Lazy Commissions

Lazy Commissions is going to help you EARN yours first $100/day in AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS.

Unlike others get-rich-quick schemes, Tim Ikels will walk you honestly throughout this whole "affiliate marketing game".

What is "value ascension", how to create irresistible offer, and how to nurture your list, are all topics that those "push-button-success" guru's won't tell you.

Do you want to find out why 99% people who try online marketing, WILL FAIL? Not only this you will find inside my LAZY COMMISSIONS review.

Considering myself happy to come across this learning program, I want to share with you if this is the right program to pay for. 

Let's find out together what Tim's "German Roulette" is!

Lazy Commissions

Founder: Tim Ikels
Earning Potential: 7/10
:costs $0+ UPSELLS up to $131
Overall Rating
: 5/10

I know how overwhelming it can be to start an online business. Therefore, it is super important to find a place where you can learn it.

Ideally, you want to find a place that has it all under one roof. The jig-jogging to 3rd party services isn't that FUN!

So, you want to have training, tools and community available on one website.

Tim Ilkes with his Lazy Commissions is slowly-slowly trying to get there. 

At the same time, he is not quite YET THERE and his program has some flaws. 

Let me show you what I mean!

Firstly, some overview of PROS and CONS.


1. Honest Affiliate Marketing
2. FREE Training


2.Not Practical/In-Depth Training
3.DFY Solutions
4.No Money Back Guarantee

Do I recommend Lazy Commissions?

As already mentioned, I do recommend joining Tim's FREE Training. (I would also consider joining his first upsell, $7). The rest of the program I WON'T RECOMMEND.

Read further WHY!

What is Lazy Commissions?

Lazy Commissions is a FREE Affiliate Marketing Training showing you the fundamentals of this business opportunity.

Tim and Paul used the catchy headline to show you how to earn $100 using FREE targeted traffic.Without BS claims or any other hype.

Inside Lazy Commissions

When You join Lazy Commissions, first thing what will strike yours mind is the FREE TRAINING. It does not happen that often.

(I mean, I don't count the fake guru's with their headlines promising you free training and inside, you won't find nothing.)

Once joining Lazy Commissions, you'll get access to LEGIT, TRANSPARENT and HONEST Affiliate Marketing guide.

You might ask: OK, but what exactly does that mean Julius?

I get it. So let's see how the training inside Lazy Commissions looks like:

1. Foundation/Mindset

Tim talks about how you should treat the affiliate marketing as real business, and not just as "shiny object" opportunity. Furthermore, he covers up why 99% people trying THIS would fail, and what mindset you have to possess be that 1%.

2. Affiliate Marketing Process

In the second part of the training, Tim will explain advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing. Also, he explains differences between: CPA, CPS, and CPS Affiliate MARKETING.

In addition, to basic Affiliate Market training, there is simple structure you should keep in mind when starting yours AM business:

  1. Market Research/Niche Selection
  2. Build a Website
  3. Choose a Core Offer to Promote
  4. Drive Traffic

3. Email Marketing

Money is in the list.

Truthful statement, and inside Lazy Commissions you will see it often. I

t points that EM is a better way to communicate with your audience than Social Media for instance. And this is right.

In fact, EM is here to stay and will definitely stay "evergreen technique for communication with your audience. 

Some important elements regarding email marketing covered inside Lazy Commissions are How to start an email list, How to nurture your list, and some to do and don't when doing EM.

Additionally, you will be briefly introduced to Copywriting and its importance. 

This section comes with examples of "catchy" phrases and words that should make yours copy/blog post more appealing.

4. Lead Generation

The ability to turn visitors of your blog post into customers is often achieved by lead generation.

In short, this is when prospect (visitor) decides to give you his/her email address in return for some valuable item. Like e-book, guide, or cheat sheet. 

As you might guess it, lead generation comes together with email marketing and is therefore important element of your Affiliate Marketing Business.

5. Traffic Generation

Last but not least, you want to know how to drive traffic to yours website.

In general there are two traffic options: FREE and PAID.

Honestly, I prefer FREE (ORGANIC) TRAFFIC. Even so, it takes longer to see the results, it guarantees you success on long terms basis.

If you want to leverage on FREE TRAFFIC, you should learn basic SEO to get ranked on Google and Bing. 

I like that Tim is super transparent and shows you both options.


In addition to his FREE training, Tim also offers you some bonus material. Those are mostly PDF's with piece of information from some well respected guys in the game. 

