If you have your own website, chances are very high that you’d like to use some specific keywords, especially if you are trying to monetize this website.

While in the recent booming online industry, there are several fast-growing keyword search tools, it might be hard for you to choose the right one.

What are the measurements you should follow when you are trying to decide which one is the best?

This will most likely depend on what is your purpose behind your website. Considering the fact, that you want to attract a specific group of people, with providing specific, niche-oriented information, it is a lot easier to know what data you expect to receive from your search tool.

I am using Jaaxy keyword tool and I am going to discuss why it might be the best and only one keyword tool, you might need.

Understand what data you need

This is where many people get it wrong.

This comes partially thanks to the new developers screaming out loud in order to use their, oftentimes overwhelming data. Partially, because people just don’t know, what data are useful and what data are useless for them and their website.

Below, I am going to write about aspects you should consider when using the keyword tool.

In other words what it should consist of.

The parameters a good keyword is definite by:


It must make a sense

Yeah right, this is the foremost important rule.

Google search “make drawing park” is likely to be hardly making sense. It might make sense to you in the context of your text, but in general, it is without a sense.

Right would be “how to make drawing in the park” or “how to make a drawing of the park”.

Even if the results are not showing great numbers, you want to use sensible words or phrases.

And why?

Try to comprehend google search make drawing park, how many people are going to type this into the search bar?

What about the other two? For instance, how to make drawing in the park will deliver more real people making more real searches. So simple it is.

Rule number one: It must make a sense! 


Grammatically correct

This is basically an extension of the rule number one.

If you want your website to achieve the status of the authority within search engines, you want to make sure that the text on your website is grammatically correct. 

I know it can be sometimes hard, especially when the language you are writing in, is not your mother tongue. But there are several tools, which can help you check your grammar.

I do use, Grammarly. Its free section is still offering very helpful grammar check tool. If you want to behave access to more services, you can purchase a premium membership.

This can be still added along the way though.


QSR (Quoted Search Results) metric

No worries, this just sounds difficult -;)

In reality, the meaning of this number is how many sites with particular keywords are out there.

Ideally, you want to have this number below 100. 

All above it can cause you hard times in terms of competition.

If you have settled authority, you can of course consider as well, higher number, but for starting websites, try to keep it as low as possible, 100 being as your “stoplight”


Average Traffic


This another number which is important for your keyword.

It means how the estimated amount of traffic you will get if you rank on the first page of Google under the particular term.

As you might guess, now you want this number as high as possible. Because your ultimate goal is to drive traffic to your site, right?

How high should be this number?

For the new websites, it is recommended to have it above 30.

Again, if you experience some traffic already, you’ll be fine with a lower number, if you decide to go for some low competition word.


Why Jaaxy?

So now, when you get a little bit of an overview of what you should need, there is time to show you the program that it does have it all covered.

The name is Jaaxy. It comes with a FREE version or with the PAID version.

I am using its FREE version, and I am enjoying really huge benefits.

You can try it down here and see how you like it, just type the word you want to search in the search bar



It provides you with all the important data, I have just written above.

All the other statistics, are for you irrelevant in stage you don’t have any campaigns active yet. numbers like PPC, CPC, or EV are going to just confuse you. On top of that, no keyword search tool is going to offer this results in the FREE membership as JAAXY does.

In terms of usability, performance and usefulness is the JAAXY FREE membership the best available option.


Covering what  FREE JAAXY includes


The screenshot above is from some random search, in this case, “how to make money in the stock market”showing some of the numbers/data which are very relevant or less relevant to you.  You see that this search term is dramatically correct and it does make sense, further you can have a look at the numbers how good fit, this search term would be for any blog post, website, or domain name or your ad for instance.

Below the explanation of every term on the screenshot:

  • AVG- The average number of searches particular search term receives per month
  • TRAFFIC- Visits to your website if you achieve the first page in the search engines
  •  QSR- The number of competing websites ranked in Google for this keyword term, known as well as Quoted Search Result
  • KQI- Keyword Quality Indicator- helps you define if the keyword is suitable or not
    Green- great, Yellow- OK, Red-poor
  • SEO- A score based on traffic and competition, the higher the score the more likely you can be ranked on the first page (scale 1-100)
  • DOMAIN- This indicates, if you can use this term as a Domain name, here .net and .org are still available

As you can see from the result above, this key term is very often searched (almost 1000 searches) and it is ranked with over 100 competing websites. Even though the KQI is great, if your website is brand new, it will still take you longer time until your website will be ranked on the first page eventually.
(Remember, below 100 by new websites is the best result)

With the TRAFFIC over 30, it is still considerable keyword by new, and good choice for an established website with some traffic and authority.

I hope I could give you some insights into what a good Keyword search tool should consist of. As you proceed, you might want to receive numbers of your marketing or ads campaigns, but that will come later on as you will grow your business.

For now, it will just bring unnecessary confusion to you.

Later on, I will post the relevant information about the advanced tools as well, so please stay tuned and you will not miss that out!

If you have any experience or hints regarding the Keyword search tool, please share it with us.

As well, if you think this article can be a huge help for someone else, share it, or send the link further.

Many thanks.


Your friend 






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Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • I use Jaaxy and its worked for me for the most part. There are times I wonder why I’m not seeing ranking data but I know my content has ranked according to another ranking tool. Is it worth upgrading Jaaxy for this reason?

    Thanks for this great article on Is Jaaxy The Best Keyword Tools? I’ve been questioning Jaaxy and you have provided such valuable information.

    • Thank you Alyse for your comment. If you like you can share with us which ranking tool you are using next to Jaaxy. In general, I think you are able to find the ranking results on google search machine. If you prefer to have that data all in on one website, then yeah you might consider the upgrade of Jaaxy. The FREE version is already offering significant options too, but when you are going to grow, the upgrade can be a solution for you. I am happy I could provide you some valuable information, and if you have more questions, please leave them below. Cheers!

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