James Francis Digital Prosperity

James Francis Digital Prosperity is product that promises to help you create the FINANCIAL FREEDOM, by selling your own or someone’s else digital products.

When you are reading this REVIEW, chances are high that you checked similar programs in the past, and therefore you know that these statements are not always TRUSTABLE.

Congratulations, that you are doing this research before you commit yourself to join the ”perfect looking” program.

Indeed, there are plenty of rubbish programs out there to scream out loud, fancy claims, with only the intention to rip you off your money.

Contrary to that there are still some legit, educational and very profitable programs, which can literally change your life.

Curious where belongs James Francis Digital Prosperity?

Then you made the right choice to read my review. I am going to reveal to you what you can expect when you join this program, how does it work, some PROS and CONS and in the end if I recommend it or not.

Here we go!

Name: Digital Prosperity
Creator:James Francis
Earning Potential: 9/10
:  $37- $4100+
Rating: 8/10

What is James Francis Digital Prosperity?

It is digital marketing program created by James Francis helping you create an online income by selling your own products or by selling products of others (Affiliate Marketing).

James Francis is the creator of the best-seller book Ignition, which received relatively good reviews.

James Francis Digital Prosperity

For who is this program?

For online income seekers of all levels (also budget wise).

It is fit for a complete beginner, with zero experiences in an online world, as well as for experienced guys, looking for a new way to expand their existing business.

How does Digital Prosperity work?

This program is an Affiliate Program.

Firstly, you will be introduced to MINDSET you should have when you start this business.

Secondly, you will be walked through the steps you need to make in order to make this business model work for you. This will be demonstrated as follows:

You need to have KNOWLEDGE in something, then there is a NEED people have in that, followed by VALUE you will provide to the people, by that you will build TRUST and finally there is TRAFFIC as the last pillar of James Francis Digital Prosperity.

What is inside of Digital Prosperity?

There are in total 17 MODULES inside of James Francis Digital Prosperity.

If you find it too much, you can just jump straight away to the PROS and CONS of the program. For those of you who would like to read what are the modules about, please read below.

Here you will be introduced to digital marketing. James is discussing among others what are the 3 biggest industries (niches) in online marketing (Health, Wealth Relationships).

You will be urged to set up your “skills list” and choose your niche accordingly. The owner is here right, the niche selection is something you should really spend some time, as it going to create the fundamentals of your business.

You will be taught how to create your ideal customer.

What are the fears, hopes and desires? It is without a doubt, one of the most crucial step you should take, when you want to be successful in online business.

It might be a bit harder to find out the ideal customer when you are present online( compare to the offline world) but you really should spend some time on that too.

Setting up your foundation. You can think on subjects like choosing the right domain provider (if you expected one to be provided you would be disappointed).

This module is also going to walk you through some basic tips for optimizing your productivity and focus. (After almost 2 years in the online marketing business I can tell you, it is not always easy to stay focused -;)

The creator is claiming he is going to reveal the secret strategies he is using to generate millions of $ in sales.

(Honestly, this one looks a bit like the quick-rich-schemes prophecy)

On the other hand, a very important part of this module is the ability to stand out as an expert in your chosen niche. Clearly, there is some time dedicated to it in this module.

Extended module 4, with additional knowledge on TRAFFIC.

James Francis is surprisingly stressing out how unimportant it is of it. (On that point I don’t agree with him, as TRAFFIC is very crucial for your online business, how else you want to make a profit if no one is visiting your website?)

After you finish the first 5 modules which suppose to give you the technical knowledge on how the online business works, (note that if you possess some experience already you might find it a bit repetitive, if not boring) then you will proceed to the other 12 modules, which are ACTION ORIENTED.

Module #6 Audience Attraction

As the title says already, you will be taught how to attract visitors to your offers. As the main strategy, James shows GIVE AWAY or LEAD MAGNETS.

Both relevant strategies, so be sure you will get as much knowledge as possible from this module.

Module #7 The Solution Selling System

Outsourcing tips like where to hire people freelancing on different subjects you might need for your website, like web designers, copywriters, content creators, etc.

Included in this module you will get the IDEAS marketplace if you are running out of inspiration for your PRODUCTS to sell.

Modules #8 and #9 Building Loyal Fan Base( Generating Leads)

Having the same names and similar content are coming this 2 modules.

They are covering Email Marketing and Squeeze Pages. Totally in place are these two subjects. The only doubts I have is the depth James can go inside of those modules, as both topics are quite bright.

Module #10 Your Profit Multipliers

Another module where I am not entirely sure if the advice stressed out inside of it is really truthful. James is basically saying that as more products you are going to sell, the more successful you will be.

That’s true just partly.

You can have only 1 PRODUCT and still be super successful and you can have 100 products and have $0 sales.

James Francis Digital Prosperity

Module #11

Extension of module 9, with the main topic EMAIL MARKETING.

Valuable information. The importance here lays down on FOLLOW UP. (I just keep asking myself why it wasn’t included in module 9 already ??)

Module #12

This extension of the previous module, now with attention on communication tips or in other words NURTURING your EMAIL LIST.

