Breeze Funnels Review

Hey there and welcome to my Breeze Funnels Review. 

I decided to dive in and do some research for you today on this newest funnel builder that is proudly calling itself, being the Click Funnels competitor. 

I know that you are not so naive and trustable to every similar statement, so let us found out together if it is true or just a sale-hoping desperate call. 

It is my mission to bring you honest and unbiased reviews of digital products. Nowadays, there are plenty of SCAMS out there and you really deserve to receive the right information. 

I would like to mention, that I do not earn any commission from Breeze Funnels doing this review.

Name: Breeze Funnels 
: Venkata Ramana
Earning Potential
: 5/10
: $17-$450+
: 2.5/10

What are the Breeze Funnels? 

Breeze Funnels is a cloud-based Funnel Builder. 

They set up themselves some challenge stating, they are the newest competitor of Click Funnels. 

Let’s see if they have the balls right or they just shout loud…

For who is this program for? 

For people who are trying to 

  • Create Email Lists
  • Building SALES funnels

How to use the Breeze Funnels? 

The founder of Breeze Funnels, Venkata is encouraging you, that all  you need are 3 clicks.

Well, if it would be so easy, won’t everyone do it already? 

I am becoming slightly suspicious…I guess you already know what Sales or Purchase Funnel is.

Therefore you know, that you need to have a strategy on how to built the sales funnel. There is undoubtedly much more to do as just 3 clicks.

Breeze Funnels Review

What did I like about Breeze Funnels?

There are some features, I think worth mentioning. 

Money-Back Guarantee

Breeze Funnels doesn’t come with FREE TRIAL ( what I found pity), but it comes with a money-back guarantee and that is always pleasant to encounter. 

So my thumb up for this fact. 


Even though there are some sneaky and unexpected (or expected?) upgrades, if you count them together, their pricing is still better like Click Funnels for instance. 

FYI Click Funnels is starting at $97 and reaching $1997 a month. 

What did I not like about Breeze Funnels? 

I was amazed at how many false claims were present on the sales page of the Breeze Funnels.

Be aware, that those claims are really from the sales page and not from their product page. 

Anyway…if you can encounter these statements already being implemented within the sales page, that is the RED FLAG sign. 

False Claim #1 Coding Required 

The creator claims you need to do coding when using other Funnels Software. Well, that’s not true. 

If he would be honest, he wouldn’t write that. 

In fact. Click Funnels, who are leaders in funnel creating, have no coding required and I am pretty sure, that other “competitors” don’t require that as well. 

False Claim #2 Free Traffic

Either the creator is lying when he is saying that there is built-in FREE TRAFFIC within the app. 

I am some years in digital marketing and I did use or review hundreds of products…you can trust me one thing. 

There is not such a thing as built-in free traffic. 

The second option is that it will be not free, but paid traffic, using some ads. 

(If you see their up-sells, the chance that you would need to pay for traffic is high) 

False Claim #3 One Time Fee

You see, the sales page is informing you, that the initial $17 is the only one-time payment and no monthly fees. 

That is true. 

However, if you want to use the full potential of the product, you need to pay more than the initial fee. 


I didn’t write this as a false claim, because I couldn’t find line, where they literally falsely pointing this out…

But anyway, I mean when someone is loudly screaming that you can use the app just after a one-time payment, you wouldn’t expect to be sneakily charged for additional features…

I am not saying that all of the upgrades are essential(some are definitely not worth any investment). 

But still, the bitter taste after experiencing this non-transparency stays.


This is one of the most over valued hypes present online.

When you hear done-for-you, I almost hear you screaming like you won the jackpot, but I think it is sometimes quite opposite.

In that case literally.

Definitely from the point that you don’t own the domain, they created the templates for you. not mentioning that the templates created there would not convert sales unless you know where to put them.

My Final Thoughts about Breeze Funnels

The sales page of the product is really hyped and fancy.

The product itself less. 

You see, the app offers some decent content. The creator definitely knows the topic and I can guess he also possesses some piece of knowledge on how email marketing works. 

The information provided on the sales page is somewhat truthful just partly. With the present booming online marketing, I think you are not naive that every line of the text will be 100% true.  But being cautious is always great. 

As you could read, there are a couple of false claims, which are in my eyes acting as discouring factor number one. 

When I sign-up for some product or service, I just expect that the creator is giving me his honest advice. 

Therefore with this guy, you just don’t know what to expect. 

Is the product of great quality? 

Definitely NO! 

Are you risking when you are going to buy it? 

Probably NOT! 


Email Marketing is an important part of any successful online business. 

If you master it, you have the potential to earn whatever amount you can think of. 

The thing here is, you need to master it, or you need to have a great program, which is providing enough training and services and you can operate it at an advanced level. 

Anything below that is just a waste of time. 

Therefore I would not recommend using the Breeze Funnels software. As I just don’t see this being an awesome program. 

If you are a master at email marketing you would not want to use it either. 

How to Earn Money Online? 

I love waking up in the morning according to my preferences. 

I love earning money on passive mode( meaning I can be traveling, in the cinema, or just having a day on the bike and I can be still earning. 

This all is a reality for me, thanks to Affiliate Marketing. 

If you feel like this can be an option for you, leave me some comment or send me a message via my social channels and I will be more than happy to share with you further details. 


Your friend, 






  • Price
  • Money Back Guarantee


  • Up-sells
  • Free Traffic Missing
  • False Claim on Required Coding
  • Missing Training
  • DFY
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