John Crestani Review

Welcome to my John Crestani Review.

There is a lot of John Crestani Review out there. Some are very positive and some go as far as calling him SCAM or FAKE GURU.

I will try to stay as neutral and free of emotions as possible and fully concentrating on stating just the facts.

Because, that's what you want to hear, right?

That said, you wouldn't hear me complaining about his haircut or his look as many critics do.

What I will be most concerned about (I guess you too) is: Can you make money after applying what he is teaching? And is this way suitable for everyone?

So, if you are ready to read the one honest John Crestani Review, then...shall we start?

Who is John Crestani?

John Crestani is affiliate marketer who is teaching PAID TRAFFIC methods.

He is a super affiliate known for his outrageous ads. You might come across some of them where he shows piles of $100 bill notes.

John Crestani Review

When you will search for some additional info on Google about his beginnings, for instance, you'll come across some interesting facts.

To name a few: he dropped college, furthermore, he started an e-bay business that was profitable but got shut down at some moment, before finally "making it huge"thanks to paid traffic to affiliate marketing.

The message behind his story is that he failed many times before, but made it in the end.

Even so, this storyline became somewhat very common among marketers, and it is hard to find if the story is true, you can avoid the mistakes many do at the beginning by choosing a proven way.

What Are John Crestani's Products?

In a nutshell, John created 2 successful online programs.

1.) JetSet

2.) Super Affiliate System (several updates)

Additionally to those programs, his website states webinars as another product, but those are more or less part of the JetSet affiliate program as you can read on his site. 

I won't go here deep into each of the programs as I intend to write my John Crestani Review mostly about John itself. 

But I will dedicate them a couple of lines.

First of all, if you are interested in comprehensive reviews, you can read my own Super Affiliate System(SAS) and JetSet review from this guy.

Secondly, please do remember that SAS is currently an upsell of JetSet.

Side note: Jet Set cost $50/month and SAS $997 one time.
Below short comparison.

I'd be curious if you see some similarities ?

Jet Set (12 weeks of training) includes:

John Crestani Review

Super Affiliate System (6 weeks of training) includes:

  1. System Set-Up
  2. Google Ads Training
  3. YouTube Ads Training
  4. Facebook Ads+ Basics from Copywriting
  5. Resell Pages
  6. Niche Selection

Why Choose John Crestani's Programs?

Internet Expert

Undoubtedly, John Crestani is an internet marketing expert.

Especially in the area of Facebook, YouTube and Google ADS.

He started some of his success over 5 years ago, so we can say there is a short time-proof. Even so, his claims (earnings between $250k-$500k a month) are hard to prove, he has deep knowledge of Facebook, Google, and YouTube ads.

Those traffic methods he uses mainly for driving people into his two major online successes JetSet and SAS.

Legit Way of Earning Money Online

You see, John is making his money online with help of affiliate marketing.

Honestly, I don't think there is a better way to earn money online without a huge investment than Affiliate Marketing.

Not only this method is requiring low budget upon starting out, but it also gives you freedom to choose when and where to work. More about its benefits, in this blog post.

Why NOT Choose John Crestani's Programs?

Additional Costs

Both of his products are just a kind of introduction to to affiliate marketing. In the SAS he goes much deeper, but still, in any case, you would need to purchase external, 3rd party services.

While this is not too odd, because even the best platforms out there need a bit of external help, in John's products it might cost you a lot.

Think of Funnels, Email Marketing, Keyword Tool, Web Hosting, and the biggest outcome is TRAFFIC.

If you would about to follow his advice, you'd have to prepare an additional $1000-$2000/month.

Not everyone has this kind of money.

John Crestani is a Marketer, But Not a Teacher

Even if you like John's style or hate it, one thing is sure, he is selling. In other words: John Crestani is a great marketer.

But that doesn't mean, he'd be necessary a good teacher.

