Covert Commissions

Welcome on my Covert Commissions Review.

It is a fact that you have to read reviews now if you want to spend money wisely!  

Therefore it is great you decided to make your research.

You see owners and people using Covert Commissions stressing out that setting up squeeze pages, download pages, thank you pages, and so on is super difficult.

Even though this program is not SCAM, I don't agree that creating those pages is difficult.

What really is "the heavy lifting" is the TRAFFIC generation. How do you lead people towards your posts? In other words, how to make sure your content is visible. 

So let me show you if there is solution within Covert Commissions that will help you drive (unlimited )traffic to your offers.

Covert Commissions
Product Type:
 Email Marketing
Founder: Cindy Donovan & Gary Alach
Price: $197, or 3 times $47or $19,99/monthly
Overall Rating: 2.5 out of 5
Recommended: YES and NO

Why you should listen me?

But firstly, why listen to me?

I have been in affiliate business for over 3 years and have reviewed 100+ programs/platforms. And trust me I have seen it all...the good ones, the bad ones.

The legit ones, the money drainers and as well the Scams.

One thing I want to assure you, I'm not here to brag about Covert Commissions just in hope of earning 14 bucks commission.

I just want to make you help informed decisions.

Ready to keep rolling?

Then, let's start!

(In case you want to jump on to see what is my number one platform, check this below.)

What is Covert Commissions?

Completely Done For You (DFY), 100 % Fully Hosted and Automated email marketing service.

It uses affiliate marketing and email marketing as the primary methods of earning money online. 

Who is Behind Covert Commissions?

Cindy Donovan is the main face of Covert Commissions. If you check her LinkedIn profile, you could read she describes herself as a Product Creator Veteran and Affiliate Marketing Expert.

She started her marketing career together with John Merrick & Soren Jordansen when they built IM Wealth Builders.

Even though this company doesn't exist anymore, Cindy was xo-owner of that company between years 2009-2015. 

Cindy is now owner of the blog, where she shares her passion for Marketing.

This blog has some blog posts, free training on affiliate, offline or video marketing and it offers plenty of products to choose.

See below the variety of the products offered on the blog.

Covert Commissions

Even so, there is variety of products you can choose from and Cindy is obviously experienced, it is not always the best thing, when one vendor has created plenty of products.

I'll explain that later. For is a good sign that Cindy is active, legit and helpful Digital Marketer.

How Does Covert Commissions Work?

Below are the 5 STEPS, in which you will create your Covert Commissions website/business.

You want to start with choosing your niche/interest.

It can be anything, from PC games, online marketing  until traveling.

Covert Commissions has plenty of niches to choose from.

Their landing pages have the purpose to serve as lead magnet.

In other words, that they should turn visitors of your website into your subscribers and later on your customers.

As well as those landing pages, also the emails you will send to the people who will subscribe, are done-for-you.

That means you really don't have to spend time and effort creating the email campaigns self.

I agree with Covert Commissions owner Cindy, that to create successful email campaign, it takes a lot of time. On the other hand, having someone doing it for you will cause, that you'll never learn the skill.

Lastly, drive traffic. As you will read later on, it is the most difficult from all the 5 steps.

The steps how to use Covert Commissions made simple:






Inside Covert Commissions

You can choose out of 70 templates to in several areas. The choices are wide enough here.

So, you can choose niches like e-commerce, dating, fitness, etc.

Covert Commission

Additionally, there are high converting landing pages, with give away, that should encourage people to opt-in and become part of your email list.

By doing so, you should be able to build subscriber list in variety niches.

Below is example of such opt-in page with giveaway. In this case The 7 Part Video Training Series.

Covert Commission

When it comes to the actual emails, you have two options inside Covert Commissions.

Firstly, you can write the emails by yourself. (This is great if you are or you want to become skilful copywriter/email marketer.)

Secondly, you can let Covert Commissions DFY solutions taking place.

In other words, the emails will be written for you.

(Undoubtedly, this will safe you lot of time. At the same time, as you already find out, in that case you won't learn the skill by yourself.)

Also, it should be noted that Covert Commissions doesn't provide own auto responder.

For this you will have to pay extra. It is can be anything between $19-$150 a month on email autoresponder.

Lastly, there is traffic.

In my eyes, the most crucial pain point of any online business.

You could have the best looking website, the best functioning and the most affordable product, but if there is no one seeing it, you won't earn single penny.

Do you see why is it super important?

Remember I mentioned at the beginning of my post, that creating fancy and functional landing pages isn't difficult? In fact, it is super easy. 

You can use Thrive Themes for instance or any other website builder, do little drag and drop, and you can create them. 

Therefore it is vital that Covert Commissions offers step-by-step training on how to drive traffic to your landing pages.

They use WordPress plugin as helping tool. As well, you will be encouraged starting own WordPress blog, if you don't have one already.

As I personally drive the great deal of my traffic with writing for SEO, I agree that owning blog is super helpful.

What do I like about Covert Commissions

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

As Covert Commissions is also sold on ClickBank, the program comes automatically with 30 days money-back guarantee. I did return some products bought via ClickBank and I always got full refund.

Even so, remember, this guarantee is mostly related to the front-end price.

Additional upsells, are mostly not refunded.

Legit Marketing Opportunity

Email Marketing and Affiliate Marketing are two super legit money making strategies. I would even go so far, and say that those are one of the best strategies to earn money for newbies.

Literally, everyone can start email or affiliate marketing business.

I love it because you can start without:


What you need to have is access to some kind of training platform, that will teach you how to do it.

Legit Owner

Cindy Donovan is real and legit person, who have had experienced some online success.

That's not obvious in the present marketing era.

There are plenty of fake product owners. Or SCAMMERS who will almost sell their own mother in return of commission.

