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Are you ready to be exposed to another review? This time it is Glenn Kosky Levels Software.

Maybe you heard about Glynn Kosky already. He is responsible for programs or other software like 1k Daily System, Passive Income, or AffiliSites PRO. 

What is Levels Software about, how to use it, for who is it, and can it help YOU in any way? 

I am going to answer these questions within my review. 

My purpose is to write this review to help you find out if the product is the one you need and to save you eventually money on some low-quality product. 

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Name: Levels Software
Glynn Kosky 
Earning Potential: 
$17- $886
Overall Rating: 

What is it?

Cloud-based Done For Your software system helps you get the traffic you need for your affiliate business. 

Glenn Kosky Levels Software

How does it work?

When you decide to purchase the LEVELS SOFTWARE, and after login, you will be able to see something like this:

Glenn Kosky Levels Software

This is the back office of your software. 

But what does it do actually?

Actually, the software is there to provide you with DFY websites and funnels where you would have to run traffic and make sales. 

Sounds easy?


There are 2 major issues you can come across. 

Firstly, the traffic and secondly the products you suppose to sell. 

As a traffic method, you will be encouraged on how to use the PAID SOLO ADS, which can be very dangerous to use if you have no experience, dangerous meaning, you could easily lose money. 

Additionally, there are products created by Glynn Kosky, you will be promoting. 

If you have your own product, you won’t be selling it with this software. 

For who is the Levels Software?

For Affiliate Marketers looking to improve their sales, and who are ready to spend some money on the PAID ADS. 

What do I like about Levels Software?


Glynn Kosky is a REAL PERSON. He is a digital marketer with several other programs not considered as SCAMS. 

180 Days Money-back guarantee

Whoever creates a product with such a long guarantee, should be pretty confident about the product. 

For you and me it is important o know that you can claim your money back even after 5 months after the purchase. and that’s cool. 


Done For You pages can save you a hell of a time. Especially as Affiliate Marketing is very complex and at the beginning, it can be very time-consuming. 

So, if you would be able to gain some time by having some pages already done for you, that’s just great. 

What do I don’t like about Levels Software?

No Free Traffic Training

Although the sales page of the Levels Software is mentioning you will be able to profit from FREE TRAFFIC, I have to disappoint you. It is not going to happen.

Glenn Kosky Levels Software

The software is going to mention FREE TRAFFIC as an important tool to your success, but for you, there will be no training on how to drive free traffic to your website. 

Instead, you will be encouraged to use PAID ADS. 

That’s such a turnaround, isn’t it?

In the intro, you’ve been told you aren’t going to be using paid ads…and voila. 

You are going to be using them! 

The first sign that this product is not the perfect one.

Fake Income Statements

When someone is using Fake Income statements, that should be a clear sign for anyone interested in this offer to back up. 

I mean, why the heck, would you be posting fake income statements, like the one below, if you want to prove that the software, program, or service is working? 

The conclusion for me is, that the program is not working and therefore the fake statements. 

Simple as that. 

Glenn Kosky Levels Software


There are in total 7 up-sells with Levels Software and you would be good without a single of them. 

Glenn Kosky Levels Software

Why am I saying that? 

Because what you going to be sold is basically just an extension of the initial training and not a necessity

In general, I am not a big fan of the up-sells in the first place. I don’t see other reasons when someone would create not-needed tools for others interested in his program than make more money.  

That should be warning sign number 2. 

Paid Traffic 

If you are starting out I would recommend avoiding using PAYING ADS. 

Not only, that you won’t see any sales, but you will also most likely lose money. Undoubtedly, because you won’t know how they work. And to find out that you lost all of your money in unsuccessful campaigns can be painful.  

Glenn Kosky Levels Software

You might not be required to use the paid traffic, but you will be definitely encouraged to use it. 

Warning sign number 3 is for me that on their sales page you hear that no paid traffic is used, but in the training, you will hear it as recommendation # 1

Do I recommend Levels Software? 

If you read my review through, you might already see some of the Warning Signs. 

So my conclusion is a definitive NO. 

I am not saying that the program is not working,(otherwise, I would describe it as a SCAM) but there are numerous loops, that will make it for you very hard if you decide to purchase it. 

Paid ads, false promises, and fake statements are the most important reasons, I wouldn’t recommend you to join Glynn Kosky Levels Software. 

On the other hand, I would highly recommend you to start an Affiliate Marketing Business. 

There are several great platforms, that are going to teach you all that you need to start your online AM business. 

After several trials, I decided to go for Wealthy Affiliate and I know this was the best decision I have made. 


I hope you enjoyed my Glynn Kosky Levels Software review, if you liked it please do share it. 

Your friend, 






  • Money Back Guarantee
  • DFY
  • Real Author


  • No Free Traffic Training
  • Up-sells
  • Fake Income Statements
  • Paid Traffic
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