Unfortunately, the latter is the case here. From his videos and mostly from the negative reviews online, I'VE GOT A FEELING HE CARE MUCH LESS ABOUT HIS STUDENTS THEN ABOUT HIS INCOME.

Pretty normal, you might say.

But it isn't.

I truly believe that if he decided to help others to teach them the same method, he did it because he wanted to help. He doesn't need that money. But, I can't help myself and feel that he cares about the commission and then, leaves you without proper training.

Only Paid Traffic

OK, John is mentioning some basic SEO in his Jet Set, but it is fair to say, that his focus is on paid advertising.

The two biggest dangers with paid advertising are in my eyes: price and sustainability.

I am diving into this topic more later on but for now, you should know that if you are not an expert, you, 'll probably lose your money with paid ads.


You see the problem here are not just the negative reviews. The problem goes much further. There are EXACTLY 0 reviews on 

This is something what should bother anyone interested in his products or services. You see, because is trustable platform and it's impossible to buy the reviews over there, John Crestani is not there.

Now, I doubt that person with such an exposure (who is in the TV, as you see later) has not collected enough opinions about him or his sites. 

That just doesn't feel alright. Either he lies what he earns, or he is not honest. 

Paying For His Interviews

Maybe I am a bit of old fashion guy, but I still believe that results speaks for itself and one does not need to pay for interviews. Especially, someone who is earning his money online. 

John Crestani paid for his interviews. 

I mean, I get that he wants to get bigger exposure, but at what costs? 

It just justify my previous feelings, that John Crestani doesn't care about his students, but more about his incomes or image.

If I would be one of his students, I won't give a f***k about what he says in paid interview, when he does help me to earn money.

There are even some rumours around he is paying his students to write positive reviews about his program. Does a creator of legit program need to do all of this?

Answer is on you...

I think everyone has to see this "play". I wonder who wrote the script of this interviews. 


Too much and too many

His courses are too expensive. There is just too much noise with low value. His ads are too aggressive. 

His way of explaining the affiliate marketing seems that it is too easy to make it happen. Too many negative reviews.

Too much click bait. Too chaotic.

In case you want to see different, "humble" way. (without ads and without click bait)  it is possible. Check the platform below.

Paid Traffic vs SEO

There might be (endless) discussions over which method of driving traffic is better. It is almost like Hamlet: be or not to be?

John Crestani Review

The way how I see it, there are two biggest differences between PAID (ADS) TRAFFIC and FREE (ORGANIC) TRAFFIC.

Money and Sustainability.

Let me explain.

Money refers to the fact that, that if you decide to go in the footsteps of John Crestani, Jono Armstrong, Robby BlanchardStuart Ross, etc. then you need to be prepared to invest some money, right?

How much?

It depends on you.

There are marketers investing as little as $5/day.

On the other hand, it won't surprise me if John Crestani is spending at least 5000 times more ($5000/day) on paid advertising.

John Crestani Review

Not everyone feels comfortable spending money on ads and especially if the result is unknown beforehand.

Sustainability refers to the fact that, once you stop pumping cash onto your offer (website, blog post, landing page...), very likely it will lose its ranking, therefore it'll be almost impossible to repeat the sale, would you want it.

Who wouldn't?

This way of running an online business, is in my eyes, suitable for people wanting a quick success or for people with a time-limited offer.

In any case, you choose paid way, your offer has to leverage money already (or you have to have money prior) and/or you have to be or become an expert in the ads.

On the other hand, there is writing your content for SEO.

Money, investment in this case, equals (almost) $0.

Obviously you need a blog and hosting, which can cost you $20 a year.

Sustainability in this case means once you wrote your post and it ranked on Google or Bing, it will keep its ranking much longer because it got there "naturally". I hope this makes sense.

(Of course, depending on your niche, there might be a situation where your ranked post will lose its position, but when you will update it properly, you can get it back.)

This way is suitable for beginners (no big investment) and for people who are prepared to build success over a longer period.

