John Thornhill Reviews

Welcome to my series of John Thornhill Reviews. This time I wrote ClickBank Superstar Review.

I just finished 2 hours of John Thornhill product creation webinar, where he showed me his newest Volvo. 

John Thornhill is promising you to get your Product in Front of Millions of Brand New Affiliates in Minutes.

First of all, is ClickBank Superstar a legit product or a SCAM?

Additionally, I will show you what is waiting for you there, how it works, and if it is worth joining.

If you want to find out an honest, comprehensive, and clear ClickBank Superstar review, you are at the right place.

Shall we start?
Founder: John Thornhill
Product Type: Product Creation
: $17 + UPSELLS
Overall Rating
: 4/10
Recommended: Let's Find Out

What is ClickBank Superstar?

ClickBank Superstar is a training course focusing to teach you how to place your product on the ClickBank marketplace.

Additionally, you will learn how to create UPSELL sequence.

It will also show you an introduction to product creation.

How Does ClickBank Superstar Work?

I want to warn you!

When entering John Thornhill's world, you have to be prepared for UPSELLS.

This is the same with his Ambassador Program, but also with CB Superstar.

When you will pass through the upsells offer (3 in total and I am mentioning them later on) you will get to watch two parts of ClickBank superstar training.

They have videos that will take you a total of 60 minutes to watch.

John Thornhill Reviews

Basically, you will be shown how to place your product on ClickBank, how to create upsells sequence, and how to set up your JV page and JV contests.

If you don't have a product yet, John will invite you to his PRODUCT CREATION webinar.

After watching that, you should have an idea of how to create products and how to place them on ClickBank.

Inside ClickBank Superstar

Apart from Product Creation, and subsequently placing that product on ClickBank, there is other marketing information available for you.

Firstly, there is Traffic Training.

I like that John spends his time showing you FREE TRAFFIC sources. Contrary to what the majority of marketers are teaching nowadays. As they all will talk about PAID ADS.

Paid Ads Method Recommended Inside: The Easiest System Ever

Last part of the CB Superstar content is the product creation webinar. After watching it, you will get an idea how John makes his money online with product creation.

Be aware, it is not live webinar, but recorded presentation which run every 24 hours. 

John Thornhill Reviews

If you expect to be offered another upsell after watching the webinar, which is by the way 2 hours 30 minutes ling, you are right.

You will be offered to join John's Partnership to Success membership program, that will cost you $197/month or $1970 a year or $3997 for 5 years.

Unfortunately, apart from the ClickBank superstar training videos and webinar, and those Simple Traffic Solutions, the rest of the tools, training, and information is PAID.

One of the upsells you will be offered, is John's $1 COACHING OFFER.

This is a kind of mentorship program, where John will teach you what you need to know about internet marketing and product creation. 

What you need to know the $1 price tag is just for the first 14 days.

After that period it will cost you $197/month or $1970 for 12 months.

So to sum up, you really will not find anything extra apart the 60 minutes video, webinar on product creation , some traffic training and ton of upsells inside ClickBank Superstar. 

ClickBank Superstar UPSELLS

One of the biggest disappointments for me, after joining ClickBank Superstar is the fact that there are plenty of UPSELLS.

You see, when you are inside, you'll see more upsells as the number of products you purchased. What does this all say about John? Is he honest? Does he want to help you or just cash out?

After reading the bombastic CLICKBANK SUPERSTAR SALES PAGE, you would expect some value. All you get are upsells.

Anyway, let's have a look at what UPSELLS we talk about. If you don't know where to search, hover on RESOURCES.

John Thornhill Reviews

UPSELL #1: 50 PLR Package #27

As the name already hints, you will receive 50 DFY and PLR (Private Label Rights) products. John tries to sell you, how this idea is amazing.

It will be his products, you can sell as your own. Additionally, you can keep 100% profit. Think about it again, do you think someone will be giving you his products, moreover with the opportunity to sell them?

Most likely the quality will not be very high.

Secondly, there is a huge risk of PLR content hurting your site rankings, which can easily lead to your site being banned by google. Do you want to take such a risk?

UPSELL #2: Niche Marketing Tool Kit $19.95

I reviewed this Niche Marketing Tool already. Above the fact, that it is unethical to offer it here for $19.95, while originally it will cost you $47, the product is not of extraordinary quality.

