is The Recession Profit Secrets a Scam

Welcome on my Is the Recession Profit Secrets a scam post.

Great depression in 1930 created more millionaires as the years before.

And The Recession Profit Secrets leverages on this FACT. Preciously, on the predictions of the financial market downturn.

So, if you want to create millions out of (upcoming) recession, The Recession Profit Secrets promises you the way.

But is this program LEGIT or SCAM?

Let's find out below in my REVIEW!

Founder: Richard Pierce
Earning Potential1/10
Overall Rating1/10
Recommended: NO


60 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Since while ago, ClickBank set up this great Money-Back Guarantee for products promoted on their website.

(I don't know, how long it will last, as low quality products are appearing more and more here, but for NOW, CB users are safe.)

In reality, it means that whatever reason it is you don't like the product, you can just reach out to ClickBank through special ORDER LOOKUP button.

Subsequently, give them YOUR ORDER details, mail and you should be getting your money back within 2-3 business days.


Unknown Owner

You, see to have founder name written on the sales page, is apparently not a guarantee of that it is actually true. (It could have been surprise for many of you).

This Richard Pierce guy is not the CIA agent, as described in their video, but some "professional" name.

is The Recession Profit Secrets a Scam

This one alone is a huge RED FLAG causing people don't trust the program and calling it SCAM.

But let's give it a try and continue further with our review.

Conspiracy Theories

When You listen to their video below, during the first 10 minutes of it, you would hear bunch of conspiracy theories.

Especially, statements like: "Banks and Federal Departments are ripping you off through manipulating the currencies" are disturbing.

In addition, You will hear them say that CEO's, and Bank Owners are not "working hard", but they know some kind if "secret".

Unethical Marketing

You'll lose your money, your life will become 10x harder, you lose your house, your possessions, you investments, because Federal Department is going to attack you.

Those are just some sentences said out loud in their promotional video you can see below.

So, that said it seems unless, you buy their product, you are in real danger.

They are using the power of FEAR, to get you alert and use your economic illiteracy to make you purchase their program. Additional Red Flag.


There are 2 and each for $67.

Both are very low quality. (What is also strange that, those upsell cost almost 3x what the initial product!?)

However, the upsells are:

  • Recession Profit Accelerator $67 (Auto-Investment)
  • Tycoon Code $67 (Real Estate Investment)

Low Value Product and Support

Last, but not least, the product itself is very low value.

You see, here are basically collection of e-books and some videos (with voice over) that provide you with some informational material on how the banks, stocks and investments are working.

But, there is not any relevant training or even program, you will find inside.

Additionally, the support, is basically non-existing.

How could be, if the person is using "professional" name?

(In other words, fake name, right?).

Can You Earn Money with it?

I don't see any way, how you could earn money with The Recession Profit Secrets.

Despite selling it further .

But, how would you feel promoting this program? Answer, you have to give yourself.

is The Recession Profit Secrets a Scam

What is Recession Profit Secrets about?

The Recession Profit Secrets is an informational program leveraging on so called K-Waves, firstly mentioned and subsequently named after Russian economist Kondratiev.

In nutshell, the K-Waves, also called super cycles, refer to the life period, when world economic is experiencing growth and drop.

In this case, P (prosperity), R (recession), D (depression), E (improvement)

(Like it happened during Great Depression in 1930 or Great Recession in 2008).

For better illustration I did previously refer to the video, where you can see what is The Recession Profit Secrets about.

So, you can access that below.

What did I miss in the video is actually explanation what is inside of the 5 modules.

Therefore what you will be purchasing.

Additionally, we could count the upcoming recession.

Undoubtedly these events mentioned in the video really occurred and were devastating for many, but is when this "new recession will come"?

That might be additional RED FLAG.

But let's see, maybe we will hear it later on.

How does it work?

The Recession profit Secrets consists of 5 modules.

After purchasing the program, you will have access to them.

(Firstly, you will be offered the option to purchase additional upsells, not particularly needed).

Subsequently, You will get access to this 5 Modules.

Again, you should know that in contrast to appealing module names, inside you will find just disappointingly low value e-books and/or videos.

is The Recession Profit Secrets a Scam

Module 1

Provides insights how the world banks are working and in words of the creator "stealing money" from you. Subsequently, the creator claims that this module alone will safe you thousands of $$$ on money value.

How is not explained, though.

