risky.

Several experts warning you to use such tools mostly because Google can penalise your website.

This is mostly because such an activity can look too SPAM-y.

The same risks is baring JARVEE. 

Even some people love those two softwares there are also some, that already experienced negative SEO influence on their website.

What Other People Are Saying About Magic Submitter?

I think it is always nice to hear both sides of the story. Although in majority of cases you can sense straight away if the product is good or bad, in this case are the voices quite equal.

Let's take for instance this expert:

Magic Submitter

But just couple of lines below (on the same Quora page) there is a guy sharing his own positive experience. 

Magic Submitter

As you might see, might see it might be seen from both sides. One thing is obvious:

The tactics used in Magic Submitter aren't forbidden.

On the other hand it is really "on the verge" of grey zone and it can lead even into penalisation.

So, I guess, it depends on if you want to see the glass half empty or half full ?

If you'd like to try Magic Submitter, you can do it over here.

In case, you'd like to build your success around SEO friendly and Google NO-RISK website, then you should join the platform I am referring below.

Anyway, thank you for reading my post.

I hope I could help you with my Magic Submitter Review and till next time. 


About the Author

Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  1. As a fairly new blogger and website developer, I have been looking into things like this to help. While I am still trying to figure out the nuts and bolts of how to manage each of the networks myself, something like this will help SIGNIFICANTLY with my time management and productivity! Thank you!

    1. You welcome Randi. Please, be also aware of the possible risks I mentioned. However, let us know if you will see the results. If it is worth of using. It can be great help for other users. Cheers

  2. Hey Julius,
    I am pleased to read your Magic Submitter review. As you say using automation tool like Magic Submitter can be risky. So when I read your review I was skeptical at the beginning, then I thought maybe I should give this a try and it could help. Your image of all the sites and the 2000 websites you mention made me think. But then I read your warning again and I don’t want to do anything that will fall foul of Google.

    So far I have just been relying on organic backlinks. So I see you give it a 5/10 and recommend it with warnings. I would like to ask, are you using it and please explain why or why not.
    Thanks in advance, John

    1. Hi there, John! Thanks for stopping by. To answer your question, I don’t use the Magic Submitter myself. The reason is, that the risk of being penalised is greater than the possible success I might have. Please know it is my decision. As mentioned earlier, there are people who enjoy using it and are not penalised. But I prefer to stay in white hat zone as much as possible. This guide is something I love and I think it can be mastered by anyone (and it can bring great success too). Most importantly it is organic.

  3. I prefer to create backlinks personally with website owners I know or have spoken to instead of automated software. The one thing that makes me wary is that it can lead Google to penalize you, and I’ve heard that it takes time and much effort to get your website back on track and visible after Google has penalized you. So, I think it’s not worth the risk. The good old doing-it-yourself works better for me 🙂

    1. Exactly my point of view Cristine! Why to risk being penalised, when organically, it is much safer? Although, I can see why others want to try it. Mostly because it takes less time, but then again at what costs. That’s the question everybody needs to answer himself or herself. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Cheers

  4. Hi Julius!

    Interesting topic! I actually still haven’t stumble upon these kind of software and services. Sounds promising but as you stated there are risk from Google side. Seems to be fairly prices, really cheap first month so maybe one should really try it out..? Let me investigate more and maybe I will give it a try! 🙂


    1. Hey Markus. Let me know when you will try it out. Would be nice to receive feedback from user who uses the program recently. Cheers

  5. Thanks for sharing your views on Magic Submitter. I must say every blogger would love to have backlinks from authority sites however if these links come organically then Google would appreciate it.

    However it is interesting you mention that it is working for few people – The comment you shared by the gentlemen was made on May 2019 (perhaps it worked during those times).

    Google keeps changing its algorithm and it will be interesting to see if this software would be able to still create the same MAGIC that is perhaps did few years back. As far automation goes I echo the same view as you mention…too much automation does hurt site rankings.

    1. Hey there! Thanks a lot for your opinion. It could be that it was fine in 2019. Other reason why it worked for him, was that his website was quite new. (For newer websites it is normally a great booster). The issue comes in when Google recognise this “suspicious and robotic” activity. I think if done organically, there will be no any risks involved.

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