Check it by yourself.

UPSELL #3: $1 Coaching $197/month or $2364 for 12 months

Lastly, you will have an opportunity to join John and his coaching program. It is basically the same program that he already selling you via the webinar, Partnership to Success.

I can imagine, John has a lot to show you and to teach you, I just think the price tag is way too high.

John Thornhill Reviews

UPSELL #4: Secret Launch Battle plan $7.95

E-book, with information John, uses when he is launching his products.

UPSELL #5: Run a Launch Contest $97-$197/year

John claims that if you want to launch a product online, you have to create this contest in order to achieve success. I completely disagree with that.

However, this is another upsell of ClickBank Superstar.

John Thornhill Reviews

So, if you would go for the upsells offered inside ClickBank Superstar, be prepared to pay together:

$2 516.

That's a whopping amount, considering John Thornhill is luring you inside for "just" $17.

Other Upsells "gurus": Jono Armstrong Cindy Donovan, and Branson Tay

What is There to like About ClickBank Superstar?

John Thornhill is a Legit Creator

John Thornhill is the legit person running his online business since 2006 after quitting his electrician job.

In fact, he has a couple of active blogs, training programs, and membership sites. He oftentimes shares his income statements across the web.

Last, but not the least John officially belongs to a 1% Platinum ClickBank Seller whose digital products have netted him $5+ million in personal profits.

Another John's Product: Ambassador Program by John Thornhill

Introduction to Free Traffic Strategies

Despite ClickBank Superstar is not meant to be training on traffic, rather it is training to learn you product creation, you would appreciate the fact, that John spend some time explaining how to drive traffic to your website.

Moreover, unlike like the majority of marketers, he will show you FREE TRAFFIC solutions

Guest Blogging, Forum Marketing, and Video Marketing to name a few.

Needless to say, ranking on Google, is one the priority for every business owner. 

What You Will Not Like Inside ClickBank Superstar?


I hate this whole upsell hype many marketers are using. John is unfortunately one of them.

What is especially annoying is that you will be offered those upsells even before you access the initial product you bought. That evokes in me the feeling that the product creator wants just to cash out on me, regardless if I need the product or not.

Not only this, but also the fact that some of these upsell (Niche Marketing Kit Tool for instance) are cheaper within ClickBank Superstar than on their own sales page. This will upset people who already bought it via the standard way.

ClickBank Marketplace Offers Poor Quality Products

The main content of this program is intended to help you sell on ClickBank.

In case, you are not familiar with ClickBank, you should know that 95% sold there, are crap.


I am not saying, you won't make money, but most likely you won't find sustainable business opportunities. Unless you want to sell crap!

Apart from ClickBank, John talks often about other websites selling mostly crappy products. JVZoo and Warrior Plus. 

Outdated and Chaotic

See the image below. Do you think this picture illustrates dating apps from the present moment?

John Thornhill Reviews

I don't think so. Not saying that the picture can't be replaced, but also the content within some parts of the training is just out-of-date.

Secondly, there is big chaos when entering ClickBank Superstar.

There is this 2 minutes intro video on that, then there is basic and advanced training related to product placings. This will be useless until you watch the product creation webinar.

Then there are those Simple Traffic Solutions, Niche Marketing Tool Kit, and his $1 Coaching.

Especially for beginning online marketers, there is no obvious path how to follow the training. Therefore, chances are high that the material won't be used correctly.

Unlike Clickbank Superstar, this platform is 100% beginner friendly and will teach beginners step-by-step way how to start business online. 

Useless if You Don't Plan to Create Products

I already mentioned that, but apart from product creation and selling on ClickBank, the value of ClickBank Superstar is super limited.

Those traffic resources, and upsells, are really not providing extraordinary value.

Moreover, those basic info can be found online for free. 

If you want to get access to the webinar directly without having to spend 10 hours of hovering on CB Superstar website, check it below. 

John Thornhill Reviews: Is ClickBank Superstar Scam Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, John Thornhill is master on UPSELLS. 

He is also successful product creator. And therefore he wan to teach this further.

The problem I see, that his products are selling just on low-key platforms as JVZoo, Warrior+ and ClickBank.