Module 2

This second course will help you better understand the regulations that might wreck your money, retirement assets, bank accounts, securities, and more.

Module 3

Explains some opportunities you were missing out and you should apply ASAP.

Module 4

This session explains everything here is to know about K-Waves. It shows you how to turn every downturn and crisis into a hidden money-making chance.

Module 5

The Recession Profit Secrets plan’s fifth course reveals the final investment opportunity. The module exposes once-in-a-lifetime methods for generating unimaginable wealth.

For Who is The Recession Profit Secrets?

Obviously, the owner of the program would be profiting from it (In case, here are enough sales made).

Subsequently, I don't see ANYONE EARNING who will join this program with intention to learn some skill that CAN BE USED IN ORDER TO CREATE ONLINE INCOME.

Additionally, you will find some offers around the internet ( Facebook, Quora, Google), but those are from the Affiliates who just copy and pastes the info from The Recession Profit Secrets sales page.

Those Affiliates mostly don't even bother to check if the program delivers what it promised.

All what do they care about is the sale.

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Is The Recession Profit Secrets a Scam?

Now, this is a tricky question. Because here are different definitions of SCAM. If you see this one from official FBI website, that can fit The Recession Profit Secrets.

Because anyone exposed to their sales pages, will be asked to pay them in advance and in return, this person will be promised financial gain.


But if I want to be completely honest, you will receive some INFO MATERIAL after your payment. So, therefore, someone would oppose and say it is not SCAM.

On the other hand, here are plenty of RED FLAGS warning you to stay away from this product.

Not only the owner is unknown, the product itself is very low quality and can be found ONLINE FOR FREE.


The Recession Profit Secrets Final Thoughts

You see, Great Recession and Depression were undoubtedly sad occasions in human history.

(As a result of it many people lost their lives savings for instance.)

Also, according to the history, here is a high chance that something similar will happen in the future.

But, here are some findings The Recession Profit Secrets owners did not mention or say it wrongly:

  • NO ONE can really predict movement of the market it precisely
  • BANKS are not manipulating the currencies and are not stealing money from you
  • SOLUTION in protecting your money is not inside of this program

Clearly, the people behind this program tried to leverage on tragedy of depressions and repressions with some conspiracy theories and using fake characters.

They used FEAR as their main moving vehicle, to made you feel, if you don't buy their product, you will lose EVERYTHING YOU HAVE. 

I can assure you of one thing, you don't have to buy THEIR product in order to protect your belongings.

Where to go from here?

Even though, the big RECESSION might come, it is hard to predict.

I don't think anyone can predict it. (Clearly if the recession will come, everyone's money will lose value)

But contrary to The Recession Profit Secrets and their "secrets" I know effective strategy, how to create wealth online.

You see, I found Affiliate Marketing in 2019 and I think it is the best way to earn money online in 2021.

You don't need product, you can start with low budget and the EARNINGS COULD GROW TO UNIMAGINABLE NUMBERS.

(Although, here are 2 ways of running the Affiliate Marketing, I prefer the FREE one with SEO optimisation as main strategy).

Don't believe me, you can see how they achieved it:

I hope you like my Is The Recession Profit Secrets a Scam review and that it brought you some valuable information.

Hopefully, you will be able to make decision if to join it or not, based on FACTS.

If you have any questions, please leave them below. I would be glad to help you out.


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  1. Hi Julius, your review is interesting!
    I am always happy when these programs are unmasked that just want to leverage people’s fear and financial ignorance!
    Keep up with your great work!

  2. Hi Julius,

    Recession Profit Secrets has red flags that I want to steer clear. For example, unknown founders, misleading claims, emotional manipulations, and upsells…Paying $27 for general information that we could find online for free isn’t something I will do, so I will skip this one and try your recommendation instead.

    Your recommendation seems to have successful members who have made money with the platform, so I will love to try it as soon as I can. Thanks for sharing today.


    1. Hi MATT! Indeed, those information can be easily found online. Additionally, the way how they have promoted the program, is in my eyes almost unethical. So tho stay away from it, is really the only advice I could give in relation of the Recession Profit Secrets. They really tried to leverage on the actual unstable situation on the (financial)market. The only way to make money online (and protect them from any inflation) you have to be sustainable. When I think about sustainable opportunity to earn money online, I have to think about Wealthy Affiliate. They have even (breath taking) Black Friday deal finishing in couple of hours.

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