Hi and welcome on my blog. Today, I am going to write about why is now the best time to start a home-based business.

Yes, you heard me right. Now is the best time!

And if you think I am insane, during the pandemic, lockdown, or outbreak situation in many countries discussing the options of starting a business, read further.

The question you have to ask yourself

Before even considering starting your own business you have to ask yourself one very important question.

Do I have it what it takes to be an entrepreneur, or self-employed? Or am I happy to work for someone else?

There is nothing wrong about working for someone else if you love your job. If you feel that you are contributing to the society, or to the community. You feel rewarded socially and financially and you are enjoying enough free time.

If this is the case, you might not wish to start your own business.

I know, that I didn’t find any place like this, and therefore for me it is not working. But that’s me, maybe you are different and that’s completely fine.

If you are self-driven, self-starter ( you don’t need others to motivate you), responsible, disciplined, then you share the common signs of person suitable to start an own business. Even, if you don’t possess it yet, no worries you can still acquire it later. It all depends on you.

So, the first question you should answer yourself is if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur ( or if you are willing to learn the needed skills) and the second question you can set it up to you( this applies mostly to unhappy employees), are your employer going to take care of your needs also during the crisis?

Crisis, like the present one, I.e.

Again, maybe you are lucky enough, and you do work already for such an employer, but from the stories of people around me, it isn’t always the case.

This story
is about a health-tech writer/photographer!!

But what can say come, travel agent, restaurant chef or hotel front desk agent? I am pretty sure there are more raw and though stories like this one.


Why now?

I would say, you might want to start a couple of reasons.

The number one is innovation.

The strange times would oftentimes require new, innovative solutions. Due to its unpredictability and that the situation is really new, there are big market gaps.

This is an innovative solution to the problem many food lovers experience during Corona lockdown in Amsterdam.

Due to its unpredictability and that the situation is really new, there are big market gaps. If you see some area where people struggle and you can come with the solution, you can start a profitable business. Not just during the pandemic, but as well, when it is going to be over.

What do you think about the owners of the place from above, would they have enough customers when the virus is gone? Hell, yes! Even more, like they used to have.

Reason number two is need.

Where is the place, most of the people should be right now? At home, right?

So when you are forced to stay home, what are you going to do? Sure, some would “chill” and watch Netflix, play PS games or read in better case.

But I know, there are also people who are going to educate themselves, or learn some new skills, language eventually.

So why, not to climb a level higher and start an online business?

Imagine the faces of your friends, when talking about what you were doing during the corona time, and you’ll tell them, that you learned Spanish, and you launched a home-based business!


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The last reason is freedom.

I admit, that this one is valid all the time, not just during a pandemic crisis. But if something so unusual and bizarre is happening, then you have more time to think about what is important and what less.


In my opinion, the job is always a short-term way of solving the problems, while business, home-based business, or business of any kind is a long-term solution.


I still can see myself, thinking if not accepting my raise to manager position during my last employment, is the right decision. Few months after my decision, the person who took this job offer is without a job!

I wouldn’t regret it anyway, but this situation is adding special effects and special meaning to the word of freedom. Because if you have financial freedom, you don’t have to be afraid, if another crisis, health, economic, global, or local will hit you.

And if you have time freedom, you there is no one to tell you to work, if you just don’t want at that moment -;)

And this freedom is much easier to be achieved with your business.

Areas which are going to profit from the crisis

And therefore being attractive to start a home-based business in.

1. Fitness/personal coach – There is a high demand for those services all year long, but with people not being to visit their favorite gym, (they were used to), this is an awesome opportunity.



2. Food cooking/delivery- Another amazing option, especially for those loving food and living in the urban area. Imagine the tired office workers( there are still some -;) after a day in the office, but their food corner is closed. Would they be happy with some fresh bites during lunch or hearty dinner?


3. Online Freelancing- You can do it for companies like Fiverr.com, or Upwork.com. Those are regularly offering gigs to those interested in earning some extra cash. Even though, in my opinion, those websites are purely for side hustlers and not for people who want to make more like they were in their day job.

