Affiliate Millionaire Review

When in search for Affiliate Millionaire Review, you landed on the right post ?

Thomas Owen claims he earned $1,493,482.70 in 1 year time.

Could be this astonishing result copied? 

If yes, won't be there millionaires around every corner? You might ask.

But rather than guessing, I will show you the exact reasons why this opportunity is not for everyone.

Additionally, I will reveal what to do if you want to experience major online success.

If you are ready, shall we start?

Name: Affiliate Millionaire
Product Type:
 Affiliate Marketing
Founder: Andrew Fox & Thomas Owen
Price: $197
Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Recommended: YES

First off all, allow me introduce myself very briefly. 

I am Julius, the creator of this blog.

My passion is to create lifestyle, that I will enjoy and not want to take holiday from. 

I chose affiliate marketing as the way that will make this happen.

Since I already find the number one platform that "has it all", I want to show others how they can achieve their online success.

In addition, I reviewed +100 online programs, trainings, and platforms. 

So, you can trust me, I have seen them all...the good ones, the bad ones.

The money drainers, scams.

But also the legit ones. 

In case you want to find out where Affiliate Millionaire belongs, read my Affiliate Millionaire Review below.

If you'd have questions, comments or experience you'd like to share, you can do it below in the comments section.

Also, if you'd like the post, please do share the word.

Affiliate Millionaire Review Brief Description: 


2.Comprehensive Training


1.Facebook Paid Ads Method
2.Risk of Facebook Account Closure

In case you want to jump up straight away to my number one platform, you can do it below. Otherwise, read my Affiliate Millionaire Review. 

How does Affiliate Millionaire Work?

Firstly, you have to pick the product you want to sell.

Inside the Affiliate Millionaire, they call it "hot deal".

You will not hear the word niche so often, but just product. Because you will be taught about the Facebook Ads, you might use more products from several niches.

Secondly, you'd have to drive traffic to your website and particularly to the landing page with your affiliate offer. 

As already mentioned, the method to do that is via Facebook Paid Ads. So, it is wise to have extra budget ready for these ads.

Lastly, if everything done correctly, you will collect your well-expected commission.

(There is in between step, this stands for campaign creation. Read more about it in following paragraph.)

Affiliate Millionaire Review

Inside Affiliate Millionaire

There are 7 Modules teaching you Affiliate Marketing inside Affiliate Millionaire.

Unlike, many get-rich-quick schemes, the training inside Affiliate Millionaire is in-depth and comprehensive.

So, it is safe to say that you'd be getting enough value out of it.

Pre Warm-Up Mindset

Having the right mindset is as important as having the right tools/training.

So, if you are not ready to make the mental switch becoming online entrepreneur, you should think twice if this training is for you.

Otherwise, you would throw the money out of the window and you can rather spend them on night out with your best buddy...

On the other hand, if you are ready, it can be still wise to go through this module. Out of my own experience, even if you are motivated, prepared and ready to throw yourself into the biz, there are always obstacles.

It can be nice to be aware of them beforehand, rather than see them unexpectedly coming to your face as birthday cake.

Affiliate Millionaire Review


Additionally, important part of this part of the training is 40/20/20 rule where it'll be explained what is crucial in setting up successful ad campaign.

Module 1:Research-Picking Your Hot Deal

Among other topics, you'll discover what are the 10 best affiliate networks.

For those who are new, you should know that when you pick Affiliate Marketing as your online business, choosing the right affiliate network that has suitable commission structure is super important.

Because 3% commission what for instance Amazon Affiliate Program normally pays, is something completely different as 50-80% commissions you can expect when selling digital products via ClickBank for instance.

Additionally, you will see how to legally "steal" some successful ad campaigns from your competitors.

That method is similarly used in this program.

Module 2:Creating The Perfect Lander

Thomas Owen and his team will show you here the 3 types of "lander" that works the best.

You will be shown splash pages, quiz pages and blog style pages.

Below is an example of such a lander with pop-up window call-to-action.

Affiliate Millionaire Review

Module 3:"Funnel Tastic" + Power Tracking

How to create successful email follow up sentence and how to place your pixels within your campaign are the two most important parts to remember after completing this stage of the training.

Pixels are important for tracking your ad success. On the other hand, email follow up will make sure that you will keep in touch with your audience.

That way, you have option to sell to your customers some of your future products as well.

Note: By the way, in case you didn't know, it is 5 times cheaper and easier to sell something someone who bought from you in the past as to acquire new customer.

