travel on the budget

Travel on The Budget is something very popular nowadays, but not everyone can maximise the opportunity.

I think that I have made some (unforgettable) TRIPS thanks to my ability to book majority of the trip inventory at a bargain.

I will share with you these TIPS that among others helped me to stay 3 weeks on Canary Islands during the Last Christmas and New Year's Eve.

If you want to know how to save money on the stuff that can be saved, but still want to enjoy the great food, comfortable sleeping and convenient traveling, you will love this post.

Shall we start?

Why Travel on The Budget?

You see, I think that travel on the budget is much better than 5 star hotels, business class and Michelin restaurants.

I mean, of course it is nice to have LUXURIOUS AND QUALITY stuff during the time off.

But, honestly would you rather prefer to stay 20 days in your dreamed destination, or 10 days? 

I am talking about the same experience. Hence, the same quality of accommodation, travel mean, food and activities.

If you can spend 20 days off from your job, you'd definitely go for the longer trip. So, if nothing more, travel on the budget is better because YOU CAN STAY LONGER IN YOUR DREAMED DESTINATION.

Do You Want to Travel on The Budget?

First of all, forget hostels, couch surfing or carpooling. You don't have to share your underwear to get LIFE CHANGING TRIP. 

travel on the budget


I would hate to travel with the feeling that I am just surviving and sacrificing. Because, that's not what traveling should be about. 

I hope you agree on this with me, that traveling should be bringing you mostly positive feelings, memories and friendships. In other words: the BEST TRAVEL SPIRIT ?

I mean, if you are in your 20's you don't mind plenty of stuff (like sleeping with friend of same sex in the same bed, or having cereals for breakfast one month long).

But if you are older, you try to avoid such things.

Even if you are over 30, rather than to be spending $2 500, I'll show you how to spend $1 500 on the same type of TRIP. Just with applying some specific strategies you could safe $1 000.

What you will do with the $1 000 that I will help you save is up to you. 

But you can also invest them in the Bitcoin with average 10% profit or you can pay 2 years membership on platform, that will teach you how to start your online business, so you can travel more often.

So, are you ready to discover the TIPS that can change your perspective on traveling? I have to warn you, that after reading these, you might want to quit your job and start travel straight away!

I will show you those TIPS anyway.

1=> Do Your Bookings in Advance

I know that this advice is quite obvious, but still some people don't leverage on it properly.

What is the right time to book your trip?

I would say anything between 6-8 weeks.

Anything shorter, you are risking unnecessarily increased costs.

This is valid for flight tickets, accommodation and car rental during high demands seasons (like Christmas in Canaries and Caribbean or Summer Holiday in any Southern Country). Local activities could be obviously booked later on.

If you are flying to Asia, Mediterranean or Europe, there is amazing tool that will save you ton of money. It's website called 

You can search with multiple departing and arriving airports. Furthermore, you can choose between the dates you are going to fly and you'll get the best suiting results. 

This is especially useful, when you are more flexible in your departure and length of your stay. But you can definitely leverage on to, also when you have fixed travel dates. 

Trick is to check the prices at this site, but make the final booking directly on the airline site, so you won't pay 3rd party commission.

travel on the budget

Secret tip: Book your trip with FREE CANCELATION option, and 2 WEEKS prior your departure, do last round check for eventually last minute discounts.

There are several reasons, you might find cheaper place or more luxurious place for the price you booked your initial place.

One of them is that people like you and me have just changed their plans and therefore place that wasn't available when you were trying to book it at first wasn't available. 

Secondly, airlines, hotels and apartments want to make profit. So that way, they might even accept lower profit as they wished, but still profit. In other words, it is better for them to sell it cheaper, like don't sell at all. I hope that make sense to you. They don't want to leave money on the table. 

travel on the budget

⬆️ Best way to save money on accommodation is to sleep in the Tent. But this is not always possible. We were lucky enough to do it on Texel Island ??

2=> Don't Take What You Don't Need

I almost hear you saying: "Ow, yeah. I know. Tell me something new..."

But then again. You just will take the newest jumper (although you'd never use it there). Or the newest shoes, jeans, jacket, etc.

If you are like me you could be taking extra luggage for your books. 

How many times you found out (only after your trip) that you had taken something you DIDN'T EVEN USE AT ONCE?

I constantly. So, this is definitely an improve point also for me. 

The advantages of such a "light packing" are inevitable.

Firstly, you will be traveling much lighter.

That is a huge benefit when you don't stay just in one accommodation in your desired destination.