I'm not saying which way is better, just wanted to show the differences ?

Is John Crestani SCAM?

First of all, to be completely fair with you, when people call John Crestani a SCAM, there has to be a legit reason for it.

Some people call him a scam, just because of his crazy ads, big laptop, or even because of his haircut.

I think that's ridiculous.

Also, I don't agree with saying like: It is a SCAM only if you believe it is a scam.

There is a very clear definition of a scam:

Below is the definition, from the relevant Cambridge dictionary.

John Crestani Review

So, shall we call John Crestani a scam?

His products will give you legit training after you sign up. (Paid traffic) to affiliate marketing is a legit and profitable business.

As far as I am concerned John Crestani does nothing illegal.

Therefore John Crestani is not a SCAM!

If you like this type of ad, that's the second question. But, in the end, it is just our opinion. If we bear facts, we have to be clear.

John Crestani Review

John Crestani Review Final Thoughts

That was it, my friend.

If you read my John Crestani Review to the end, I want to thank you first of all.

I know it might have been a lot of information.

On the other hand, it is definitely wise to do your research. Especially, in an online world full of scam artists, fake gurus, or dishonest marketers.

The purpose of my John Crestani review was to find out if he is such a scammer too or legit guy, and as well if he can help you earn money online after applying his tactics.

The results?

He is not a SCAMMER.

Even so, his YouTube ads are displaying a rich lifestyle, in some cases even disrespectful, (I can imagine someone feels it that way when seeing how he throws money bills into the camera).

Secondly, his tactics work but are not for everyone. Mostly because he uses preferably paid traffic.

(Please, do not trust "gurus" or whoever will claim to you, making money using ads is easy. If you don't know what you are doing, you will lose quite a lot)

So, I hate to tell you that, but the decision is in your hands, my friend. What it is going to be? ?

So, where to go from there?

When you want to go the pay-as-you-go road then John's SAS might be the solution for you.

(I won't recommend JetSet)

On the other hand, if you are a newbie (without huge investment opportunities ) wanting.

To learn to affiliate marketing and eventually be earning 5,6, or 7 figures, then you should search for programs that will teach you how to drive FREE traffic to your website.

I love the SEO strategy because it gives opportunity for everyone, not just for those "sitting on the money.

In that way, you can be still working full-time and start your blind endeavor without going to the bank and ask for loan when you ads will ask for more "fuel".

There are several legit programs that will teach you SEO.

Recommended: Affiliate Lab and Location Rebel.

I am a member of a platform that is responsible for results like these :

  • 6.2k in passive income from 21 Year Old College Dropout
  • Single Mum, Earned over 100k in 4 Years Passive Income
  • What About This Guy? $1 Million Over 10 years in Passive Income
  • In case, you'd like to try it out, you can do it for free, with 7 days Premium trial by clicking below if you do so, I'll be your personal mentor over there for time being (so you don't have to worry I'll disappear after you go premium ).

    Additionally, inside you'll find a community of +1.5 million users worldwide. Live Chat. Training with 120 lessons. Live Chat. Live or recorded Training 52 Classes a Year. Keyword Tool included.



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  • Thank you for this honest review. i once did John Crestani’s program and I was disappointed that I could not actually reach the success promised after spending loads of money.
    You are right John is not a good teach most of his videos of his training do not go in-depth as he kind wants you to figure some things out yourself.
    I also hated that you have to paid a lot for ads since the method he teaches you (which is paid ads) required paid ads as you said.
    Thanking for shedding the light for people.

    • Hi there,Tabo. Thanks for sharing your own experience with his products. You just proved what I wrote before .To run the business according to his advice you’d need to become an expert in ads.But his teaching is not sufficient to get the needed knowledge. I prefer free traffic anyway.This platform teaches that,so I don’t have to spend nothing on people visiting my page. Cheers

  • This guy might be making heaps of money, but after watching the 2 videos you included of him being interviewed by ‘The Morning Blend’ i would never sign up for anything he is selling.
    He did not come across as competent or even knowledgeable about what he was saying!

