Browse and Bank

Browse and Bank has made a bold statement. You can earn as much as $4000 only by watching YouTube videos.

In fact, this is not the only too-good-to-be-true statement.

Another one on Browse and Bank sales page says: you can earn $374/hour thanks to marketing loophole worth $267 billion.

Before you want to pull out your credit card and buy this seemingly great software, it might be clever to see review from actual user: ME.

That's correct. In purpose of making your life easier, I've purchased the software to see, if it lives up its promises.

If, you want to be sure that Browse and Bank, will make you rich, then you've come to the best place. I will show you what's inside, how does it work, and if I'd recommend it or not.

Shall we start?

Founder: Branson Tay
Earning Potential2/10
Price$17 One Time Payment (Upsells +$1000)
Overall Rating0,5/10
Recommended: NO

First of all, let me introduce me short.

Hi, I am Julius, the owner in

Blog created with purpose to help people like you in creating financial freedom with passive income. Once on my website, you will find more than 100 programs I reviewed.

Additionally, there are plenty of tips, tools and recommendations how you can start your online business.

I started my online business (as many others) because I was simply tired of my corporate job and full filing dreams of someone else. Maybe you are walking in the same shoes I have been.

If, you as well want to create your passive income and become financially free, then you will find the information in this review (and on my blog in general) super helpful.

I would be more than happy if you would come to my blog regularly for inspiration and TIPS.

Just a note, below you see the platform that taught me everything about earning money online, if you want to jump straight away there, you can do it below.

In other case, let us jump into Browse and Bank Review.

Browse and Bank Pros ✅

You see, there is no need to waste your time.

So, let's get our hands dirty and start straight away with PROS AND CONS this software has.

Firstly, Browse and Bank Pros.

Money Back Guarantee
I want to warn you in the same time. Even though, I have it under pros, the money back guarantee doesn't come from the MARKET PLACE, in this case Warrior+, but from Branson Tay self.

On the other hand, I couldn't find YET any proof, that YOUR MONEY WON'T BE REFUNDED. 

I just want to make you aware of some complaints regarding this. Branson Tay is not quite the guy who will (quickly) respond.

(The money back guarantee offered on Browse and Bank website is 365 Days.) 

Browse and Bank

Proven Strategies Earning $ Online
Inside Browse and Bank, you'll see the proven strategies that are earning millions of people millions of $$$.

We are talking about :

Browse and Bank CONS ❌

Machine Operated
You see, from the first moment, you will land on the sales page, you will be welcomed by this voice over actor.

Secondly, the entire software and its tools operate with the help of automation tools. If, you have some experience with similar tools, you already know that Google doesn't like them.

By using them, you are risking violation of Google rules, and that can lead into your website being penalised. Trust me, you are better off these troubles.

Another Automation Tools: Magic Submitter Review 

Misleading Information
Far too many misleading information.

First of all, earning 4k just by watching YouTube videos is clearly exaggerated click bait.

Additionally, statements like you can earn $374/hour, $267 billion marketing loophole are unfortunately Branson's Tay efforts to make you believe this software is easy to use. 

Moreover, he tries to convince you, that Browse and Bank can make you rich. In fact, it can't.

Let's see why.

Low Quality Offers
One of the reasons you won't be rich using Browse and Bank is the fact, the offers you should promote are low quality products from ClickBank, JVZoo, and Warrior+.

Even worse, not only the offers are poor, but also the tools inside Browse'n Bank are far from being useful.

For instance the keyword tool and competition inside are useless.

See below what kind of results you will get inside Browse and Bank Keyword tool. 

Browse and Bank

If you want to see how great Keyword Tools work: Jaaxy or SpyFu 

In short, the offers you will try to sell are POOR, and the tools that should help you sell those offers are as well POOR. 

Still something think, it is wealth generator? 

But, let's continue. 

Done For You
Believe me when I will tell you that you don't want to use Done For You templates.

Firstly, you will not learn anything about the earning money niche when someone has done it for you.

Secondly, when there will be 100 people using the same Landing Pages, how can you make money?

Lastly, you are never owner of your website.

Therefore, Branson Tay is in charge of your profit.

I won't trust this guy, and you shouldn't either. Read further to see why.

Another bad DFY example: 12 Minute Affiliate

Upsells Festival

Upsells! Upsells! Upsells!

When I purchased this first membership inside Browse n' Bank, what came later, was real HEADACHE.