Secondly, you are able to save money by purchasing just hold on luggage. With some airlines having the prices on $80+ per return flight, it can allow you stay two-three days longer at your trip location.

Isn't that awesome? 

That with taking less, you save more and you can even extend your trip? Additionally, it is just less maintenance when you have less stuff with you.  

Secret Tip: You can always buy things you would need in your destination. Assuming you don't travel to Somalia, you will be able to get almost everything you could buy at home as well.

3=> Your Own Food

I love great food. Who doesn't right?

Eating at local restaurant, trying the local wines and enjoying the local stories.

But you don't have to have it on every day basis, right?

Firstly, you might get bored if you will listen the same story over and over again the owner is telling his guests.

Secondly, more importantly for you, it will save you money.

If you head for day trip to the secret beach, or mountain hiking is on your program, take with you food you prepared beforehand.

This way I ate traditional Christmas dish while on the plane to Paris where I was spending the Christmas with my girlfriend's family.   

travel on the budget

Secret Tip: Why preparing food self is a must? Think about the delicious cheeses, wines, or sausages you will be tasting if buying in the local supermarket and preparing by yourself. In addition,  the prices are super affordable in many countries, what makes it easier to take some great food souvenir with you back home, so your pals can also have a taste of the Italian Gorgonzola. 

4=> Travel on The budget Once at Your Destination

I don't see reason why we should use extensive travel means once at our dreamed destination.

Of course, if you have to make big distances, then you have to book some extra travel. But, you can also safe hugely, when you know what and why to book see the first paragraph.

I saw, some people are recommending to travel overnight. While this can safe on travel costs, you are definitely not going to be the most fresh on the following day. 

Additionally, by saving on one night hotel cost, you will lose one day, when you'll be half asleep. So, I am not entirely sure, if this is the best recommendation. 

Additionally, there is another wrong advice I also saw many people are suggesting, and I would avoid.

Using bus, boat or car rather than plane.

Except the fact, that such travel means could be more environment friendly than flying, I don't see much reasons to avoid flying.

You see, not only because I am an enormous fan of flying, but also because it became in many occasions cheaper, I prefer to fly whenever I can.

Example from my last trip on Canaries.

Tenerife==>Lanzarote by BOAT OVERNIGHT: traveling time 12 hours, price $150/person

Tenerife==>Lanzarote by PLANE DURING DAY: traveling time 3 hours, price $50/person

(For this great deal I used website. Really great way for an Island hoping within Canaries If you are resident, you can save even more. )

I arrived 12 am to Lanzarote and didn't have to be half sleeping, what would be the case would I travel in the boat 😉

Moreover, not sure if I could see Fuerteventura like this while on the boat. ⬇️

travel on the budget

Secret Tip: You will be surprised how many great locations would you find if you use bike as your main "vehicle" when at your dreamed destination. Additionally, using bike is helping you not to gain too many holidays kilos, if you know what I mean. ?

Below are pictures what kind of scenery I saw around Playa Flamingo while in Lanzarote. Earlier in 2021 I rented bike also while on Wadden Island Texel in the Netherlands. 

travel on the budget
travel on the budget

5=> Listen to the Locals

Even so, it is very advisable to do your research before you arrive. Not only researching the standard things like current weather, currency or religion. But you might also dig in bit deeper. 

That might prevent you from ending in some dangerous areas(wrong side of Sao Paulo) , or choosing bad timing to visit the place (monsoon period in Aruba).

But when you already all settled in your (temporary) new place, you want to have your eyes wide open and your ears vey alert ? 

Some of the best advises for travel on the budget I received, were from the locals.

Especially, if it is someone you created some sort of bonding experience. It does not have to be some beautiful girl from the local village necessarily.

What about the barman, restaurant owner or accommodation owner.

Oftentimes, those people were born in the location you are spending your time. So they definitely, would know where to save. Additionally, they want to be helpful.

In the present era of google reviews, they almost have no other option 😉

Good for US, hungry travellers.

Secret Tip: That can work in opposite way too. Friend of mine who is travel blogger, did get discount on accommodation while on trip in Maldives. The discount was 2 free nights. After the owner heard of her blog he decided to offer the very same discount to everyone referring to this blog. Win-win for everyone. 

6=> Negotiate When Possible

Additionally to listening to locals, you want to negotiate with locals.

You remember, I mentioned, you should try to bond with someone in order to get great advice? Well, with people you will not have this option to create such a bonding relationship (because it is seller at local market for instance) you want to negotiate as much as possible.

Especially places with less developed economy, but with quite tourists, it will be super useful.

