is Jarvee legit

Within my today’s review, I am going to have a look on Jarvee. Is Jarvee legit for your business will be my main concern.

If you are a small business owner, chances are high you are present on several social media platforms. At the same time, chances are high you don’t have time to manage all of your social media accounts.

Reasons for that could be various, right?

Maybe you are not an expert, nor you want to get this skill under your belt. Maybe you are just tired of scrolling down on your Facebook feed to find a relevant (SCAM free) group you can participate.

{The last one is particularly relevant if you joined Facebook just recently}.

At this time Jarvee steps in, ready to do the ”dirty work” you, so you don’t have to.

But is this all bot using strategy legit or should you expect your account to be banned after you used Jarvee?

That and much more I am covering in my post.

Name: Jarvee
r: Adam Briggs
: $29.95 – $69.95 /month
Rating: 7/10

What is Jarvee?

Firstly, let me start with what Jarvee actually is.

Jarvee is Windows-based Social Media Automation Software. It can take care of up to 7 most popular social media channels.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are some of them.

is Jarvee legit
Your JARVEE dashboard operating on several accounts

For who is Jarvee most suitable?

Small Business owners searching for social media growth.

For entrepreneurs, bloggers, and digital marketers aiming the same goal = SOCIAL MEDIA GROWTH.

Why do you want to use it?

The number one reason you would consider using Jarvee is time safer.

It can save you hours of work, you could spend on content creation or marketing strategy.

I know, there are probably some social media lovers among you, but for the rest, this can be a really valuable tool.

How to use Jarvee?

After choosing your membership( with the STARTER) you are fine with up to 10 accounts, you want to download the software.

If you are a Mac user, please follow the instructions mentioned later in the post about the Windows Virtual Machine.

When you are ready to use it, you can use Jarve on the 7 most popular Social Media Platforms.

Jarvee’s 2 main features are

  • Post scheduling
  • Automation of bot actions across your social channels
is Jarvee legit

When you think of automation you should think about commenting, liking, and following mostly.

That means that Jarvee operates like YOU when you are hanging around on your favorite social channel, with one exception.

It is not YOU, but this Bot. You can be doing something completely else related to business (like writing a new post) or unrelated to your business (like BBQ in your garden with your friends) -:)

All with the main purpose in mind: Growing your social presence, therefore growing your mark authority and most importantly growing your BUSINESS

Jarvee PROS


The €29.95 for starter membership is definitely affordable compare to other social media automation tools.

Just for security sake

  • Sprout Social starts at $100/month
  • eClincher starts at $49/month

Trial Periode

Not all social media automation software (or other software) are offering FREE TRIAL.

Jarvee is offering you 5 days free trial.

Variety of usage

As mentioned you have 7 social media channels under one roof.

With Jarvee you can simultaneously run your accounts on:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn

In addition to several accounts, the key features of Jarvee are not stopping just at post scheduling.

Once you have it up and running it will do for you the time-consuming commenting, liking, and following.


The disadvantage of much online software is missing training or tutorials.

That is not the case with Jarvee.

Plenty of tutorials are taking care that there is not a topic, you will stay stuck.

Below is screenshot of one tutorial you can find on

is Jarvee legit

Jarvee CONS

Windows operating

Jarvee operates without hassle on Windows computers.

However not on the Mac.

On the other hand, if you are using Mac, you can still use Jarvee.

You have to just use it on an outside VPS (windows virtual machine). AWS from Amazon is offering 1year free subscription.

Software operating 24/7

For the best results, you should allow Jarvee to operate 24 hours a day.

Good thing is that you can leave your computer in sleeping mode and it will still do its work, while you will be relatively undisturbed -:)

Risk of the Account being banned

This is a topic that made people worry a lot lately.

I can understand why. The big players in the world of Social Marketing, Facebook (Instagram) are regularly coming with new algorithm updates which can cause your business accounts not a small damage, but huge damage.

As you let Jarvee taking over a huge portion of your social activities (automation) and therefore you are not doing it by yourself (manually) it can be in some cases violating their rules.

On the other hand, if you follow the ”safety steps” below in the video, you and your business should be safe.

(The video is from early 2020, so it should be still accurate)

Is Jarvee legit?


Jarvee is completely legit, as there are thousands of happy, satisfied customers who are using this Social Media Automation Software.

It can definitely save you plenty of hours of work, plus it can still leverage you some quality follow in 2021.

(It can assure you some extra BBQ nights 🙂

Nevertheless, you want to be aware of the risks involved in using this or any other automation tool.

It can be very painful to find out on one day, that your followers’ list, you’ve been hardly building is blocked because this tool took over your Instagram account for instance.

(If you are going to give it a try, you want to be sure you are using the settings from the video earlier in this post

Few words at the end…

Social Media presence and social media marketing are very important tools for your online success.

However, remember that without quality content, valuable information, and provide help, there is not automation tool that will help you succeed.

If you struggle to write great SEO-optimized content, there is this great training that will teach you that and much more.


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  1. This social media platform automated system to generate post scheduling and making it more covenant to use and handle all your platforms all in one.
    This is safe if you can follow all the rules of the platform these are seen and used by big companies that have small businesses to drive more traffic.
    We would consider using this and making it easier to manage everything else while this system is automated post scheduling perfect to use. Learning fast for us is no problem and will be up to par with this in no time.
    Thanks for sharing this with us it is relevant for what we have been looking up perfect timing.


    1. Hey guys. Yes, social media is a huge phenomenon nowadays, and if you want to grow your (small) business it is essential to be present on it. Unfortunately, not every (small) business owner has time to deal with the demand and the number of social networks. Considering the rapid growth in the last years (Tiktok for instance) it ain’t changing. Therefore the software like Jarvee is coming into the picture. It can be a huge time saver and it can perform results no single person could do. Definitely to consider. But as you said be sure you are complying with the rules and avoiding an eventual ban. Let me know if you are going to try it and feel like sharing your experience with it. Cheers

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