    And the fact that you buy the courses, and the have to spend another one to two thousand each month for all the add on, it makes it really expensive.
    Lot’s of negative reviews…. a definite red flag.

    Thanks for all the information. I won’t be signing up any day soon!

    • Thanks for stopping by Andrew. I don’t like it neither ,that John Crestani is paying for his interview. I think that profitable business or successful person doesn’t need that kind of promotion. The results should speak for itself. Cheers

  • Hi Julius,
    I have never been involved with John Crestani or his programs. But, I have seen some of the crazy ads he does and I felt kinda of put off by his brash style. I didn’t like it. Many people who make a ton of money, can’t teach others how to do it. I often wondered if he was really making all that money!

    I know it is a fact, that people who create these program will only show you 80% of what you need to know. Because they want to sell you again for more training. John is a marketer, and that’s how they make more.
    Tank you for giving me the insight about John Crestani, I will save my money.

    • Hi Chas, thanks a lot for your comment. When I see John Crestani’s approach, I miss genuine interest in his students. As stated earlier, that is a crucial part of affiliate training. Especially, starters do need a lot of guidance. Cheers

  • Being great at something doesn’t automatically make you able to teach others to do it too. Lulling beginners into thinking it’s a quick way to make money is often why these people are called out as being a scam.

    It has taken him years of getting it wrong and learning the right way, and yet he makes it out to be something you can replicate quickly… As long as you’re willing to pay for it. But he doesn’t tell them that up front.

    I agree, he’s more interested in his bank balance than helping others…

    Thanks for the review!

    • Hi John. Indeed, being a teacher in something is different from “just” knowing. I remember how I had to adjust myself, on the soccer pitch. When switching from the role of a player to the role of a coach. My abilities as a player wouldn’t be enough to become a good coach. So, in this sense being an expert in marketing, doesn’t mean necessary, John Crestani will be a great teacher. However, this platform has the greatest mentors and teachers in affiliate marketing. They have also already almost 20 years of experience in the field. So, it is a great option for people searching to start affiliate marketing.

  • Thank you Julius for researching this guy. I used to see his ads on YouTube all of the time a few years ago. He sure knows how to market and sell a lifestyle, but I like how you pointed out the difference between being a good marketer and being a good teacher. It’s possible that there is some value that can be gained from his courses, but in any regard the prices are just too high to start out with. I don’t think he is a scam artist, I just think there are better ways for people to get started in affiliate marketing without having to put in so much cash themselves. Thanks for sharing your insight on this topic, it was really informative.

    • Hi Dereck, thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing your experience. A good marketer and a good teacher are two different things. Especially newbies need a patient mentor who will guide them through the, sometimes bumpy, journey. John Crestani has the knowledge and also offers some of it in the training, I just don’t have a feeling he really cares about his students. Maybe some people would feel comfortable learning from him. For me, it just isn’t the right cup of tea. On the other hand, I prefer this platform as it has, in my opinion, much better coaching/mentoring approach. I mean more than 2 million students speak for themselves I guess.

  • I believe John Crestani makes lots of money by affiliate marketing and promoting his products. Paying $997 for affiliate marketing training is never my cup of tea. It’s too much for a newbie to start an online business, not to mention the extra costs we need to purchase. Overall speaking, he does provide proper training, but I don’t like spending without considering the return on investment. Your recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate, sounds like a much better solution.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Hi Matt.
      Thanks for sharing your point of view. I think, the biggest issue here is indeed the high price. Not only the course itself but mainly the monthly costs related to traffic and other expensive tools, ClickFunnels, etc. WA is cheaper, but when you decide to run your business according to the methods they are teaching you, it also requires less money for “service” as they teach SEO(FREE) traffic. Cheers

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