Click Home Income

Welcome to my Click Home Income Review. 

Tired of "honest marketers" who can't put grammatically correct sentences together, but will try to assure you they know the product?

Theirs reviews are mostly promoting their own software.

My intention is to show you if Click Home Income is worth joining. That's it.

You see, the creator is well-known marketer Shawn Josiah.

While his products are mostly done-for-you, you might think, all he is offering are those push-of-a-button incomes.

Let's find out if this Click Home Income would be any different.

Shall we start?

Click Home Income Overview

Founder: Shawn Josiah
Product Type:
 Affiliate Marketing Program
Price:$17 up to $997 on upsells
Overall Rating2/10
Recommended: NO

What is Click Home Income About?

If you were about to believe Shawn's statements, then the software will help you get $29 over and over in your pocket.

Moreover, as he will show you 7 income streams, you can be making $203 repeatedly.

Of course, if this will be the daily pay-check, I think, you will be more than happy to join it.

But are those incomes REAL?

Let's find out together.

How Does The Click Home Income Work?

To sign up for Click Home Income, you would need to fill in your email first.

(Be aware, that after you will fill your email details, you will be bombarded with emails from Shawn. He will try to sell you his other products. If you don't wish to receive those emails, just unsubscribe at the bottom of his first email.)

Secondly, you will be able to sign up for the 3 DAYS FREE TRIAL.

(You would need to pay $1, but that will be refunded, should you decide not to continue using the software)

Finally, you will enter the back end area of Click Income Home.

At this time, I would like to tell you that without purchasing Job Hunter PRO, that's UPSELL for $57, you can't apply for any jobs within the software. But see more about the upsells in later section. 

What Are the 7 Income Streams Inside Click Home Income?

When you will see the 7 income streams, soon you will realise, that there is not " a one-way click task bringing you $29/day". Nor, is there such a thing as "secret method".

Furthermore, there are 7 Income Streams Shawn will show you, but he will not train you.

Click Home Income

So, please don't fell for his lines like discover our secrets to make money.

There are no secrets.

In fact, he has some 13 videos of about 2 minutes each, where you will be able to see how each task work.

But there is no TRAINING. The 7 Income streams are:

1. Converting a Word Document to PDF.

2. Writing Articles

3. Designing Logos

4. Crafting E-books Covers

5. Transcribing Speech to Text

6. Doing Voiceovers and Reading Scripts

7. Ghostwriting Content

Undoubtedly, these 7 ways are all legit and you can make money with them, I am just not sure if this software is the right tool to teach you that. 

Who is Click Home Income Creator?

The creator of Click Home Income is a ClickBank Platinum Award winner, Shawn Josiah.

This award is to be given to marketers who made more than $250 000 gross in one year.

It is important to know it is GROSS income.

In other words, he could easily be spending $200 000 on paid traffic.

However, he seems to be a legit guy with some social presence.

With Facebook leading the followers or subscribers lists.

Some of his channels stats:

  • YouTube with 87 subscribers
  • Instagram with 749 followers
  • Facebook 6 100 followers

So, this is a good sign.

One thing that will come to your mind after seeing his products or communities is, that there is a lot of hype around it.

You see, I reviewed his other product, Perpetual Income 365 and there was the same. Way too much over-promising and under-delivering. 

Who is Click Home Income Mostly For?

Click Home Income is suited for people who would like to earn money online from home.

The level of experience is not that relevant, although it might help if you have some experience in ghostwriting, logo creation, or voice-over. 

Click Home Income

What Did I like About Click Home Income?

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

ClickBank's refund rules had luckily changed. Now, everyone product creator listing his product via ClickBank has to offer at least a 30-day money-back guarantee.

That is preventing you hugely. Otherwise, any cheap product creator could just SCAM you. If you decide to ask for a refund, please be aware, that you have to Did it directly via ClickBank.

Legit Ways to Earn Money

If I could pick up one thing worth your attention, I would pick this.

Every out of the seven ways Shawn is presenting in his software is really legit way of earning money.

In case, you aspire to earn money using one of the 7 ways, you can make enough money.

If you will be good enough and work a lot, it can be even your FULL-TIME INCOME.

What Did I Don't Like About it?


As in his previous product, Perpetual income 365, Shawn is trying to lure you inside Click Income Home at a cheap front-end price. (At the time of this writing, you would need just $1 to sign in.)

Only for you to find out the ugly truth of UPSELLS.

If there is one marketing strategy I hate, it is this one. I mean, it shows, by all means, Shawn doesn't care about you making money and quitting a 5-9 job or enjoying the time freedom.