4. Affiliate marketing- Is the best way to start your home-based business. You don’t need any product, any stock, and in many cases no, or very low budget to start.

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Areas I won’t start a business in

Obviously the highest one is

Traveling- if you love traveling and you wanted to start giving tips people on great and affordable trips, now is the right time to make your dream reality.

The same if you would be interested in freelancing for some existing travel agent as a social marketer, it will be not advisable.

Unless, you are the owner of an established and successful traveling blog, I wouldn’ consider traveling as an area.

This write is not easy for me, as I love traveling, but this is the reality right now!

Bitcoin- Although this can be disputable, I wouldn’t start in an area with such a questionable reputation in the pandemic times. What is also setting me back from idea to invest in Bitcoin in these times, is that I was called during the 3-month-long lockdown in the Netherlands 4!! times with offer to invest, and the guys were very annoying after my first refusal.

In my opinion, you don’t do this if your business serious, profitable and legit!

As the last, there is a category of non-home based business which is not ideal to put your endeavor right now. Those are I.e opening or franchising restaurant/bar, opening fitness center or hair salon, any cosmetic, dental or beauty services.


Bizarre times, but we will make it through

Thank you, that you made it until the end of this post. We are living in uncommon, peculiar, and not usual times. It is not easy for anyone.

As an employee, who was serving the company with loyalty services over the last 25 years, favorite and stable local business or starting entrepreneurs.

If you are creative, innovative and persistent enough, and if you can work hard on top of it, you will survive this

Whichever direction you will decide to go, I wish you just the best success and remember, that why we all people within the continents, we have to hold on and we have to go through it together. Together we are stronger.

P.S. If you would decide to start a home-based business, you can be personally mentored by me. I will be more than happy to help you with starting out your business. From the point of setting up your account, you will have direct access to the best training platform on how to create a sustainable home-based online business.

P.S.S: In case you found the information valuable and you enjoyed reading it, please leave a comment below and/or share it further, that others will also have a chance to receive some hints 😉 You can do it through buttons below.

Take care,

Your friend


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Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  1. Hi Julius, You make some interesting points about starting a home-based business. I do get the sense that many people rush into this without taking the necessary steps of examining first of all whether they have the application and determination and personality necessary. I have worked jobs in many different situations over the years. I have worked for large organizations, smaller and shall we say grittier companies and for four years I ran my own business and I was successful. I went back into an employed situation mainly for family and personal reasons. I do think that many people start on the home business front and drop out as I think they under-estimate the time and energy needed to be successful. Also, success comes in many forms and you have to define success for yourself first of all. Thank you for this thought-inspiring article. Best regards, Andy

    1. Hi Andy. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your experiences. I hope that you are happy right now in your present situation, because in the end, it is not so about if you’re business person or employee as far as you are happy, fulfilled and you are contributing to the society in a sufficient way. I totally agree that you have to define success to yourself, for everyone it can be different, hence the sentence before. People failing mostly because of the lack of persistence, that is so true in present times. That is good sign for those who stay and keep pushing, those will be in the successful. All the best with your journey. Visit more often if you like. Cheers.

  2. It’s so strange because I totally agree with you. Now is the best time to start a new business. In fact, in the past two months I have started 3 businesses! But they are all centered around me as a brand, so my real business is me. But also I noticed that so many people are flocking to online businesses and doing all their meetings on Zoom while staying home most of the time. There seems to be a big shift in how people are going about making money these days. Thanks for your blog post. I enjoyed it and agree!

    1. Thank you Joe, for your comment. That’s really great that you were able to start 3 business, during the time when others are struggling. Amazing job. Yes, businesses, and also many jobs went to shift from offline to online and therefore that way it will be still just growing. If you would like, you can share in which direction you started you businesses, so people will be too inspired. I wish you , all the best, and keep persuading the best! Cheers.

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