In my today’s post, I am going to be writing about Home Business Affiliates( HBA) and their program.

The most important question is going to be answered at the end. Is Home Business Affiliates SCAM or Legit program? Let me show it to you, down within my article.


Name: Home Business Affiliates (HBA)
James Brown?
Training and Support: 
Overall Rating: 0.5 out of 5


Program breakdown

HBA is promising their affiliates to be working under the old fashioned style- through the POST. I don’t know how about you I didn’t experience this type of affiliate marketing business or any kind of business at all actually ( I am 31 years old btw).

According to the statements on their website, you are required to pay your initial signing-up fee and they will handle all of the recurring for you. Sounds SCAMMY?

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The basic costs are $125/ month.

For this amount is HBA promising you will get: check the screenshot from their website below

I am sorry, but I couldn’t find what the “3-Up” Pay Plan means.

So, according to this basic module, the HBA works like this. You will pay 125 bucks a month, you will get guaranteed 150 fresh leads. Every lead is going to earn you $75. And then you will be enjoying the financial freedom. According to this, it should be the perfect program, right?

But is it really so?


1. Available just in the U.S.

This is red flag number one. Business available just in one country? In the 21st century? And the business advertisement is available online? And the business model is Affiliate Marketing?
You must be crazy, man!

2.No Names Beyond

I wrote the owner name followed by question marked. Did you spot that?
Why did I do that? Simply, because that is the only one name on the entire website available, so I am guessing he is the owner/founder as well.

From comments left under their youtube Ad, you can see that other refers to that name as well.
To be honest every business without a name behind it is very suspicious. Imagine you going to order food from some places you never heard before and no one would be able to tell you who is the owner of the restaurant.

No corporate name, nor a single owner. Would you order that food? 

The same is here.

Check the video below:

3. False A+ BBB rating

If you don’t know what BBB rating is,  please refer to this article.

This is another red flag, which should stop the majority of giving any money to that company.

To ask the obvious, why would you trust someone who is lying about their ratings or reputation?

4.No product

That’s correct.
If the above is not going to stop you from starting “business” with HBA, you should be aware of, that there is NO PRODUCT OR SERVICE, you are going to promote.

Unlike Wealthy Affiliate, where you can even choose if you are going to promote your own product/service or you will be happy to promote the program itself. 

Besides that, you are going to get the perfect quality and affordable training on how to start earning money online, available right now.

I am sorry that I did not include any PROS, as normally I am doing it. But this program is offering none of them, in my opinion.


Who is this program for?

This program is suitable just for the owner.

As it is SCAM.

Is Home Business Affiliates SCAM or Legit?

If you read my REVIEW thoroughly, you had to see some red flags popping up. Therefore it will not come to you as a surprise that HBA is indeed the SCAM.

Therefore I would NOT RECOMMEND you to become a member of their network, nor would I recommend to send them any money.

There is a high chance you won’t see any money back.

Strange Terms and Conditions, isn’t it?


What to do instead?

If you are just starting out online, if you are completely newbie just wondering around and searching for options where to start earning money online, you can often find some chicky SCAMS.

Whose only intention is to rob you. It is very sad, but that is how it works.

That’s why I created this and many other reviews on my website. To help people like you, to protect their hard-earned money.

At the same time, I don’t want to discourage you from the intention of earning online. Because that can be a reality. It is a reality for many successful people online already and it can be as well for you.

The only thing you need is to find the right people, platform and the TRAINING.

( Well, then obviously your personal qualities, like dedication, hard work, patience)

I know how desperate you might feel if you are searching and trying, but nothing is really working for you.

There is good news for you. Wealthy Affiliate is this platform, where you can start earning as a complete newbie. After how long? It will depends just on you.

But once, you will get the knowledge, the right tools, and the right support of the CEO( yes, you heart that tight, you will have direct access to the CEO’s) and the community, you will be much more confident in obtaining the success you desire. You will be able to wait for it, because you know it will come.

On top, if you are going to join WA, through this link, you will be mentored personally by me. Look, I know how hard it can be when you starting out, at a new job, let’s say.

Now, you can be sure you will get a “colleague”, who is going to show you things around, and who is going to be available for you anytime, you might have some questions.

I hope you enjoy reading my review. If you have any questions, or comments, leave them below, please. I will be more than happy to help you.


Your friend


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