awai copywriting scam

Hello and welcome on my Is Awai Copywriting Scam blog post. 

When you are reading this, chances are hight you want to answer on some of the burning questions like Does it (Awai) provide useful info for those who want to start Copywriting? 

Maybe your burning question is even more urgent, somenthig like If Copywriting is still profitable business in 2021? 

Read further as I am going to answer you these questions and additionally I am going to have close detective eye and check if awai copywriting is the source that can help you, or if it is better to avoid it. 

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Now, we should be all ready to start and without further ado, let’s dive deep into it. 

What is Awai copywriting?

Awai stands as an abbreviation for American Writers&Artists Institute. 

Established in 1997 the main mission of Awai is:

“Helping people develop skills to acquire financial security, independence and freedom”. 

Their number one skill that enjoys the most attention across their website is COPYWRITING. 

For who is Awai?

Aspiring as well as experienced copywriters will find tools to break-trough or increase number of clients respectively.

Also it is suited for people of any experience and of any background, searching for new career, particularly those who want to earn their money online. 

Inside Awai Copywriting

Once you land on the awai website, you’ll have couple of options where to start. 

awai copywriting scam

One of the options displayed in the menu is product & training. You can find out more about their mission in about us and the members area is great to start with. 

You have option to meet other fellow (aspiring) copywriters. 

Apart from this, you can think about Awai as hub in your copywriting journey. 

Because even if you don’t purchase any of their trainings, you will still come across great amount of information. 

Anyway, if you decide to take their trainings, here are some of the options.

The AWAI Method 

Training designed for starters. Introduction to Copywriting with some real deal like 4 P’s and 4 U’s.

You will learn how to write effective copy and content.You will build your portfolio and you will be taught how to lend your first gigs in Copywriting. 

The price of this course is 497$ one time. 

The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting 

Extension of The AWAI Method. There is some in-depth information including hacks on how to get into copywriting.

Great thing about this training course is that there is 365 days money-back guarantee.

awai copywriting scam

Although, the main purpose of the website is to teach you copywriting, and other skills helping you to master earning money online, there are some other features that awai offers. 

One of them is the MEMBERS AREA. 

You can create your account for free and you will receive DAILY!! new content on helping you with your newly started copywriting career. 

Secondly, you can opt for paid version of Barefoot Writer or The Professional Writers’ Alliance and gain access to some of the most successful people in business. 

Obviously, it comes with extra training material, tutoring and coaching. 

Additionally you can just hang around and interact with other aspiring or experienced Copywriters, what can be valuable as well.

What are the PROS of joining Awai?

Variety of Trainings

80+ trainings or courses on various subjects speak it all.

From Niche Copywriting, through B2B and publishing, to Business Building, Awai will help you.

You can pick course that’s compellig you at the most and master it.

Beginner Friendly

Despite the presence of some experienced copywriters, the website is beginner friendly. The trainings and courses are made to be easy to follow, yet in-depth for people willing to get started and those keen on learning the new skill. 

That said, don’t expect success overnight. 

Copywriting is whatever, but not get-rich-scheme. If you decide to become copywriter, give it a time. 

Legit Founder

Despite some harsh reviews(guessing those people were lacking the patience) Michael Masterson (real name Mark Ford) is LEGIT, time proven successful entrepreneur with many business behind his back over the past years. 

I know that it is easier to gossip people, I guess that is the price some successful people will have to pay.

Why to stay away?

You Can Get Easily Lost

In other words, the website can be overwhelming and confusing. 

One thing is to be complex and offer lot of options, on the other hand (especially for newbies) it can get hard to navigate.

I missed the clear structure which training is for which purpose. Is not a big deal, and I think that after while I will get to use to the website. It would have been just much easier if the structure is more clear. 

Is Awai copywriting scam?

Definitely NO!

People behind this website have tons of experience in Copywriting and they are happy to share it with peope like you and me. 

At the end of the day, what is better proof than time and happy customers?  

Almost 25 years and bunch of honest, happy reviews, are guarantee for legit copywriting training to me. 

So, to answer the questions from the beginning, YES, Awai provides enough info for starters and copywriting is definitely not death in 2021. 

There are thousands of stories like this. 

Remember, just like with every high-paid on demand skill, you need time to master it (especially if you are complete newbie) and secondly, you need to try really hard to become that wanted one.

Amai can help you with that. 

Once you will breaktrough, you then can enjoy the $1 000 000 paydays. 

And that was it(almost -;))  

I really hope you like my Is Awai copywriting scam blog post and I could help you to get an idea what Awai copywriting is about. 

But before you go…

Do you want to know how I earn my piece of “cake” online? 

You see. I do earn my money online as an Affiliate Marketer.

For those who don’t know how affiliate marketing work, I do sell other people’s products (services) and earn commission from sale. 

Similar to the royalties, copywriters do earn.

Great thing about AM is that, I don’t own the product, I don’t have hundreds copies( in fact, I have precisely ZERO products on stock) 

On the field, AM vs Copywriting battle, I’ll put my money on Affiliate Marketing  

Mostly because, once you master it, you can set your income on autopilot, whereas copywriting for instance requires more work.

I do intent to minimaze my effort and maximize my profit. 

In case, you want to pursue copywriting career, the Awai is the place for you to start. 

Please, share this post, if you found it valuable and helpful. Others might that as well. 

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Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • Hi Julius,
    I was interested in AWAI so was glad to find your review of them to learn more about this copywriting course. My first reaction is that $497 is a lot for a course.
    But looking further there looks to be a very good team in the Copywriting training experts. Dan Kennedy is well respected. But I agree with you that there are so many options on this website and it can be overwhelming – now knowing where to start with them.
    Anyway thanks for the overview of AWAI and I will check them out further.

    • Hi John,
      Thanks for your reply. Indeed, the expert circle inside of the website is very attractive and if you are interested in learning the Copywriting skills, you should consider give them try. Every course offers money-back guarantee, some even 365 days, that’s almost unbeatable.

  • Hi Julius,

    If you like to find information about copywriting on Awai, I would say it is worth a try. But, at the same time, it’s just like what you concluded here, you got overwhelmed and confused easily inside the platform. As for the training course that cost $497 one time, I think it’s a bit over-priced. Since you can find lots of valuable information online these days, especially on YouTube, I am sure people can probably find some related training online. So, this is not my thing.

    Do you have another recommendation about copywriting? And, I would love to hear from you about it. 🙂


    • Hi Matt, thanks for you stopping by and leaving your comment. I haven’t dive deep on Youtube for this particular skill. Not sure if the quality is good enough. But then again, if you found some quality content, you can continue learning from there. I like all good gopy and filthy rich writer. They are both experience , in the same time young enough to speak the similar language as I do -;) Plus they do have blog with regular tips on how to improve your copywriting

  • I actually joined AWAI a couple of years ago, when I was thinking about working as a freelance writer. I certainly agree that the site is confusing, but there is a lot of good free information if you dig around. I also paid for a monthly subscription for a while, but after realising I wasn’t getting a lot out of the course, I left. The material is good though, and you learn quite a lot about copywriting. However, you have to subscribe to get real in-depth knowledge. I agree with you that affiliate marketing is a far better way to make money online. Low start up costs and not having to stockpile products is a great incentive. While copywriting can make you money there is a lot of competition and can be hard to break into.

    • Hi Kathy, thanks lot for your input. It is actually really nice to hear from someone who’ve been there and tried it. If you feel like you can as well share with us, what course you took. I agree with you that there is lot of quality (also FREE) info on the website.

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