The only thing he cares about is his earnings.

See more about upsells in following paragraph.

The Fact That Shawn is Lying, Lying..and Laying to You

You see, once you will land on the Click Home Income sales page, you will be exposed to many lies.

To name a few: there are no "one-click" tasks you will be paid for, income statements, video and written reviews are fake, and his past is fake (he says he is 7 figure business owner, but at the same time he applied for many jobs in 2021, huh?)...

Click Home Income

I could go on and on, but I want to show you as much about the software and not concentrate just on his lies.

But you get my point.

It is Not a Passive Income

I am not saying you will earn money using this software, but imagine you would, then all the earnings would require your active participation.

In other words: it is not a PASSIVE INCOME. Honestly, passive income is the best way to create the lifestyle you want to have. Working endless hours as a FREELANCER is giving you location freedom, but no time freedom.

Over Promising

I don't like that Shawn is trying to make you believe, all you would need to do is perform a one click, and you are going to be getting $29 in your bank account.

It's super over promising and under delivering in the same time.

I really have troubles to see why he is doing it.

It would be much better if he would say, here are the tasks you can do , I will show you how you can perform them and how to find them on internet and along the way you might get paid.

That is much more likeable and also truthful statement. 

Click Home Income Upsells

When you try to enter Click Income Home back-end you will have to close bunch of UPSELLS.

In fact, in this Shawn Josiah followed John Thornhill's ClickBank University.

You see, there is almost no value inside of Click Home Income unless you buy some upsell.

Along the upsells festival and also after finally getting in side of Click Home Income, you will be exposed to Shawn's another software called Perpetual Income 365.

This software is another collection of over-promising crap.

Anyway, he claims all his webinars are live, so you can visit this "live webinar" and see it by yourself at anytime you want. This is just one of the many lies you will find, when you enter "marketing world of Shawn Josiah"

Click Home Income

Anyway, here are the Click Income Home Upsells:

  1. UNLIMITED $97- Unlimited usage of the software.
  2. DFY $97- Wondering how Shawn will supply DFY articles for instance.
  3. JOB HUNTER PRO $57- Possibility to apply for a job.

So, as you can see, in order to use the software you need at least first two upsells. Therefore, the price will be $200 and not $1.

Other Click Home Income Reviews

As I mentioned previously, many marketers will show you this software, just because they want to promote it or because they want to promote their own program. 

But, it might be also the way to have a sneak peak what is inside the Click Home Income. See it below, not that positive reviews, aren't they? 


Do I Recommend Click Home Income?

Working as an online FREELANCER can be really fun. As you will have to decide on which projects you will be working when you will be working, and if you are good enough you can even set up your own rate.

It has so much FREEDOM benefits than daily JOB.

So, no wonders Shawn wants to attract you into his opportunities sharing these benefits.

There are 2 DRAWBACKS when it comes to Click Income Home.

Firstly, the competition on platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer is super high.

That causes difficulties in getting the job in the first place and lower rewards in the second place.

It is also fair to say that the training inside Click Home Income, really doesn't set you up ahead of this competition.

Secondly, you really need to work your ass off, if you want to earn those $203 bucks on regular basis.

Not only because of these two flaws but also due to the warning signs I wrote in What I didn't Like About The Software paragraph, I WOULDN'T RECOMMEND CLICK HOME INCOME.

I mean, you can always try it. I just think there are better ways to earn money online.

What to do Instead?

Earning money online is not only fun, but it can really supplement your full-time income.

When you are one of those guys who love to work whenever and wherever then you might want to dig really deeper and become a freelancer.

You see, Shawn hasn't really shown you, how to become an expert in voice-over, etc.

But if you would change your angle you can really Did those tasks without long training, without facing huge competition, or without accepting ridiculous payments.

So my recommendations: in 2020, I was earning $500 a month as an online mystery shopper with 8 hours of work monthly!!! from July 2020 until December 2021 I averaged $800 a month with 10-15 hours of work weekly.Mostly doing simple merchandising tasks and product checks in supermarkets.

Even though those are super cool ways to earn extra bucks, because the tasks are (mostly) easy, time-efficient, and require little experience, there are also some flaws.

Most bothering is that: my job has to be reviewed by someone else before I will be paid, there is no location freedom (concerns mostly Roamler), and incomes based on tasks/projects availability.

But above all of this, there is one single thing that is making,, or similar, just a side and temporary gig for me.


You see, sometimes it is not bad being lazy ?

So, therefore, if you want to create online income completely on your terms, and income that is generating money while you sleep, you would need to aim higher.