Module 4:Targeting + Campaign Set-Up

The name of this module speaks for itself.

Targeting your perfect buyer is almost an art.

So, it is super helpful that Inside Affiliate Millionaire there is enough space dedicated to this topic.

Additionally, setting up ad campaign is not the easiest task, especially for beginners.

Therefore, you would need some guidance. Thomas Owen is experienced expert, so you are good with his knowledge, tips and tricks inside of this part of the training. 

Module 5:The Perfect Ad Copy and Creatives

This module is potentially the game changer.

You see, programs like 12 Minute AffiliateFast Tracks, and Levels for instance use pre-made templates. 

Not only are those almost ineffective (because of multiple usage from other platform users), but as well you won't learn the skill.

In this case copywriting.

Trust me in this, if you will master copywriting you can go beyond incomes, you never thought were possible. It doesn't matter if you'd be freelance copywriter, or you use this skill for other business model, like your blog for instance. But the income opportunities are insane.

Module 6:Launching The Campaign

When you will launch your campaign? Should you set up daily or lifetime budget? And what is the optimal ad budget securing your campaigns being profitable while you aren't going to bankrupt?

Questions, you are interested in and the answers are inside of this module.

So, definitely not to skip!

It might look like less important module, but quite opposite is actually true here. Imagine, you have picked up the perfect product, created amazing landing page, but you launch your campaign in a wrong time. 

Maybe no big deal, but it could also cause you decent money loss and risk of being undiscovered. 

Module 7:Optimise And Scale

When you run your campaigns, soon enough you'll discover which ones are the successful ones and which less.

So, you want to leverage those super performers. 

Also, if there is successful campaign elsewhere on Facebook, you will be shown how to re-use it for your purpose.

In a nutshell, scaling is all about getting more out of the best performers and skipping the nonperforming ones.

Affiliate Millionaire Review

For Who is Affiliate Millionaire?

Aspiring, experienced as well as beginning affiliates can leverage from this business opportunity.

Although not required, as more experienced you are, the biggest chances for success you have. Experiences from copywriting, affiliate/email marketing and ad campaigns can be beneficial.

On the other hand, even if you are complete newbie, the training inside is super comprehensive. So it shouldn't be too difficult to start up.

What do I Like About Affiliate Millionaire?

Affordable Costs

That's right, $197 one time payment is still very affordable. 

In addition, when comparing to other programs with similar content, for instance Commission Hero, it comes with bargain price tag.

Furthermore, if you sign using my link, you will get a huge discount

Comprehensive Training

If you searched for online business opportunities, chances are, you already came across some training platforms.

In case you participate in some online education, you might have experienced this on your own. If you didn't, lucky you ?

The truth is that, majority of online courses have poor training. Therefore, it is nice refreshment that Affiliate Millionaire comes with training to the point, comprehensive and easy to follow.

Legit Opportunity

Thomas Owen earned a lot of money!

The great news is, that it is through legit way. Affiliate Marketing.

Of course, there are more ways of doing to affiliate marketing, and in my mind there exist better ways to drive traffic than Facebook ads, but it is still 100% legit opportunity.

Ordinary people are becoming financially free by selling other people's products. Why shouldn't you?

What I Don't Like About Affiliate Millionaire?

Paid Traffic Method (Facebook Ads)

I quoted it previously, but there are much better and more importantly cheaper ways, how to drive traffic to your website. 

My preference is writing for SEO, social marketing, or video marketing.

Even, if you want use ads, Google or Bing offer more sustainable opportunities than Facebook.

Not only because of its privacy issues that came out from the dark into the light during 2020, but as well because of their strict policies.

You see, whenever you would want to create Facebook ad promoting digital product, your ad will be declined.

Because of these inconsistencies, it might well ruin your budget without earning you $$$.

Risk of Facebook Account Closure

This one is connected to previous one. Because when you use Facebook ads, you always put your account at risk.

As the policies are changing often and are very strict in general, it requires another skill set to keep your accounts alive.

You might ask, why should I care, if I use just "dummy" account?

Well, people at Facebook are not stupid and I don't think they will allow you to create new accounts endlessly.

Even tough, Thomas has dedicated part of his training on this topic, as you can read from FAQ's on Affiliate Millionaire sales page, there is no guarantee your account won't be closed.

Do I recommend Affiliate Millionaire?

Although you have to be careful when you see bold statements like someone earned $1 million dollars in one year, it is safe to say that Affiliate Millionaire is not scam.