Like for instance Brian Kurtz, Russell Brunson, and Mark Joyner. 

I would definitely consider this as valuable information. 

  • How to Get Approved as Affiliate Marketer
  • Direct Response Secrets
  • Marketing Secrets Black book
  • The Great Formula
  • How To Sell Anything
  • PLR Workshop
  • 5 Day Lead Challenge
  • Direct Marketing Secrets


1) Rapid Implementation Kit (RIK) $7

As mentioned, this will be the only one upsell, you could eventually consider as being helpful.

On the other side, there are limits in terms of that this kit is DFY. So, you have really decreased flexibility in using it. Most likely, this package will be useful just in MMO (Making Money Online) Niche.

RIK consists of:

Lazy Commissions

2) The Secret Affiliate Insider $27

This is community, where you will be able to hang out with other course participants.

As well as, with the creator itself. This exclusive community is based on 4 pillars:

  • Live & Voice Chat
  • Review Access Channel
  • Group Coaching & Training
  • Accountability Channel-Support Team

Being completely honest with you, the importance of community is super huge. It can give you the needed motivation and support, during the hard beginnings.

I just miss detailed info, or sneak review of what this community looks like. The description is too bride for me and it makes it harder to commit with money.

I mean what is the training teaching? Who are the coaches over there? How many people you can intereact with? 

All important details to know before making financial decision. 

Below, is the community, I am member of. You can have 7 day FREE trial to test everything out, before committing with yours money.

3) License Rights $47/Special License Rights $97

I add those two upsells together, because they are almost the same.

You see, what License Rights are offering you, is basically the option to leverage on selling the Lazy Commissions. 

So every upsell you will sell further, you will be entitled to 100% commission from each item sold.

Without this upsell, yours commission would be 50%.

Additionally, Special License Rights are coming with YOUR CLIENTS' DATA. 

Useful, let's say for email marketing campaigns.

Lazy Commissions

I see why Tim added special importance on this, but $97 could be slightly overpriced in my opinion. For instance the program below comes with guaranteed 100 daily leads and is cheaper. 

If you don't manage to generate enough leads, you are throwing the $97 out of the window. But is Tim teaching you lead generation? We don't know, unfortunately! 

To be considered: My Lead Gen Secret

What do I like about Lazy Commissions

Honest Affiliate Marketing

In the present era, it is not that easy to find person who teaches affiliate marketing in the honest way.

Many self-proclaimed gurus will teach you how to make a sale in every cost, not considering if people really want or need the product you are selling.

Additionally, many of marketers today will not give you refund, even they stated on their website they will. 

Or they will have exaggerating claims on their sales page only to attract new buyers and only to disappear straight after the sale was done.

So, seeing Tim is honest and open about this business model is refreshing and I super like it.

Free Training

Although not super comprehensive, I still like the intention to offer something valuable for FREE.

The Free training inside Lazy Commissions will walk you through the all important gadgets, and tools you have to have when running successful affiliate marketing business.

So, it covers Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Copywriting and Traffic Generation.

For this, Tim has my ?

What I don't like about Lazy Commissions


There are 3 upsells in total. First one would be considerable, but as previously mentioned, it is DFY. So in other words, very limited.

What I don't like in particular about Lazy Commissions upsells, is that you have no chance to see how the things look like inside. 

From description, you know what you will buy, but to SEE SOMETHING and to HEAR ABOUT SOMETHING are much different situations.

If you'll buy new car, you also want to first "see and try", right? 

Do you want to take the "German" roulette and buy something you never saw? I know I won't. 

Not Practical/In-Depth Training

The training is FREE and offers honest inside look what affiliate marketing is about. 

Including Email Marketing and Lead Generation among other topics.

That is definitely great. On the other hand, it is not in-depth and it lacks comprehension. 

In addition, there are no videos and step-by-step tutorials on how to set up yours business. Just theory in plain, written text.

That said, I really doubt anyone could learn something so complex as affiliate marketing without practical examples.

I am member of community, that does offer step-by-step, video training+video classes. That makes it much easier for you to start your affiliate marketing business.

Done For You

Even so, done-for-you sounds as time safer, it lacks the flexibility. In most of the cases, you can't change the websites content. That would mean you can just sell one NICHE products.

Secondly, imagine 100 people will buy this package. There will be 100 exactly the same-looking websites. Do you think, you could make easily sale after that?