Browse and Bank

In total 6 UPSELLS!!!

If, you will buy all of them you will pay almost $1500.

(Not that I recommend any of them.)

But imagine you'd end buying them. From perfect deal in almost break in couple of minutes.

Worst, is that the upsells are useless.

Not only there is not REAL EXPLANATION what you will buy. But these upsells are super overpriced.

Read more under UPSELLS section.

Upsells are not the best, although common strategy: The Six Figure Mentors

If, you are tired of low quality, over priced software promising you everything, but deliver nothing, below is platform that lives up to its promises. 

What is Browse and Bank?

Browse and Bank is software, that according its creator Branson Tay, will earn you money only by watching YouTube videos or scrolling Facebook.

How does Browse and Bank work?

It all comes down into 3 steps.

1. Find affiliate deals at JVZoo, Warrior+, and ClickBank.

2. You will promote these deals with the help of Email Marketing, Content Creation and Social Marketing.

3. Collect Your Commission.

Inside Browse and Bang

Once inside Browse and Bank, it felt like I am inside of different product.

You see, the sales page told me, all I have to do is watch YouTube videos and I will be cashing our.

Unfortunately, this statement, couldn't be further from the truth.

The dashboard inside looks pretty much as the one on the picture below.

Browse and Bank

As you see from the following screenshot, you are not going to watch YouTube videos, but create campaigns.

So, this is one of his first misleading claims, Branson Tay does.

Facebook, YouTube or Blog campaigns are a great way of monetisation online. From my point of view they are even a necessity for you if you want to earn money online.

Browse and Bank

The issues I see here, are however: 

Without a proper training you won't know where to start. Therefore, your campaigns would be not successful.

Moreover, as seen from the upsells, you will be required to rely on paid traffic, and this will cost you additional money.

Secondly, where are the videos you should watch? This could be the first sign of SCAM.

Lastly, the combination of automation tool (danger of Google penalisation) and low quality tools inside of the first membership are representing low chances for success.


Previously, I mentioned that entering Browse and Bank felt like upsells festival.

Usually after some festivals there is a headache.

Hereby I had a headache already during the festival. See it by yourself below.

Important notice though, every upsell inside Browse and Bank will come with annoying pop-window offering you another BS product related to initial upsell.

Browse and Bank

However, here is list, responsible for my headache: 

#1 B'n B unlimited $47 + $9.95 Sub Product

#2 DFY Bundle $297 + DFY Automation Bot $27

#3 Income Multiplier $97 + 5K in One Week $12.95

#4 Limitless Traffic $167 + Traffic Apps $47

#5 Franchise License $297 + License Rights to Everything $47

#6 The Missing Piece $67 + $22.95

Just few words from me about the upsells. I see it totally wrong, when you are asked to upgrade your purchase before even entering the program.

Besides this moral issue, I really don't expect much quality from these over priced "upgrades".

Additionally, you are offered DFY templates (#2) and also Franchise License (#5).

So, this raised some questions.

Does Branson Tay prepared template package for every single person entering the program?

When he offers franchise license, it is logical to assume that, right?

More likely, the franchise license means you will buy the same set of templates as next person who will purchase it. That way you just thrown $300 out of the window.

Sorry, not out of the window, but in the pocket of Branson Tay.

In fact, when he is offering you Missing Piece Upsell (#6), honestly I think he is the one, who has missing something....

Browse and Bank

Scam Alerts

This one is something that you should know before joining one of Branson Tay's programs.

You see, he is active online very shortly, just from the beginning of 2021. But he did earn already around $500 000.

That would be astonishing, only if it would be done through legit work.

Unfortunately, it does not seem to be the case with Branson Tay. You can check more about his story in this perfect article revealing the truth behind the scenes.

If, you didn't read the article, you want to know that he created around 10 products last year. Allwith similar content as Browse and Bank.

Every sane person must admit that to create such amounts of products, the quality will be lacking or the products will be more or less the same.

Seeing reviews on his Facebook, I am not the only one who thinks that way:

You see, Branson Tay has huge numbers of followers.

Unfortunately, those people are buying his promises, but there is no REAL VALUE COMING OUT OF HIS VIDEOS. 

He is very smart in creating beautifully looking, intriguing click baits that are earning him money through YouTube Clicks. (Ads)

If, you will search on YouTube or Google, you will find more reviews like the one below:

When you will spend some time on the internet, you will recognise these SCAM ARTISTS as well.