The method how you will drive traffic is quite risky and you really need to become expert in Facebook ads in order to make this happen.

But once you master it, you can earn significant income.

To sum up my Affiliate Millionaire review, the program offers legit business opportunity, and if you are prepared to spend some money on ads, you can try it out.

There is 30 days money back guarantee on the front end price, because it is sold on ClickBank. So, you will be eligible for refund, should you don't like it. 


How much money can I really make with Affiliate Millionaire?

From the screenshots on the sales page, you can see that the daily earnings can be more than interesting.

At the same time, you have to know that your incomes are based on your effort. So, as much time, energy and dedication you will put into it, as more money you will earn.

In fact, no business opportunity is different. Without hard work, dedication and energy, you won't make it happen.

Is Affiliate Millionaire Legit?

Yes, Affiliate Millionaire is legit business opportunity. It will help you learn to affiliate marketing and how you can sell other people's products.

There is even 30 days money back guarantee on the front end product.

What are the additional tools/costs?

There is no landing page builder or email auto responder included in AM.

So, you would definitely need to purchase those. Additionally, to track and optimise your ad campaigns you'd need tracking tool, which is also not included in AM membership.

To sum it up, apart from ads costs ($5-$30/a day) you'd need to count additionally up to $300/month on additional tools and software.

Is There Any Alternative to Affiliate Millionaire?

There are 2 ways how to start and then run your to affiliate marketing business.

One is using paid traffic, and therefore it requires extra budget.

Second option is based on FREE TRAFFIC. In general, this option has advantage because people will find you "naturally" and not only because of this, the chances that you'll experience long term success are higher.

It depends completely on you which way is more suitable and better fit for your current situation.

If you have extra budget to spend then, you can go further with

Affiliate Millionaire or

Commission Hero.

Both of these programs are from legit and successful business owners.

On the other hand, if you don't have big budget, you should definitely search for options that teach writing for SEO.

Recommendations for FREE AFFILIATE BUSINESS:

Affiliate Lab

Location Rebel

In addition to those programs, I will recommend you to check my number one recommendation.

I am member of the very same platform that have helped thousands of "ordinary" people create financial freedom and lifestyle, that won't be possible while in JOB.

At the time of this writing, the live community inside of the platform has +1.5 million people worldwide. Additionally, it provides FREE affiliate training, live classes, tools like keyword research tool, web hosting and domain marketplace.

You can see my comprehensive review, or sign in directly below.

About the Author

Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • Affiliate Millionaire certainly sounds like a great product for affiliate marketers, especially with so much in-depth information. I’m not sure if I believe Thomas made such a huge income though. However, if he’s an experienced Facebook marketer using paid ads then it’s possible. Personally, I wouldn’t risk getting my account banned. This happened to me over 10 years ago and never got it back. The 7 modules cover much of what you need, but if you’re on a tight budget you may find it hard to meet added monthly costs. Your recommendation is the real deal with no hype. It’s also affordable for those with limited budgets. Thanks for sharing ?

  • Hi Julius,

    Affiliate Millionaire suits experienced affiliate marketers better than newbies since it takes more to master Facebook ads, and you also need a budget to run Facebook ads. Not to mention that Facebook will terminate your account for no reason… I believe your recommended SEO and copywriting are better approaches. I like the 30-day refund policy, which gives interested people more confidence into trying this training program.


    • Hi Matt. Your points are the reasons why Affiliate Millionaire is not the best choice for someone on a tight budget. On the other hand, people who want quick result and have money to spend, can try it out. As the owner has results. But, indeed with the risk of their account being banned. The SEO technique is preferred method taught at Wealthy Affiliate and Affiliate Lab. Both great programs suited for people who don’t have/want spend so much money on ads.

  • Hi Julius,
    Thanks for the information as this will help someone to make an informed decision. True, these days there so many scammers such that if you are not guided one might end up crying. Also this review is good because it gives some kind of insight of what Affiliate marketing business is all about and I find it to be well balanced because you have touched on both advantages and disadvantages of Affiliate Millionaire, which is good.


    • Thanks Maybin for stopping by and your comment. Indeed, it might be hard to recognise which product is SCAM and which not. Luckily, Affiliate Millionaire is not a scam and it can be solution for you if you have budget to invest and you’d be comfortable learning how to drive traffic to your website using Facebook ads. On the other hand, if you have no big budget and you’d still like to experience an enormous success with Affiliate Marketing, then Wealthy Affiliate might be the right solution for you. Cheers

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