Places like Zanzibar, Egypt, or Morocco just popped up quickly in my mind.

You see, sellers on such places are used to tourists. They also know that many tourists are from "western"world, so they should have more money.

Assuming that for western people represents $5 totally different value like for locals, it also makes sense, right?

Secret Tip: Don't let you feel uncomfortable. For marketers or street sellers is negotiation part of their business. Also, you shouldn't feel guilty that by asking lower price, you are taking food away from his children. Very often, they would just overprice because they know what's your origin. 

7=> Avoid Touristic Places

Last tip on how to travel on the budget is: avoid touristic places.

You ask, huh? I go to touristic destination and I should avoid touristic places? 

Unless, you are super young, being on the busy beach, inside of the busiest streets or surrounded by 200 other people while having your pasta, isn't something you dream about during your getaway, am I right?

Apart from more calm surroundings, you will also enjoy better views when you are in the areas outside of the "must sees". Additionally, if there are less tourists, the price would be mostly also lower. 

So, it's again win-win for you.

Recent experience: during the last trip and after landing at Tenerife South Airport, our first stop was Los Cristianos.

Not only the sea was dirtier, but also the crowds louder inside of the restaurant. I guess, here it comes indeed to the point, what you search in your holiday. But honestly, if I'd be staying in Los Cristianos instead of Los Gigantes, maybe I won't call it the best trip I ever had.

Besides fresher air, less crowds and more uniques spots, avoiding noise has additional advantage. Better Ideas. Especially, if you work "mentally", you'd appreciate that. If you are earning your money as copywriter or affiliate marketer for instances. 

Below such a "mind clearance" in Ameland (second Wadden Island visited in 2021) 

travel on the budget

Secret Tip: Wanna have unique experience with your special one next you or alone? What about picnic on secret beach? We've done it on on New Year's Eve last year and it was the best night ever. 

Travel on the Budget, But Not Cheap...

I do love travel. I try to travel as much as possible. Although it might get pricey in today's era, I discovered ways how to save and still enjoy great time. 

I wanted to share with you THESE TIPS, as I want to bring you closer to the great experience traveling offers. 

You see, for me travel on the budget means: trying to save money on necessary things.

I do love travel. I try to travel as much as possible. Although it might get pricey in today's era, I discovered ways how to save and still enjoy great time. 

I wanted to share with you THESE TIPS, as I want to bring you closer to the great experience traveling offers. 

You see, for me travel on the budget means: trying to save money on necessary things.

But at the same time, it doesn't mean that I will eat noodle soup every day and share bunk bed with 7 other strangers in the room.

travel on the budget

Picture above is from Park Plaza Waterloo London. Normally super expensive, but if you know THE RIGHT TIPS, you can enjoy it at bargain. As we did just before the first Covid wave hit Europe in February 2020.

I think, we can combine money-saving-holiday, but still enjoy some spectacular views, food and sleep.

If you agree on this with me, chances are high you enjoyed my post. 

I will be honoured to share my experience and tips with you on regular basis here on my blog or on my Instagram Account. 

This was my first blog posts on this topic. If you liked it, I'd happy to hear some of your comments and share a word!

Till next time


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  1. Awesome article! I love to travel around the world but often deter by the cost so I appreciate the tips given. I will look up and if any cheap hol for grabs. I like to travel as group with some family and friend up to 15 people and rest whole apartment or villa but find it expensive – do you have any tips on how to go a about finding good holiday apartments let or villas?

    Thank you

    1. Hey there, thanks for your comment. I would suggest you to search on . Recently booking is becoming the most convenient for booking of any size and basically in any place of the world.I think they also have done great job in terms of their customer service. Some time ago, I would describe it as pain the ass to deal with them, but recently they really improved. Hopefully, it’ll stay like this.

  2. Great tips Julius! My absolute favorite is tip 7 – avoid touristic places. I learned that lesson the hard way several years ago on a trip to Milan, Italy. It seemed like a good idea that we planned to see all the major tourist attractions. Right? No, Wrong! They were jam-packed and even the restaurants and patios were uncomfortable. Avoiding these places is a must for your peace of mind – or you just decide to go in the off season!

    1. I am sure, they were as well super expensive right? I had different experience from Milan, but it was in the night. The centre was actually quit, even more than expected, but again it was due to the fact, it was in the night. Milan is actually also quit dangerous after down. Didn’t you have the feeling? Luckily, I’ve been with 2 locals, so I felt safe. But I could really see what they meant with being it dangerous. Wouldn’t feel comfortable there, if being left alone.

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