I can understand, if you are beginner, his offers might look like GREAT OPPORTUNITY.

But trust me, when you land inside of one of his products, you'll get nothing.

The worst part is, that he is not replying for refund requests. Now, I start to be a bit worried about my $17 bucks...

If, you want to learn how to earn money online for $49/month, then the platform below is your place

Do I recommend Browse and Bank?

I will not recommend Browse and Bank to no one. I also don't recommend any other programs from Branson Tay, as he is SCAMMER.

I think inside my Browse n'Bank you saw enough evidence supporting the claim that his program is a SCAM.

The fact, he is not yet on BBB, and on Trust Pilot is big surprise to me.

At the same time, I think it is just question of time when this will happen. After that, he will most likely (hopefully) disappear from ONLINE SPACE.

Is there a chance to earn "REAL" money online?

It definitely is.

But, it won't be quick. It won't be overnight.

You see, scammers have one thing in common. They will all scream phrases like earn $1000 in 24 hours, or $375 in one hour.

After more than 2 years in online space, I know that's impossible for beginner.

This kind of results are possible, but with dedicated work over longer period and that won't happen overnight. 

Those people all used the same platform as I did.

You have the same chance.

For $49 a month, you can have access to platform that has all you need to help you create your online business from scratch.

Don't trust scammers like Branson Tay. Please don't fill their pockets.

Moreover If Branson TAY could earn $500k SCAMMING PEOPLE, how much could you earn providing real value to people?

Instead do trust legit, real people using platform that contains +1.5 million users worldwide and built its reputation over 15 years dedicated work.

About the Author

Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  1. Hi Julius. Thanks for your honest review. In the early days of the internet, this would have been one of those shiny, get rich quick scheme I would have fallen for (as would have 1,000s of others). But years later, internet marketers have become a lot more savvy. I like that you provide another way to make money online that’s sustainable – Wealthy Affiliate. That’s a program that has lots of potential to teach people how to make money online.

    1. Hi Shalisha. Thanks a lot for your comment. Indeed, few years back, programs such Browse and Bank would have enjoy much more success. But yet, you can see that this SCAMMER, earned 500k alone in 2021. Those are alarming numbers. Yeah, the platforms like Wealthy Affiliate, Location Rebel, Authority Hacker are offering sustainable way of earning money as Affiliate. I hope more and more people will turn away from scams and will get to trainings that are much more valuable and sustainable. Would you be also so kind and share this posts with as much possible as possible?

  2. Great article, there are so many scams out there and you can waste a lot of money if you don’t read and learn the real way to make money online. I think that the best way is to join a good program like Wealthy Affiliate – where you have real people that can help you and a great coach to teach you how to do it. Thank you for sharing this great review.

    1. Hi Lyne. You are welcome, it is my pleasure to help people in search for great program. As you pointed out, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely program that DELIVERS VALUE. More importantly, the training is up-to date and with its low price, I think it is almost unbeatable -;)

  3. Hi Julius! Thank you for your great and honest review! These kind of transparent and honest reviews are what we consumers are looking for. I know it could be tempting to create less crushing review and send traffic to this site in hope of affiliate income. But you are being honest, thank you for that! Really appreciated!

  4. Hi Julius,
    Thanks for the great review on Browse and Bank! Wow, what a scam this is. The first clue for me was the joke of a keyword search tool. I have used Jaaxy for years, and there is just no comparison. And anytime I see a bunch of upsells, it is a giant red flag for me. It’s great for the affiliate marketers who are promoting the product, but not so much for the buyer!
    Then, when you see reviews on Facebook telling you that All of Branson Tay’s products are scams, that’s enough for me!
    After this review, I will steer clear of any products sold by Branson Tay!

    1. Hey, there! It might be good for affiliate marketers, but as I am AFFILIATE MARKETER self, I also feel it is my responsibility to inform people that they will make an informed decision about what program can deliver value and what program is SCAM. Honestly, I would feel very bad if I recommend this product, as it will cause people losing money.

  5. Hi Julius,
    The get-rich-quick claims sound very lucrative, but I’ve been working in the affiliate marketing industry for a while now, I know it’s misleading. As I further read your sharing about Browse and Bank, the done-for-you system, low-quality offers, and six upsells push me away from it. He created ten similar products in just one year, making him a scam artist. Affiliate marketing takes hard work, time, and patience to build an online business, and it’s NEVER like what Browse and Bank promise.


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