Lazy Commissions

No Money-Back Guarantee

This is obviously, the most serious issue. Tim wants you to commit with payment, before to have insider look inside the community and/or RIT.

Moreover, he expects you to pay, but doesn't offer any refund. 

In fact, this is the reason why I wouldn't recommend to join Lazy Commissions.

Lazy Commissions-Final Verdict

First of all, thank you that yo read my Lazy Commissions Review to the end.

I tried to cover all important features and elements that Lazy Commissions has. Also, its PROS and CONS.

I decided to sum it up here for you. 

As stated earlier I really liked the FREE TRAINING based on HONEST AFFILIATE MARKETING.

But contrary to that, I didn't like the fact that the training misses the learn-as-you-go option. From my own experience I know that this is really the game changer.

Think about it yourself. 

When will you learn more? 

When someone is SHOWING YOU SOMETHING on real life examples, or when someone is just TELLING YOU SOMETHING how does it work?

Additionally, the training missed the real depth here.

Undoubtedly, the biggest obstacle for me would be the NO MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. I mean, I can understand why Tim is doing it. He wants to keep refund rate as low as possible, and also he wants to work with people who are determined.

But seeing the fact, there is no guarantee this will work, and you can't really have insider look before committing with yours money, I would recommend having a look just on the training. 


Again, Lazy Commissions, could work and be the program that will help you achieve online success. But from what I see there is not enough evidence to support that idea. Therefore, investing in it, is big risk.

Want to have a FREE sneak peek inside this program for 7 DAYS? It's real bargain.

Where to go from here?

Earning money online, even without big investment is definitely possible. That is first important thing to assure you. 

There are people around the globe making their living with online business.

In fact, never in humankind history was it easier than now.

On the other side, as Tim Ilkes also points in his Lazy Commissions training, just 1% of people who are doing online business, are also successful.

So, what makes the 1% different from the others, unsuccessful ones?

Besides personal (soft) skills like BEING PERSISTENT, MOTIVATED, WORKING HARD and HAVING BIG FRUSTRATION IMMUNITY, there are also outside factors defining your progress.

One of them, by far the most important, is the TRAINING or MENTOR, you will be taught from.

Therefore, it is crucial that you find the right place to start your affiliate marketing business. That not only comes with affordable price to start, but has also the tools, training and ideally also some community to walk with you along the way.

Recommended places to start are: Location RebelAuthority Hacker and Wealthy Affiliate.

I am member of the last one, platform that is responsible for results like those below.

21 Years Old College Dropout Without Experience Earns 4 Figure Income 

Lazy Commissions

Or the guy who earned $1 million. 

Lazy Commissions

If you want to give it a try, you can try things out for 7 DAYS FREE TRIAL and then decide if it is yours cup of tea.

So, see you inside? The choice is yours.


About the Author

Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • Thanks for your Lazy Commissions review. The first thing I did was look at your initial ranking for it. I like that it’s initially free to join. You give it a 5/10. Your score ranking didn’t give one confidence in the product. But like I said, joining is free, so nothing lost. I see they cover a lot of the basics of affiliate marketing, niche research, kw research, a bit of SEO. But as an intermediate/advanced affiliate marketer, I know there is so much more needed to learn how to build your online business. I like your alternative, Wealthy Affiliate. This program is comprehensive from A-Z, at a reasonable price – Free, then if you choose the premium $49 a month or upgrade to premium plus for $99 per month. What I like is that you’re not relying on 1 person to help you at WA – you’ve literally got 1,000s of people helping you 24/7. Thanks for the review.

    • Thank you very much Shalischa. Lazy Commissions is covering the basics and could be suitable as a starting point. The issues will start when as beginners will rely on the DFY stuff. Not only will they not teach the affiliate marketing the proper way, but they will also see no results, because everyone new to the opportunity will use the exact same pages. So that might end up being frustrating experience. On the other hand there is Wealthy Affiliate, with qualities you described, and for that price it is really a bargain.

  • The name of this product might mislead people into thinking making affiliate commissions online is so easy, but we all know it’s the opposite. I can tell Tim teaches the general information in affiliate marketing, and it seems that beginners can start their online businesses. Just as you mentioned, the free and the initial $7 training should be enough. The upsells and the not-in-depth training are why I don’t like to pay more to try Lazy Commissions. Your recommendation at the end of this review is a better approach, in my opinion. 🙂

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