Direct CBD Online Review

Hi and welcome to my Direct CBD Online Review. 

Either you are regularly using CBD products or you never tried one, but you were thinking that it might help you, I’ve put together this post to show you the biggest marketplace of CBD products available online. 

I will be writing about what the product is, how (and why) to use it, plus some of its PROS and CONS. 

In the post there is a special section about earning money with Direct CBD Online, if that is one of the reasons you are here, please read carefully. 

Without further ado, let us start. 

Name: Direct CBD Online
: John Wiesehan III
Earning Potential
: 7/10
: Free to join as Affiliate 
Product price from $3.99 – $749
Rating: 7,5/10

What is it? 

Direct CBD Online is in principle, some kind of marketplace of other CBD Products. 

They pick up the best quality CBD products available, store them under their roof (their storages obviously), and then ship them to customers. 

In the video below is the CEO John Wiesehan, who is explaining the mission of the company. 

For Who is Direct CBD Online? 

Regular CBD users who want to have the best products “under one roof”.

Also for those who haven’t tried any CBD, but experiencing health issues, or just feeling tired, and would like to try CBD as a healing option.  

As there are extra educational videos coming from their side. Keep reading, and you find out more about it.

Why you should use it? 

Direct CBD Online connects the best available CBD products with the customers. It is very convenient as you can buy products from several companies on one website. 

How to use Direct CBD Online?

If you are thinking to join them as affiliate you will have to fill in the form on their website and wait for their approval. They operate in connection with CJ (Commission Junction).

The requirements are not hard, and you should be able to get started pretty quickly.

If you want to join as Vendor or Wholesaler, the procedure is a bit more complicated, but you can follow the instructions on website and once you are through you should be able to start working with the company.

In case you are an end-user (and you are pretty new to CBD) in the video below you can see how to take the oil (tinctures). 

In fact, if you would visit their Youtube Channel, you will find several “how-to” videos that are going to make your life with CBD much easier.

What are the PROS?

Variety of Products

Direct CBD Online Review
Direct CBD Online Review

In addition to standard oils, tinctures, CBD for animals, which you will find among many CBD sellers, CBD direct online has various other options, such as Tea, Day Creme or Sleeping Gummies. 

As they offer is of huge scale and they are picking up the best ones, the quality together with a variety of the products should be therefore assured. 

Doesn’t matter what CBD product you are searching, there is huge chance that Direct CBD Online will have it.

Options for co-working

Next to their Affiliate program, they are searching for Vendors and Wholesalers interested in brightening up their products. 

So you can find it intriguing enough to join after you were happy with the results their products brought you and you intend to earn some money with CBD. 

Auto Shipping

When your favorite product is suddenly out of dose, you can set up Auto Shipping Method and that way, you will never run out of your top products. 

This is a service not many retailers would offer, right? 

I think it is an extra service, that makes Direct CBD Online standing out among others. 

Education on CBD

Even though CBD is booming and the information is getting widespread, I believe there is plenty of “white space” out there. 

Therefore it is amazing, that these guys decided to educate people. 

You can expect to get info on, frequently asked questions, but also there is an explanation of differences between Full-Spectrum and Broad-Spectrum CBD. 

Direct CBD Online Review

What are the CONS?

Not Shipping Internationally

Not all products have this issue, but many yes. 

It remains an obstacle for the majority of CBD products. 

If you are not living in the U.S., you might have trouble getting the desired product. (That could be something authorities should think about maybe) 

Low Commission as Affiliate

If you are searching for options on how to earn money selling CBD as an Affiliate, I am not completely sure if this program is the right option for you.

The Affiliate Commission is just 10%. 

Without a doubt it is quite low, considering there are other programs having 40 % commissions. 

Customer Service

Although they are focusing on Customer Service (as the company is quite young, started in 2018 there is a chance it will improve), the results are not there yet. 

The reviews from users were poor on how fast and efficiently were their complaints solved. 

So, this seems to me definitely as an improvement point. 

Direct CBD Online Review
Direct CBD Online Review

Final Thoughts on Direct CBD Online

All in one, I think that Direct CBD Online is bringing extra value into the CBD business. As they offer this kind of marketplace, all-you-can-eat environment, it became very convenient for GREAT QUALITY seekers. 

Additionally, they are providing you with decent educational material, so you become more aware of what is inside of the products and how to use them. Also, they help you with clarifying some of the definitions. 

I like their mission statement, as they are wishing to provide the best quality CBD products to end-users in a very convenient way and they wish to maintain a great customer service experience. 

On the other side, there are some flaws in terms of how to customer service looks in reality, as well as with international shipping. (That remains an issue for some time though for every CBD provider).

For income seekers, there can be a small problem with the low commission as an affiliate I mentioned earlier. 


For end-user definitely( ideally from the U.S.) as the quality should be literally the BEST.

For income seekers, I wouldn’t recommend it completely, as you wouldn’t be able to earn a full-time income. 

In case, you fell in love with the products and you want to become their ambassador (you are not bothered by lower incomes) then you might still find it appealing enough. 

In that case, go ahead, you ain’t risking a lot! 

How do I earn money?

Within my Direct CBD Online Review, I mentioned several times MAKING MONEY ONLINE. 

Because, if you land on my website, chances are high that you search as well for possibilities to earn money online. And I can tell in that case you land on the right place -;)

During the last 24 months is Earning Money Online my main task. 

I started as a complete newbie and now I am living life on my terms. 

You can check my journey so far here. 

If you want to know straight away what I am doing, it is Affiliate Marketing. 

Besides the fact that I can work whenever and wherever I want, there are additional advantages of that business, like for instance: 

  • NO shipping
  • NO customer service
  • NO stocks

As I said I started as a complete newbie, but within 2 years I am on the way to become an expert thanks to this community.

It changed my life, so it can yours as well.

I hope you liked my post, and I would be happy to help you with any questions you might have.






  • Educational
  • Auto-Shipping
  • Variety of Products
  • More Options to Co-operate


  • Low Commissions
  • Not Shipping Internationally (Some Products)
  • Customer Service
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  1. My grandma is a huge fan of CBD so I’m always trying to learn more about it and search for new things that she may like and that may benefit her and her overall health. I personally have never heard of this brand before and I don’t think my grandma has either but after reading this review and processing your opinion, I think I might dig in a little deeper to see what I can find.

    1. Hi Stephanie. Nice to hear that your grandma is a huge fan. I guess she really benefits from the healing effect of CBD. You can definitely encourage her to have a look at Direct CBD Online as the choices there are the widest. 

  2. Good day, I’m pleased to meet you. I am very happy to have read the review of Direct CBD Online you provided, and I find it to be very important and interesting. I’m thrilled by the fact that Direct CBD Online connects the best available CBD products with the customers and it is very convenient as I can buy products from several companies on one website as you outlined.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment. Indeed, they provided the great service to pick the best CBD products, and putting them on one spot, it is much easier for folks to chose the right one. 

  3. You offer a lot of reviews on your site that help steer readers in the right direction regarding products, thank you you for that! There are so many scams and faulty products out there that it is nice to have your reviews to help bring clarity. I  appreciate that you come out and say that you feel this company’s products are of high quality .This is a very thorough and helpful article on Direct CBD Online.

    1. Hey Beth. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment. It is my goal to provide people with thorough information about as many products as possible. I love to hear that you liked my review.. 

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