Click Home Income

To be precise, you have to START AN ONLINE BUSINESS.

Create What?

How to Create Thriving Online Business?

You see, recently, I wrote a blog post as a reflection of the challenging times we are living in.

We are really going to be a unique generation ?

Have you already thought about how you will explain to your kid, what was it all about the masks people were wearing?

But seriously, what is the best way of earning money when there is war, inflation, and uncertainty like almost in every market area?

Online Business.

This is the area, that is thriving continuously since early 2000 and it was growing during the 2008 crisis, and covid crisis and is growing also during this war crisis.

So, there is a big chance it will be growing for years to come.

Even though there are plenty of ways how to start an online business, I think the best way, especially for people on a tight budget is affiliate marketing.

In short, affiliate marketing is selling other people's products.

You would find, promote and sell products to people who are in search of those products.

That way you will earn a commission, the company will sell a product and the person searching for the product is happy with the purchase.

Win-win for everyone.

There are platforms that would teach you how to do this and I have recommendations for you.

But before, I will show you some of the "valuable stuff", let me warn you to stay cautious and don't fall for cheap promises.

Trust me, this world is full of scammers.

My recommendations:

Final Words

You see, I'd shown you a bunch of recommendations and NOT JUST ONE PRODUCT.

Only because, I think that everyone should have multiple choices. Also, there are plenty of valuable, legitimate, and affordable programs, not just one.

I Did have my preferred one and if you will sign up for this program from my page, you will get some bonuses, like my personal mentoring or my e-book about affiliate marketing, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try other programs from my list.

I Did believe 100% in them and I am sure, they will teach you how to start and run an affiliate marketing business, as well.

At the same time, I was able to create passive online income with the help of the program, which you can join below. I haven't used the other ones, so, therefore, my preference.

I really hope you liked my Click Home Income review.

In case, you did, please do share a word with your loved ones.



About the Author

Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • It seems like these programs are over-promising and underdelivering. That is an absolute lie! There are much better affiliate marketing programs to earn money online like Wealth Affiliate they are honest about what they offer and the rest is up to you. thank you Julius for an honest review.

    • Hi Angee. Thanks for stopping by and your comment. Indeed, this software is over promising and serves partly as upsell to Perpetual Income 365 and party as low value guide to being online freelancer. Not only Wealthy Affiliate, but also the other trainings from my list are more recommended. Cheers

  • Hi Julius,
    Click Home Income seems like a legit affiliate marketing program, but after reading your review, I will skip this one. The bold claims, the upsells, and not-so-good online reviews are why I made this decision. I think selling upsells is what Shawn makes most of his online income instead of through affiliate marketing. If people want to learn seven online income resources, it’s easy to find free YouTube videos with the same information. 🙂


    • Hi Matt. Thanks a lot for your comment. Yes, Shawn is somewhat known for his programs being just “upsells festivals”. I think you can easily find better information on how to become an online freelancer after simple Google or YouTube search. Shawn is influenced by John Thornhill, Jono Armstrong, and similar, who are in food terms bringing here all these “junks”.Similar to McDonald’s food, they promote great results instantly. Only, later on, you will find you are deeper in this junk and it is unhelathy. I prefer sustainable things. Food and business-wise ? For that reason I became vegetarian and I became part of Wealthy Affiliate. Have a great one

  • Hi Julius,
    I was starting to like this product, when it was “Click Home Income” promising 7 income streams(I’m thinking just “Clicks”) producing $200 bucks repeatedly and the free trial! Then, you mentioned all the spam emails, and the jobs hunter upgrade for $97 that you need to even apply for these JOBS??? And that’s all they are.. is Jobs! And if he even had any real training, what would his training show you? If you are going to produce $200 repeatedly, you are going to work your butt off. There are No push buttons for a job! Wow, these guys just won’t quit! Your honesty about how to earn some income would be better than Shawn’s products! I like Wealthy Affiliate as the best idea!

    • Hey Chas.Thanks a lot for hanging around and leaving your valuable comment. Isn’t that crazy? You would think that their “product creation” will stop at some point, but no. They just keep bringing this low-quality crap again and again, and again…Wondering when will ClickBank stay inactive in this manner? However, I know that earning money online is possible. Even more, creating passive income for a lifetime is possible. It cost hard work at the beginning, but the rewards are the best. It is a fact, that the best, most beginner-friendly, and supportive is the community in Wealthy Affiliate. I am certain that ANYONE starting online and thinking seriously about creating passive income, should start here. Cheers

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