Welcome on my AMBSDR REVIEW!

In owner's words: Start Earning by Talking About Popular Brands Online seems to be great way of earning money online. It might be as well, just "hook" to get you interested and buy low quality product. 

First things first, this name AMBSDR stands for brand ambassador.

In fact, it is just fancy way, to describe one of the best online business options, affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is legit and profitable business opportunity. Once set-up, it can really be your one way ticket into financial freedom. 

However, do you think that it is possible to make $1000 per day using this 3-step formula, inside AMBSDR?

I will be more than happy to reveal the truth to you.

Shall we start?

Founder: Chris
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing 
Earning Potential: 5/10
: $997 ($1236 with VAT) one time payment or $399 in 5 instalments (additional 20% VAT 
Overall Rating
: 5/10
Recommended: Legit, but there are better/cheaper options

What is AMBSDR?

AMBSDR is affiliate marketing platform only to be called brand ambassador. 

When applying the strategies taught inside AMBSDR, you will use Amazon Associates as your affiliate hub.

How Does AMBSDR Work?

As mentioned AMBSDR is affiliate marketing platform.

If you are not familiar with this type of business model, it basically means you will be sending people to websites with products they are interested in.

When they purchase some product, you will earn commission as an end result.  (As previously stated, the owner of AMBSDR is showing you Amazon, as the example of, where to send people.) 


Even so, In my opinion, Affiliate Marketing is the best way to earn money online without huge investment, it highly depends on the training and platform that will teach you how to do it.

The biggest differences are in: traffic.

You can either go for paid traffic using ads, or FREE, as writing for SEO for instance.  Chris shows you both techniques. 

Furthermore, Chris breaks down 7 ways of how you can become "brand ambassador". Those ways are: blogging, membership sites, email marketing, reviews, giveaways, comments and sponsorships. 

He picks blogging as the main strategy how to help people find the right products for them. 

I like blogging, because it is super easy to start and you don't need to have extraordinary writing skills. Just passion, some knowledge and will to share it with others are enough to start.

The way how you will build your business, when using AMBSDR, is the before mentioned, 3 steps formula. 

In a nutshell, it looks like this: 


1. Build.

In this case, it will be building a blog. Chris uses as the most recommended platform. Maybe you heard also about WordPress, Medium, etc. 

2. Amplify.

Subsequently, in this second step, you will be shown how to use, to "spy" on your competition and use theirs keywords for your own content. 

Keyword tool is crucial when you are setting up your blog. Without it, you will be like blind person in cornfield. Just guessing what works and what not. 


The ultimate target of this step is to write blog post with product (targeted keyword) that already sells greatly. Spyfu is a legit, very helpful tool that has these kind of data's available. 

3. Multiply.

When you have your first blog post, you would want to multiply it. So, in that way you can multiply your earnings. 

Chris is using another tool, where he sees potential earnings from each blog post. 

In the screenshot below, you can see how profitable such a business model can be and also as you might be interested in selling such a business, this can be another way of "living-the-dream".

The owner did that and it brought him $160 million in cash.  



When you will watch the webinar inside AMBSDR, then by the end of it, you will get an overview what is awaiting for you once you purchase the training.

There are 4 Sections everyone will get access to:

  1. AMBSDR Certification - 6 Weeks Step-by-Step Training
  2. AMBSDR Coaching- Live Group of Like-Minded People
  3. AMBSDR Community- Globally Active Community of People Using the Same Program
  4. AMBSDR Concierge - You Will be Assigned to Coach Who Will Work With 1-on-1 

The 6 weeks training breakdown looks like below: 


Additionally, for the action takers, there are 8 bonuses to skyrocket your success with AMBSDR program. 

I think some are valuable and some less. 


As you see, those bonuses include AMBSDR Guarantee (this means that if you don't triple your investment within one year, Chris is promising to give you a refund, and additionally $1000)

Also, there is AMBSDR Partnership program, which will earn you another $1000 for referring someone into AMBSDR program. 

Furthermore, there are some checklists, cheatsheets and templates helping you along the way. 

What are the AMBSDR Pros?

Legit Business Opportunity 

You see, Affiliate Marketing is not only legit, but also one of the best earning money online opportunities available. 

You don't need piles of cash to start out. 

Moreover, you don't have to stock, create or ship any products. 

Additionally, you don't have to experience the biggest headache of every entrepreneur, CUSTOMER SERVICE. Add the location and time freedom, and voila, the best mix is ready for you. 