When you will purchase his ClickBank Superstar program, you have to know it is kind of pre-sell of his Partnership to Success membership program.

So, in other words: you can head directly to Partnership for Success and safe yourself some time. 

Therefore, ClickBank Superstar is basically non-existing product.

Tired of this crap already? Then join proper training below! 

Why ClickBank Superstar Won't Help You?

In general, John Thornhill's products have a longevity of 3-4 years, afterwards, they lose value appropriately.

(That's why Niche Marketing Kit comes now with $19.95, while months ago it had a $47 price tag. It won't come as a surprise, if it was released as a $97 product.)

I know that product losing their value is something pretty normal.

However, that's not something that digital business should be about.

If you would be about to follow John's mentorship, you would need to create a new product, approximately every 6 months.

Why is that?

You see, if the product is not something extraordinary and something that hadn't been yet on the market, chances are, this product will be forgotten after a year or two.

Simply, because there are plenty of product creators these days. You see, John will tell you that to create digital product, you can really do just 10 pages report and sell it for $20.

I really doubt that way you can become millionaire.  

What is the worst part, is the fact that all the information that is somewhat valuable, comes as an UPSELL and is therefore not part of the $17 ClickBank Superstar offer. 

John Thornhill Reviews

What is the other solution you might be asking?

Well, what about just promoting a PRODUCT or SERVICE that will be here FOREVER rather than creating the product?

Let me show you.

What Will Help You Create Online Income For Years?

You see, the way how to make digital marketing work for you, rather than you being working for $$$ is affiliate marketing. 

No product creation.

Again, you can be super successful with product creation too, but you need to come up with a great idea, find a great market and produce the evergreen products.

But...why go the harder way?

(Of course, unless you won't to produce crappy product. Then it won't be the harder way.)

You can do it if you like, but when you don't have the talent or you don't want to bother with product creation then I have something for you.

Platform, I came across in 2019 and stayed up to now.



The reasons are plenty. Results other people achieve by applying what is taught inside for instance:

Secondly, the (still) growing community of 2.5 million users worldwide was ready to help anytime I was struggling with literally anything...

John Thornhill Reviews

Lastly, the fact that the training is regularly updated and broadcast weekly with new content, assures me, that the platform will be here for many upcoming years.

John Thornhill Reviews

If you want to work hard for 1-2 years and enjoy passive income for the all upcoming years, then this platform is a necessity for you.

The best thing?


That's really a no-brainer. Anyway, I hope to see you inside.

$17+ upsells up to $2 600



  • Free Traffic
  • Legit Owner


  • UPSELL for Partnership to Success
  • Refers to Low Quality Products
  • Chaotic
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  1. Thank you for sharing this review on ClickBank Superstar. I have to say that I agree with you about upsells being a turn-off – it definitely is for me, too.

    I’m always aware of programs that have a lot of upsells, because it usually means that the core program isn’t that great and they’re relying on selling you more and more products to make up for it. That’s why I appreciated your honest review of this program.

    I think it’s important for people to know what they’re getting into before they sign up for something like this, so thanks again for taking the time to write this review!


    1. Hi Femi,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. ClickBank Superthe star works basically just as front end of John Thornhill’s Partnership Program. Yeah, I hate this approach as well. Especially, when this serves purely as a sales pitch. If you like honesty in digital marketing, I would bring this program to your attention. It comes clear upfront with what you will be paying, (it is very affordable, just $49/month) plus, it comes jam-packed with tools and training. Definitely worth joining if you want to learn digital marekting. Cheers

  2. ClickBank is a great affiliate network for affiliate marketing product creators, but you need to provide value and good customer support to your customers for long-term success. From John’s training course, I can tell that he knows a lot about affiliate marketing, but upsells push me away from it. I don’t like to create a digital product and sell it on ClickBank, so I will skip this one & find other methods to make passive income online. I think your recommendation looks attractive.


    1. Yes, Matt. john is literally upselling his Partnership to Success Program rather than providing value within ClickBank Superstar. I hate this kind of approach. I prefer programs where owners don’t hide the real deal and are upfront and honest about what you get. Unfortunately, there are more products available like JOhn’s. The few, I find honest are TAO, Affiliate Lab and my recommendation number one, Wealthy Affiliate. I hope you will pick the best suited for you. Cheers

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