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Legion of Abundance System is claiming helping you to create high-profit and high-impact business with 14 Days Money-Back Guarantee.

Even though, they don’t use overwhelming promises, their offer might seem a bit scummy for you. Also, because of their 80% discount offered upon signing-up.

But you know what?

I am going to have a look in my in-depth review of Legion of Abundance System for you, so that you can know precisely, if this program is what you need. If it is worth of your time, money and effort.

I want to assure you about my honest and unbiased approach to this review.

Shall we start?

Name: Legion of Abundance System
: https://loas.world/via
Founder: Pepper Black & Lissy Botman
Earning Potential: 6/10
:costs $97+
: 3/10

What is Legion of Abundance System?

First things first. Legion of Abundance System is 90% Done-For-You business enabling you to start your own online business.

Some of you would maybe better understand it as Plug-Play module.

Legion of Abundance System

For who is LOAS for?

For everyone interested in starting an online business.

As the creators of this system are mentioning, the majority of the tools are coming pre-made to you, there is not any technical background needed.

As well as, with their custom-made funnels, and ads, you shouldn’t be worried too much about any digital marketing experience prior joining Legion of Abundance of System.

What type of person should join it anyway? LOAS team is saying that if you want to:

Legion of Abundance System

…then you are perfect fit to start the LOAS business.

Pretty straight forward, isn’t it?

How does Legion of Abundance System Work?

When landing on your sales page, you have option to watch this 18.09 long video. Where the idea of starting this program, the benefits, as well as, who should join is explained.

Although it is not complete waste of time, I don’t think you are going to learn much from the video.

Additionally, the product is not properly explained on their website either: more about that later in my post.

So the only way to find out, how the system works in nutshell, you’d have to purchase it and then hope for the 14-Days money Back Guarantee.

Legion of Abundance System

This whole might look like a SALES PITCH and even like a SCAM to you.

But let’s not judge too soon.

When you purchase the system you are going to get instant access to the website.

With all its tools such as :

  • high converting sales funnel
  • mentorship community
  • your personal mentor and
  • obviously the easy-to follow up training.

Inside of Legion of Abundance System

Some of the features I already talked about, but let me break them down for you.

Access to an Exclusive & Private Online Area

Legion of Abundance System

This is one of the first of many communities you will be part of. The text below is what LOAS website is saying:

In the Membership area you will find everything you need to start & run your online business from anywhere in the world.

You will be given access to the incredible products that are converting for the members and shown, how to earn hundreds to thousands of dollars per week with processes that work.

Access to Private Facebook Community

Here You’ll get access to the like-minded group of people sharing the same interest and passion as you.

You can share ideas with each other, motivate each other or just share one’s successes or troubles.

I think communities of like-minded people are real boost to possibility of your online success.

Weekly Online Masterminds

Legion of Abundance System

Masterminds are a great way for brainstorming new ideas and strategies for success.

Especially, if you are starting out your journey they can provide a great value. 

  Here at LOAS, you are promised to have a chat with some 6&7 figure online entrepreneurs.

That makes hard to resist when joining in.

Community and weekly masterminds (webinars) can be crucial when defining your success.

In fact, I am member of such a community, that’s vibrant 24/7 and I have access to WEEKLY webinars

Your Own Plug & Play – 90% Done For You – System

Legion of Abundance System

You’ll be provided you with a ready-for-action system that will include everything you need to run, grow and ultimately scale, your business.

This done-for-you system includes high converting funnels, email campaigns, tracking systems & more.

All is set up for you.

While it might have advantage of withdrawing yourself from time-consuming activities, such as content creation and copywriting, it has also its disadvantages. (I will talk about them later on)

Reasons why to join?

They know the Game

When you join the Legion of Abundance System, one of the first tasks will be to understand how (online) business works.

To help you understand it, you want to understand first the people.

The formula below is therefore very accurate and it is fundamental for any business to be successful.

Legion of Abundance System

But is this enough?

No Empty Promises

Even though this program has some signs of SCAM, they’re not stating empty, huge and overwhelming promises, such as:

Make a million $ within first 21 days or money back

Make $1000 every day

Or similar.

Reasons to steer away from Legion of Abundance System?

There are more of them unfortunately.


While it might seem as a time saver, you want to consider also the second part of it.

The privacy! This problem is actually present at more products, some of them I did review already.

You see, the problem is as following.

Creator of the program, in this case Legion of Abundance System will create these DFY “for you” that are ready to use, on the domain that is own by the creator and not YOU. This is serious.

Where is the guarantee that the very same owner who told you all these nice things at the beginning want cut you off by changing their policy for instance.

In fact, Amazon, Google and Facebook are doing it regularly.

Is there a chance that LAOS will do it? Absolutely.

14 Day Money-Back Guarantee

This guarantee would mean something that was purchased 50 years ago.

But in 2021? Forget it.

Products/services are now behind with 30 days Money-Back guarantee. Actually, if product or service doesn’t offer 90 or 365 days guarantee, I don’t think it should be considered as PLUS anymore.

Especially, when returning the product (even online) and claiming the reasons why you have to returning could cost you more time, effort and nerves as value of those $97.

Legion of Abundance System

Doubting Claims

Indeed, Legion of Abundance System shows some testimonials on the website, but I do doubt they are ALL REAL.

Testimonials, reviews and happy customers are in general the best mirror for judging if system works or not. Right?

Legion of Abundance System

Clearly, we can’t be sure of that (until someone will find those pictures are from Fiver). It is at least questionable to have plenty reviews when the business started last year.

Additionally, when you enter their sales page, you will be distracted by this pop-up.While the source of testimonials we can’t recognise, this “verified”, almost every 30 seconds new sign-up pop up, is 99.99% fake.

Another one: Trustpilot website is empty of any reviews. In connection with NO CLEAR EXPLANATION, what you will be doing when you join this program, you want to be very cautious when thinking to join.


Some people find almost a hundred bucks a month! not a big deal.

Actually, if you got serious value coming out of it, it could be worth. But seeing this program, I think it is not worth of that money.

Truth is I know platform (offering much more) for half-price.

Do I recommend LOAS?

Whereas I can’t claim this program as a SCAM, I don’t think it is worth of the price they are asking. In my experience, if program has DFY funnels and websites there is always increased risk of losing your clients, customers and in some cases even your MONEY.

In addition, you have to bear in mind the ugly truth in form of NO EXPLANATION or whatsoever the business is about.

Just some blurry, unclear and confusing statements, that might seem as legit. Since you won’t be sure how you will be earning money, I won’t RECOMMEND this program.

Want to know how do I (and 1.4 million others) earn money online?

Maybe you read it already, but the way I earn money is Affiliate Marketing. 

Even though there are other ways how to earn money online without (huge) investment, I think that Affiliate Marketing is the BEST ONE. 

As Affiliate Marketer, you will: 

  • sell other people’s products 
  • sell products/services you personally choose 
  • not have STOCKS of products at home 
  • not have to deal with Customer service, Complaints, or Shipping 

You see, this strategy is requiring very low or no budget at all. 

Additionally, I do reveal everything you need and want to know before joining in. 

On top of that, there are stories like this from REAL people, who followed the same path as me. 

You could be next one. NO HIDDEN, DOUBTING CLAIMS. NO UNCLEAR WAY OF EARNING MONEY. You can even join for FREE (the PREMIUM membership costs $49/month and is jam packed with:

  • 2 FREE domains
  • Weekly Webinars
  • 2 High-Value Trainings Modules 
  • Community of like-minded fellow (plenty hugely successful) affiliate marketers
  • and much more
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