Name: SmartSpotter
Founders: Maarten Stut & Arno Fidder
Training and Support: 4.8
WebHosting: 5
Earning Potential
: 4.8
Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5

What is SmartSpotter App?

SmartSpotter is an app for making money. It is easy to download, on an Android phone or iPhone.

After installing the app, you can search for the paid tasks in your neighborhood. The majority of the tasks is mystery shopping.

You can also have some experience assignments, as well as merchandising( this one is coming with a higher level, for description of levels, check below please)

Most of the task will be completed inside of the shows or restaurants, but there are as well some tasks which are going to be done at home( experience tasks).

Program breakdown

You can become “Spotter” by two means.

The first way is you download the app from their official website, and when there is a “Spotter” needed in your area, you will be able to start basically ASAP.

(The time of your starting date is dependant on the area you live).

The second way is more convenient and is the way I started.

You can get an invitation from someone to join to app.

In that case, you can start straight away, not dependant on your location.

After you would have been accepted, you need to set up some account settings, like your bank account, PayPal, name, and address.

When you receive the confirmation, you’ll get 1-2 tasks as training and you are good to go.

Same as Roamler, also with SmartSpotter you will earn cash and points. In this app, they are called simply SmartPoints. (SP)

Every assignment has a different value and you can check it beforehand.

As more SP you will collect, the more advantages you will get.

The most intriguing is that with 1000+ points you can start inviting people. ( Every 1000 points equals 1 invitation)

When you are going to be inviting people, and they stay active, you will be earning money as well.

It is a small revenue, but a sort of passive income.

Normally you earn 0,05€ from every task successfully completed by someone you invited and also 1€ from everyone who completes the first 100 SP and came to the network as your invite. ( With the first 100 SP achieved by someone, you also get one extra invite)

There are 5 different levels at Smart Spotter:

Junior Spotter 

0-100 SP

  • 2 Assignments accept at the same time 
  • You have 1 hour to finish the assignment 


100-1000 SP

  • You can apply for 3 Assignments at the same time
  • You have 2 hours time to finish the assignment

Senior Spotter 


  • You can apply for 4 Assignments at the same time
  • You have 2 hours to finish the assignment



2000+ SP

  • You can apply for 5 Assignments at the same time
  • You have 3 hours time to finish the assignment

SmartSpotter PRO

There are different conditions. You have to first make registration through the App. (You won’t reach this level  automatically)

The advantage you will get here is that you will get the option to see behind the curtains of the reviews inside of the app.

Plus you will be entitled to the merchandising activities.

In short, you will visit shops (you won’t be a mystery guest anymore) and you’ll help them to install discount boards, eventually organize the working process of the other co-workers.

You can expect higher pay as well.

If you want to work in retail/merchandising, but you don’t want to be in a “fixed” location, this can be an option for you.

Back to the app itself, when you set up your account and you found an interesting assignment, you have to accept it.

Then you have determined time (see the spotter levels) for finishing it.

After you are done, the pictures/data will be sent to be reviewed.

After 48 hours you are going to hear if you have done it sufficiently.

If yes, you will be getting the amount of money directly to your account.

(If your assignments will be rejected, in some cases you will get a second chance to implement it once again)

The withdrawn is through PayPal. From 20€ above it is for free, and you can choose either automatic withdraws on someday( sort of salary) or you can withdraw anytime you wish. If you have earned less than 20€, it will costs you 0,50€

For who is the app for?

This app is, on one side,  for everyone who is searching for additional income.

You can be a student, a full-time or part-time worker, or a small business owner( in the Corona crisis every dollar, euro, pound earned is a good one, right? ).

If you have time and you are not afraid to go inside the shop and play a bit of mystery guests, you are good.

Just one thing to remember, you should be living in a larger city.

Because if you live in a small town, it can be all nice and cute and quiet, but if you have no enough shops, you won’t earn anything. Simple as that.

On the other side, it seems to be a great tool for retailers as well.

As the co-owner Arno Fidder recalls;

“In the past, companies sent mystery shoppers to shops to see if their product was sold properly.

Today, shoppers can make this sure via their smartphone, which is a lot cheaper for the client, both in terms of costs and time: SmartSpotter can be up to 50% cheaper than traditional mystery shopping and merchandising.

The use of shoppers to gain full insight into specific data is a new form of Mobile Crowd Sourcing and we notice that retailers and suppliers are truly interested in this development”

Who wouldn’t like to save some 50% of the marketing costs, right?



You are entitled to implement the assignment at any time your time schedule is fitting you( obviously it has to be available in the app).

That is a huge advantage for someone with the mindset of an entrepreneur or self-employed.

No boss/manager telling you when to start and when to be finished.

No one to look over your shoulder how you perform. That’s just amazing, isn’t that?

Easy and fun tasks

During performing your task, you will be not bored. I can guarantee that.