You just want to be sure that you will pick up platform that will teach you "honest" affiliate marketing. 

Tip: Affiliate Lab

Legit Tools

Apart from legit business opportunity, Chris uses some legit and powerful tools inside AMBSDR. 

Amazon Associates might be not the best network to join, but it is legit. In addition, Spyfu is very powerful keyword tool. 

Lastly, seems to be the cutting edge for internet marketers of all kinds. As they are much cheaper, more efficient and eye-catching than one of the most popular blog softwares, WordPress.  

What are the AMBSDR Cons?

Over Exaggerating Claims 

Beautiful women don't have to say, that they are beautiful. 

The reason for it is obvious: everyone KNOWS THAT right? 

The same is valid for business. If the certain business opportunity is bringing results, its owners don't have to shout out loud big promises.  

Because the results speak for it. 

So, I am always sceptical when I hear claims, like: "then I found this "loophole" generating me lot of money,..." or "earn $1000 a day" and so on.

Similar promises you'll find inside this program as well: Perpetual Income 365

Low Quality Affiliate Platform

You see, once inside AMBSDR training, you'll be shown Amazon Associates as the best affiliate platform. 

Amazon might be great place when you want to busy stuff, but I think it is not best place, to be affiliate for. Out of two reasons mainly. 


Firstly, the commissions are super low. 

Most of the products will earn you between 1-4%.

Secondly, their 24 hours cookie policy means if someone changes his mind and visits the website one and half day later, you might not earn the commission. 

Even if the person got "hooked up" by yours perfectly, written blog post. That sucks!

Questionable Credibility

Chris wants to show you his is trustable guy, by sharing his own professional history, family life and that he had been doing this business for more than 22 years.

While, I am not saying he is lying, where is the guarantee he is saying truth? 

He doesn't share any of his personal details. When you visit AMBSDR website, there is no info about him whatsoever. 

Furthermore, by the end of the webinar (you'll have to watch if you want to start out being brand ambassador) he even suggests you take a DEBT, if you have no money yet. 

Does this ads or lowers his credibility? 


Taking a debt is by the way "suggested" strategy by this infamous online guru as well. 

Too Expensive

I think $1000-$2000 for product of this quality is just too much. Ok, there is money back guarantee that should bring you some peace of mind. 

But if I purely judge the price and value relation, it is overpriced. 

See the platform below. It is FREE to join and PREMIUM is just $49 month with first trial month for $19. Content, training and overall value is much higher than AMBSDR.

Is AMBSDR a Fraud?

Even tough, I wouldn't say AMBSDR shows signs that it is fraud, it is very hard to find relevant REVIEWS. 

The only I found are on YouTube.

But those are from the people who promote the platform, so we can't be sure they are unbiased. 

I see some suspicious signs tough. For instance the website is now "closed for new signings".

This is very strange to me. 

Why would some legit and profitable, especially almost 100%  passively operating business, not allow new customers?

It would have been contradictory. 

On the other hand, AMBSDR is offered on ClickBank. That means there is GUARANTEED Money Back Guarantee.

Therefore, we can safely assume that AMBSDR is (not yet?) FRAUD.

AMBSDR Review my Final Thoughts

Chris will show you legit business model inside of his AMBSDR. 

Affiliate Marketing.

There are lot of "ordinary" people making 6-7 figures with it. So, you can be easily the next millionaire. 

Bad thing about AMBSDR is that the owner wants you to believe, it is super easy like 1-2-3 and it's done. 

But it isn't. Affiliate Marketing is legit business and legit business requires HARD WORK, DEDICATION and EFOORT.

Would you agree?

Chris claims that you can earn $1000 in one day using his 3 step formula.

Is this possible? 

Let me answer this question once for good: It is possible, but not without paying for ads. 

It is impossible to achieve those results within two weeks (as one of his students did) without help from paid ads.

Or without website that has domain authority, in other words: SITE that is already ranking on Google.

You can trut me in this:

in order to be ranking on the first page in Google (organically=>FREE) you'd need 3-6 months at least.

And this just with very comprehensive SEO training. Like this one for instance. 

In case you have $50-$500 a day to spend, you might go with paid ads.

Keep in mind thought, that your earnings are not guaranteed and that if you don't have knowledge in creating ads, you will most likely lose significant money.

At least, at the beginning. 

So, even the business opportunity is super legit and it is absolutely possible to create thriving business that will create you financial freedom, it won't happen so easily as Chris is showing you inside his AMBSDR.

Where to go From Here?

