Hi fellows. There is another review I decided to create in order to detect the SCAMS and find legit opportunities how to earn money online.

I have to congratulate, that you decided to read some review before joining the perfect looking opportunity.

It is my mission to help people like you, to find great money-making opportunities.

In my today’s review, I am going to have a closer look at Forever Living Products.


Name: Forever Living Products International, Inc
URL: https://foreverliving.com/
Founders: Carl Jensen Rex Maughan
Earning Potential: 2 out of 10
Price:  100-300 $
Rating: 2 out of 10


What is Forever Living Products?

A privately held MLM (multi-level marketing) company based in Arizona, United States. The company manufactures and markets aloe vera-based drinks and bee-derived cosmetics, dietary supplements, and personal care products.

The company was found in 1978 by Rex Maughan. With revenue of $3.8B in the year 2018 and 4,1k employees in 2006.

Who is it for?

I want almost to write that for people naive enough to join…

But if I would keep it serious, then I’d say that for people interested in joining MLM business.

Preferably having an interest, knowledge, or affinity with Aloe Vera. 

When is it a good time to use it?

I’d say when you like the Aloe Vera products and you want to try some new products. Aloe Vera has some great benefits.

So particularly for your own use.

Why you should use it?

Except for the reasons written above, you shouldn’t use it. 

You shouldn’t use it as a business opportunity, solely because it is an MLM business model.

If you have the small tempting voice inside you saying try it, there are millions of stories out there like that one. 

How to use Forever Living Products?

You can choose to purchase their products and stay in the status of Preferred Customer, or you can as well participate in their business model, as their FBO (Forever Business Owner).

Either way, you would need to sign-up.

For that procedure, you have to be recommended by another person, the so-called ”sponsor”.

If until now, you haven’t sensed a pyramid scheme, you should probably at this time.

Why would you need another person’s recommendation if you want to start a business?

If you want to start your own business, I think you shouldn’t need any recommendation, rather then you’d need the right place to start!

The starting fee is 100 $ for PC and 300 $ (Basic) for FBO.

If you humped towards the Forever Living Products and you want to make usage of the products, then all you have to do is to purchase products of value around 100$ and you are good to go.

In case you can’t help yourself and you want to be their FBO then you prepare the 300 bucks and you can get rolling.

Compensation Plan Forever Living Products

As you might guess already, the real money-making part with Forever Living Products comes with recruiting. 

Despite all of the claims MLM business owners can have, remember one thing:

There is no chance you are going to make money just by purchasing products for your own!

Because you are going to spend more on the purchase of the product as you going to get back, right?

Even in the case you JUST want to sell the products by yourself, you would need to make at least 3 sales a month to come on 0$.


Don’t worry if it is too complicated.

That’s how most of the MLM’s are working by the way…

I am guessing they just want to confuse everyone, so in case you are unhappy, it is hard to prove they were laying…

Anyway, to break it down.

If you want to earn money with Forever Living Products, you would need to hire other people. 

This is a hurdle by itself. If you don’t know what I mean, try to say to your friends that you’d like to show them some MLM opportunity.

In the better case, they will laugh at you and go further…In the worse case, you might lose contact for a while or forever.

But let’s pretend you are determined and you still want to make it happen, so after refusal from your friends, you would cold-call, walk door-to-door, or posting on social media about this ”great opportunity”. 

forever living products offer

When you recruit someone you will gain a percentage of their sales.

The calculation of your earnings follows.

When you reach 2 CC (case credits) level = Starting Package value of 300$ you are entitled to ”sponsor” or recruit other people.

As more expensive the product, the higher the CC.

When they are purchasing for themselves you are starting at 35 % profit.

As you are going to move the latter towards the manager and beyond, your percentage will be higher.


What I don’t like about Forever Living Products?

MLM Business Model

Legit MLM business model distinguishes from pyramid scheme by the fact, that there is income generated by purely selling a legit product, not just by recruiting others and profit from their sales.

However, the amount of money you can earn by purely selling Forever Living Products is not considered for creating a sustainably profitable business.


Obligation to recruit others

When you aspire to earn money with Forever Living Products, you need to recruit others.

That being your friends, family, co-workers, but as well strangers.

It is particularly very hard to recruit people for any kind of MLM due to its bad reputation.


Not allowed to sell on your own website, wtf?

Yes, seriously.

Check it down.

Legal Issues

The company operates in some countries against Advertising Laws.

 What do I like about Forever Living Products?


The products seem to be of high quality and the company is on the market since 1978. That means they are not a complete SCAM, and they built some trust.



No, you don’t have to drink a beer if you want to live forever.

No one is going to do it, as far as you are concerned…

But you can learn how to earn money online on a sustainable basis, without harassing your friends, family, or co-workers.

In case you are searching for a way how to earn money online, I have NUMBER ONE recommendation for you.

It is free to join, no credit card needed and it contains comprehensive training on how to build your website.


Your friend,





Forever Living Products




Product Quality


Earning Potential




Business Model



  • Company Long Time on Market


  • MLM Business Model
  • Not allowed to own website
  • Recruit Others
  • Legal Issues
  • High Price of the Products
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