There is no the same day at SmartSpotter.

Once you will be taking pictures of the TVs in the electro shop, the other day you are going to be testing coffee in your local coffeehouse and the other day you ended up checking the stocks in the supermarket.


Yes, that’s right! Considering the time you are going to spend and the money you can earn, it can be sometimes very interesting.

( I had once a week with earnings around 20 euros an hour, not bad considering the job.)

On the other hand, it is not always like that, therefore check well beforehand if the reward is worth your time.

Affiliate Earnings

There are different options on how you can start earning as an affiliate with SmartSpotter.

The first one is after a 1000 earned SP, you will get 1 invite (With every additional 1000 SP, automatically 1 invite).

Second one, if your invite reached already 100 SP you will earn 1€ and 1 extra invite. 

The general affiliate income consists of formula, when your invite reached 100 SP, by every accepted task, you are earning 0,05€.


Limited availability

If the idea about the sounded great for now, you have to bear in mind, there are coming some down parts of it. The first one is the availability.

So far the SmartSpotter is operating in Australia, Belgium, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovenia, The Netherlands, and United Kingdom.

If you are not lucky enough, and you are not living in one of the countries, SmartSpotter is operating, you cannot use it.

As well, as if you are living in a small city, and any larger city is like an hour drive away, it won’t be the best deal for you.

High competition

In some regions, the density of Spotters can be huge. That means less earning option.

On the other hand, it can bring you some passive income if the Spotters in your region are yours invites.

It can be a bit tricky to find the balance between inviting people and “keeping enough” tasks for you.

Not guaranteed income

If you think about earning with SmartSpotter, you should be aware that it is not a regular income.

You shouldn’t be focused on it as your main source of income.

One week you can have luck and there might be a lot of shops promoting a new product, the other week can be a low number or almost no well-paid tasks.

This makes it almost impossible to plan, how much you can earn a week or even a day.

As there are cases that the task is available, but as soon as you enter the shop it was done by someone else. It could be, you got there for nothing and lost your time.

Reviews/ Technical issues

I don’t mean reviews of other users, nor the technical issues with the site or the app.

What I mean is that in order to get paid, you have to wait always for approval of the SmartSpotter PRO.

While the manual about how to complete the task right is pretty clear, it always consists of other’s opinions.

That isn’t the way as you see

it. So while you might think you did it sufficiently, someone else might see it differently.

Imagine you spend some 45 minutes in a shop, made some 30 pictures, you were aspiring to earn say 15€, only to get a message later on, that your photo is lacking quality.

This will happen twice and you lost 2 hours( with journey) of your time and earned nothing.

Technical issues I am referring to your phone. If it dies, or there is no memory, or suddenly no internet yo are screwed.


The app is NOT a SCAM!

That’s great news!

Especially in today’s unsafe online world.

( Within the last week I was a victim of 2 fishing trials. Fortunately enough, they were both unsuccessful, in another case, I would be poorer of 3000+€)

If you are lucky enough( you are living in one of the countries from the list, you are living in a good area with plenty of shops and low competition) you

can earn decent pocket money.

I earned in the last month about 300€. I spent an average of 15 hours/week on the app.

However, If you are looking for regular, location free, online passive income, I have a better solution for you.

These guys tought me everything needed in order to run start, build and maintain a profitable online business.

If I, PC amateur, could do it, trust me, you can do it as well -;)

++Check the best online platform for building a business from scratch++

I hope I could give you some insights within my review, and it will be easier for you to decide if the SmartSpotter is the best app for making money -;)

If it was helpful, please do me a favor and share it with anyone who might find it interesting.


Also, leave any comments if you have experience regarding the app or further questions.

Your friend 


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  • This type of app is an excellent idea for students and maybe people who have extra time on their hands to earn some pocket money, but I think for the majority of us who spend time working, there will be a shortage of time to carry out these extra tasks unless they can be done on the weekend.

    It will also take a while before you earn anything significant, so maybe it is fine for a while until something better comes along. I just wish it was available in more countries, as I am sure there are many unemployed people in other countries who could benefit from something like this.

  • Hello there, there are many means that one can make money today, but doing one that really comes easy ti you would always be appreciated that is why I really like idea of making use of an app on this occasion and seeing how easy it and the legitimacy of it makes me really happy. The no fee registration is really nice. 

  • Even though I am always out there trying to scavenge for ways to make money online, I have never come across this one that you shared and thats quite strange. Did they just join the market. All the same, one thing I like about this is the way they have branded the whole thing and also the way that one is able to make money on it flexibly. It’s good stuff.

  • Thank you for this interesting SmartSpotter review, It is indeed an amazing app with great opportunities ,I was enjoying the read and I was sure that I am going to give it a try until I see that my country is not listed within countries where smartspotter operates. it was a turn off but hopefully in the future.

    We need passive income, it does not matter how small.

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