Undoubtedly the relationship with people inside of your email list is very important, but one thing you want to be extra careful is, not to be too pushy, people will sense it.

Module #13

Learning about the golden rules of blogging. James Francis is talking about how to find free themes, or how to use the side banners or ads.

I think very useful module, would just be expected to come as a first in the list and not as number thirteen. In reality, it would be like building first the roof of your area house, while you still don’t have any pillars or walls.

Module #14

This module is purely about Facebook ads. It is definitely effective way of bringing more visitors to your website. The downside of these strategies, is that it can be costly and DIGITAL PRODUCTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE ADVERTISED ON FACEBOOK.

James Francis Digital Prosperity

That’s why it’s a bit surprising for me that the creator is bringing this in his program, but maybe he knows some tricks and ways how to escape that rule.

Module #15

This one is going to be purely about Free Traffic, and I think this should be considered fundamental for everyone looking for a way to start a business without spending huge money at the beginning.

Module #16

Testing, tweaking and perfecting your funnel is the sub headline for this module.

Clearly, you will be shown some strategies how to use your email marketing strategies to be as profitable as possible.

Module #17

In his last module, James is talking about automation, and why it should be your number one priority. And indeed, automation should be on your priority list as soon as your business starts growing.

So you can enjoy more free time. That is in the end, one of the main motivation points for many online business owners, right?


Proven Methode

All of these methods inside of James Francis Digital Prosperity are VALID and PROVEN ways how to make a full-time income online.

Be that Affiliate Marketing, Ads, or Email Marketing.

365 Days Money Back Guarantee

James Francis Digital Prosperity

Indeed, this is exceptional offer James is doing.

You can definitely find money back guarantee on almost every program online.

So, that is not something I am pointing to.

But the 365 days, is not what you will be offered just like that. He must be really sure about the value of the program.


Unseen the upsells (there are some, unfortunately) the price you will be paying for the program is really a bargain.

More likely, when you see what the program includes. Plus the money-back guarantee, it makes a really “risk-free” opportunity.


Looks Easier Than It Is

James Francis likes to show you the “fancy” side of the business. He is not particularly saying the type of sentences like to become a millionaire overnight, or push button success, or make money with one click.

If you are searching for opportunities to earn online, you most likely have seen those.

However, the founder is not mentioning that the success, in the long term at least, will take much longer and it will require much more time as he suggests.

James is saying if you commit 30-60 minutes a day for the upcoming 90 days you should see the results. You can take from a man who’s been there and is there, and believe me, it takes much more time than that.


I know many successful online “gurus” are making huge money on up sells, but I don’t like them.

As well, I don’t think that person who is building his business on upsells is 100%. That’s my opinion though. If you are fine with them, you won’t consider them as a con, I do. In case, you are interested to hear what upsells are present in James Francis Digital Prosperity, here you are:

  • #1 Profit Funnels ($37)
  • #2 Facebook Ads ($97)
  • #3 Online Income Masterclass ($47/month)
  • #4 Done For You Property ($497 one time)
  • #5 0k to 10k Coaching ($3500)
James Francis Digital Prosperity

Bit Confusing

As you could spot from my previous text, the order the modules are organized is a bit chaotic

The very important ones are coming to the end of the program and the less important at the beginning. That can make you super confused, as James is not giving the right priority on the individual subjects.

Clearly, you can see that within the parts like Free Traffic or Structured Blogging. Two crucial parts if you want to be successful in the long run.

Do I recommend James Francis Digital Prosperity?

I think this program is LEGIT and consists of some PROVEN ways showing how to earn money online. Clearly, it is built from someone who understands Affiliate Marketing, and from the person who is undoubtedly experiencing online success.

So, this can bring you inner peace, if you decide to give it a try.

Additionally, there is the “no-brainer” in the 364 days guarantee, and that is purely an extra for people who would still have some doubts.

On the other side, I see some improvement points.

Mainly in the structure of the program, where there is a high chance that you will be confused once you join the program. It clearly lacks the structure, the business should be built for long-term success.

Personally, its lack of focus on FREE TRAFFIC is something that worries me the most. Because with purely paid traffic, you will be highly dependent on the finances you will “pump” into your website.

The way, you should go, is to build your website on ORGANIC TRAFFIC, so you don’t have to pay a fortune just to have people visiting your website.





  • Proven Techniques
  • Value/Price Relation
  • 365 Money Back Guarantee


  • Looks Easier Than It Is
  • Up-sells
  • Chaotic Structure
About the Author

Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  1. Hi Julius,

    Thanks for introducing a good platform that actually teaches something that does work for an online business. I believe both beginners or the experienced will find the training they need in this product. However, the upsells make me want to run away from it, costing a lot if you consider purchasing everything from James to maximize the earning potentials.

    Also, I wouldn’t say I like that he said you could spend 30-60 minutes per day for your online business, which is way too little, to be honest. Normally, I would suggest people spend 3 hours a day on their online business, so it looks like he is giving some information not correctly… But, at least we have a 365 money-back policy to take our money back. 🙂


    1. Thanks Matt for your in-depth comment. You pointed out exactly the pain points people would have when thinking about joining in. It is pity that there are such a CONS, because the program has a huge potential.

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