In my AMBSDR Review I mentioned already several times, that I think, Affiliate Marketing is the greatest business model for starters.

At the same time, it hugely depends on, who is going to teach you this strategy.

In other words: which training platform will you use. 

And believe me, it is not an easy task nowadays. 

There are lot of programs and platforms that will want to show you the "secrets". Many of them are overpriced, have low value, or you will not hear from the creators once they receive your payments.

Unfortunately there are also plenty of SCAMS out there.

It can be a very shady place.

But...when you find the legit one. The one that works. Chances are, it might just change your life. 

I know this platform did mine. 

As you see below, not only my life did it change, but also other people's...

The platform is run by online veterans, who are running this platform for +16 years. There are more than 2 million students worldwide experiencing success. Live community, step-by-step training, live classes, 2 websites, web hosting, keyword tool..and much more. 

What I like maybe the most, is that it is FREE to start and the PREMIUM cost just $49 a month. 

You can check it by yourself. 

That was it my friend ?

I hope you liked AMBSDR review and if it was helpful, please share the word. 


About the Author

Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money. You can become an affiliate for many different companies, and each has its own unique system. However, one company that shines above the rest is your No1 suggestion!

    This is an online program that teaches you how to start and grow your own online business. They provide all of the tools and resources you need to be successful. Plus, their community of entrepreneurs is always willing to help out.

    I joined and I love it!

  • This product, called AMBSDR is not fraud but it sure does seem like they are not the company that I want to mess with, but your number 1 recommendation is better.
    The WA platform is the number 1 place to go and see we joined and enjoy what they offer they have courses and ambassadors their as well.


    • Thank you for your comment guys. Wealthy Affiliate does offer live classes and also ambassador program. Ambassador program is more sort of intern reward program and there is not financial benefits from it. However, the live classes, community and value/price relation are unbeatable. Cheers

  • Hi Julius – firstly thanks for explaining AMBSDR, the name was hurting my brain this early in the morning!

    Having been lightly singed by “high ticket” training before (not that the ones I purchased were bad, just that they were not necessarily suitable for the business that I was building). I find the entry price point to be an immediate red flag set to be expensive enough to make people comfortable that they are getting good “value”. When really, compared to many other ways of learning affiliate marketing – it is expensive. Like all high ticket items – they are trying to sell you a short cut for things you could learn yourself if you wanted to curate a selection of the right articles, tools etc – essentially the price is for cutting through the “noise” around the make money at home market.

    I completely agree with you on affiliate marketing being a great model – that’s why I’m back to it as a side line to my full time job, now that I’ve paused working on a business consultancy. I’m glad I came across this review, because I’m just at the point where my new blog is starting to gain traction – but I have to keep powering through to get the free, organic traffic numbers up. This is the point in my journey where I’m most vulnerable to someone suggesting that I spend some money to accelerate the process – and I do love a good cheatsheet!

    My biggest redflag though – is that the payback for signing someone up is the same as the cost of the program (excluding the VAT) – this just screams pyramid scheme to me….

    Cheers, Lisa

    • Hey Lisa, thanks a lot for your comment. I am happy you are back on track with Affiliate Marketing-;) Indeed, there are some temptations to go for the short way along the way. Either paid ads, purchasing of backlinks or paying for increasing of domain authority. I think that at some point this can be your challenge. When you have the budget and when you are sure that by doing this you will not hurt your rankings( going against Google guideline) it is not so bad to use those “booster” time-to-time. The issue is when you will rely completely on PAID TRAFFIC. Therefore programs like AMBSDR are not worth it. They promote this as only one way. This can be dangerous spiral. At any case, What is important tough, you should still understand how writing for SEO works. As this is ultimate way for sustainable online success.

  • The training content and the tools seem legitimate, but the misleading claims, low-quality platform, and Chris’s credibility make me want to stay clear. When I purchase an online training course, I never pay 1k. And if I want to spend 1k, I would do thorough online research to know the founder better. In this case, only a “Chris” doesn’t help at all…Anyway, thanks a lot for an insider look at AMBSDR. I am happy that I land on your review before enrollment. 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment, Matt! Indeed, $1000 is just too much to pay for an online course. There is no guarantee the owner will not close his business once he will receive your money. Also. because of the fact, that there is really too little info about him. But this program is much cheaper (only $49 a month) and delivers much beyond what is expected from an online training platform. Live 24/7 community, step-by-step training, and great support are just a few of the reasons anyone searching for a program that will help to create an online income. Cheers

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