You would like to see that these guys did something very similar actually.

What I don't like about Covert Commissions

Done For You

Clearly, using DFY solutions you are saving lot of time.

But aren't you causing yourself even bigger damage? I think, you may.

Let me explain.

When you use DFY landing page for instance, chances are super high someone else had used the very same landing page. In other words, it would be almost impossible to rank=>make a sale.

Secondly, you are not the owner of such a page. Cindy Donovan is.

That can be tricky as she will not hand you contract, explaining the commissions are yours. So, if one day, she'd disappear with your money leveraging website, you can't do basically nothing about it.

Except kicking your ass by making this decision.

Covert Commissions

Similar DFY programs: Fast Tracks and 12 Minute Affiliate


Previously, I mentioned the autoresponder. But that's not the only one extra costs. In addition to kind of necessary extra features, there are in total 9 upsells, and importance of them is questionable.

So this brings different perspective into the program. As when there are upsells, it is usually either not necessary, or the owner intentionally won't mention everything to you at once, so he can "cash out" later on.

Maybe it depends on personality and you don't mind being "pushed" to buy additional stuff. But I am just not big fan of this strategy.

Similar programs using upsells strategy: Browse and Bank and Perpetual Income 365

Hype Content

In addition to upsells, there is another technique used massively recently, that I am not big fan of. 

It is so called HYPE. 

You see, when there is really great product, I think a couple of big statements are ok. 

But if average product is screaming on their sales page $4k by watching YouTube videos, you start to sense, it is crap.

Similar is happening with Covert Commissions. 

Part of this hype is also when Cindy says building landing pages will cost you thousands when in the end is question of one day work and you can do it by yourself. 

Covert Commissions

For Who is Covert Commissions?

Covert Commissions can be used by newbies and as well by experienced email/affiliate marketers.

Would I recommend Covert Commissions?

First and foremost, Covert Commissions is definitely not a SCAM.

That's great news. There are plenty of self-proclaimed "gurus" who will lure you into buying theirs crappy products. They might even disappear straight away after you'll purchase whatever it is, they have to offer.

Covert Commissions program creator has proven success and methods she is teaching are working. The templates seem to be of decent quality.

But yet there are some disturbing elements about the product and the owner. You see, she wants to make you believe that the creation of the landing, squeeze and thank you page is super difficult, just in order to get more sales.

I don't like that she doesn't emphasize the importance of driving traffic.

To sum up the things, you can definitely try the things out and see your results.

You really almost don't risk anything (30 Days Money Back Guarantee).

One thing I promised to explain is the fact that Cindy created a lot of products before Covert Commissions. Honestly, it is not very good sign when this is happening, mostly because of the low quality of the new product. 

It looks like marketers copy this style from "multiple-product-hype-creator" Jono Armstrong. But in fact, Cindy looks pretty legit, honest and that she wants actually help people. 

Is there any Alternative to Covert Commissions?

Even so Covert Commissions is not a SCAM, it is far from being the perfect program.

The biggest reasons you might search for better alternative are the DFY templates and the additional costs.

I reviewed more than 100 products and saw the good, bad and somewhere in between programs.

Above all, there is One I would recommend to anyone looking starting online business. The name is Wealthy Affiliate.

It comes from affiliate experts, they have regularly updated training and will teach you proven strategies that will help you success in long term.

Additionally, there is live community of more than 1.5 million people worldwide ready to help.

Need more proof that this is the best affiliate training?

You can read my comprehensive and updated Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Another recommended affiliate programs:

Where to go from here?

When you want to earn money online, you have several options. 

If you want to earn some "pocket money", there are websites as or, which can bring you couple of hundreds $$ on irregular basis. 

It is nice way to finance your other activities. 

But if you are serious and by writing that, I mean you intent to earn full-time income or beyond it, then online business is what you need. 

Although there are several ways how to do it, I really love Affiliate Marketing as number one option. 

When you decide to go that way, you should know that there are various ways how you can do it. The biggest difference in my opinion is how you drive traffic to your website. 

You can go with paid way using ads, or you can choose free traffic with SEO. 

Not necessarily, but often times, methods preferring ads also encourage usage of DFY templates, email templates and similar plug and play tricks.

On the other hand, SEO traffic is based around consistent and long term success without spending too much money. 

Even so, it definitely will take longer time, in the end SEO traffic is much more sustainable and in most cases creates success for years to come, what isn't always the case when using purely just ads. 

What I love about the FREE method is that it allows me work part-time on my business while spending time with my other passion, soccer. 

If that sounds interesting to you, below is the platform that taught me this strategy. 

That was it my friend. I hope you liked my Covert Commissions Review. If yes, please do share it. 

Also, if you have any questions, comments or you want to keep in touch (what I would be happy to) just let me know below.


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Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  1. Hey Julius,

    thanks for sharing this review! This isn’t the first time that Cindy Donovan has come up as behind a program like this… I’m not convinced it helps a beginner in the slightest? I know you have put yes and no against whether you recommend it, but is there any value here?

    1. Hey John. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. I think the kind value is in that the owner is legit person and had some online success. In the same time it doesn’t mean that what Cindy Donovan is doing is the best method of affiliate/email marketing. It does require certain budget upon starting out and in long term if you won’t learn how to provide the real value and help to your readers, your business won’t last for long. Therefore I mentioned that I prefer the sustainable way of doing Affiliate Marketing. I like your relevant questions.

  2. The rating is not good and recommendation is to try it out for 30 days and see if we like it. We are going to go with option two which is WA platform, they have much to offer and balance and trust with us and we are proud to say WA is highly recommended from us.
    This article touches base with all good key point in the review of convert commissions the hype content and up-sales are not good. Nine up-sales to this program are not good and don’t settle well with us.


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