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Looking over from my window during rainy afternoon somewhere in the Netherlands, I am going to write you more about copywriting. 

As I was asked by my friend and business acquaintance for explanation what copywriter does, and what one can earn as copywriter I decided to write this What is copywriter salary blog post. 

Strange profession, that if you master well, can earn you income of a lifetime. 

In fact, it is not rare to find copywriter, earning 7 figure a year without degree in university. There is not traditional education in copywriting, that can be first thing that might spark interest in you. 

Meaning, no 3-5 years in school before you can actually keep connecting the magical words into your masterpiece.

But let’s take it step-by-step. 

Shall we?

What is copywriting?

For some it is still hard to define what copywriting is actually. 

I will use little help from Glenn Fisher, who in his book Art of Click, describes copywriting as simply 

Using language to persuade people (to take certain action). It’s about identifying ideas and expressing them in a way that will engage people to click on your ad, read your blog or buy your (or your clients’ product). 

I hope that explanation make sense to you. 

copywriter salary

( @By the way, if you are aspiring to become copywriter the Art of Click, is something you have purchase, you can do it here)

What does copywriter do?

As stated in previous paragrapf, the greatest amount of tasks each copywriter does is turning around: producing engaging, clear text for different advertising channel such as websites, print ads or catalogs. 

Additionally, they do lot of keyword research, search engine optimisation lately due to the digital era we are living in. Copy is not an exception.  

Copywriter needs to understand his audience. 

(Audience=Niche and their fears and hopes)

In fact, any skilled copywriter is expert in mastering human emotions. To be completely honest, it is not that hard, as we as humans are mostly lead by the two biggest one. 

Searching for pleasure and avoiding pain.   

I don’t wanted to deviate too far from our initial topic.

I just wanted to show you that to become skilled copywriter, except of outstanding knowledge of punctuation, vocabulary and tenses, you have to have a high EQ(emotional intelligence). 

On the other hand, if you are reading sale letters or watching ads on TV, try to think rationally for a while, and search for  that emotional trigger the creator behind it used it. 

Maybe it’ll be easier for you to not felling for that beautiful sofa next time -;) Rationally you know you don’t need it, but emotionally… 

Exercise for you: Can you guess for is the pain and the pleasure this old AMEX ad is displaying?

Type of a Copy

What you should know there is not copy as copy. 

However the medium through which the idea is delivered has changed a lot, the standard distinction is direct and indirect copy.

While it might be obvious to some, many find it hard to see the difference. 

Direct response copy is any piece of text that causes direct action/click in digital era. This guy explains it in simple, yet very clear way. 

Indirect copy is something less of direct action (yet still important ). 

Popular items someone creating indirect marketing campaign would focus on are brand identity, product placement and social influencing. In other words logos, celebrities or sponsorship. 

What is copywriter salary? 

The first thing you would ask if you are considering copywriting career. 

Am I right? 

You don’t have to answer, but it is clear to me that if not you, every other person would be interested, knowing how much he or she can earn. 

Is it worth of my time? Can I finally buy that dream house I wanted for so long? Could I finally go 4 times a year for holiday instead my one week summer off? 

All of that and much more could be possible is the good news. The bad news? 

It will take long time and majority will fail to make it. 

But firstly, let’s talk numbers.

80% of all copywriters earn $35k to $65k a year. Thats’s not bad. 

If we apply Pareto’s 80/20 principle, we can assume that the remaining 20% earn significantly more. 

That would make the career, most of people will call lucrative. 

Don’t you agree?

copywriter salary

But, there is something interesting and you can spot it on the picture above. (It shows average copywriters salary in the Netherlands, worldwide are the numbers almost the same).

To reach the maximum edge of the average salary range, you would have to be in the industry between 10-19 years. Now, that’s quit long time. 

On the other side as junior copywriter, so the lower edge of this chart, the money are $35k to $45, what you can easily with “average office” job. 

Where is this copywriter salary coming from? 

Working for a company, there is a chart you will fit according your experience. Example of such is in the lines before. 

On the other hand, if you are going to be freelancing copywriter, you have much more space to define your hourly rate. But then again, your earnings would still highly depend on years you are in the game, right? 

It would be ridiculous to expect get paid $250 as starting copywriter. Contrary to that, if you have some successful copies behind your belt, that number is not unusual. 

If you aspire to pursue career as freelancing copywriter, creating your own PORTFOLIO displaying your work is highly recommended. 

copywriter salary

(The guys from will help you to create such, even you haven’t have any paying clients yet.)
Secondly, there is much more interesting entry of your copywriter salary, so-called ROYALTY FEES. 

You heard that term probably. 

Maybe in connection with actors, song writers or similar. 

It’s basically money generated from the actual PRODUCT sale. As long as the product you wrote your copy about is “on air” and making sales, you will earn commission from it. 

Isn’t that great? 

It can be anything from 2-5%. The end number will depend once again on your skill, but still this can be a nice idea about, how this business can be lucrative. 

What about this guy, isn’t that hard to believe?

My final thoughts…

Copywriting is attractive, lucrative and LEGIT business. 

People who have great writing skills, are creative and know how to write to sell, could benefit from all the excellent advantages this wanted career offers. 

Think on working from comfort of your home, extended traveling and spending much more time with your beloved ones. 

Obviously, if you will be skilful enough you can be earning way more than most of the people from your previous job.

Remember those 7 figure guys from the beginning of the post, or the guy who bought his holiday/retirement home from royalty fees earned as a copywriter?  

But what if you suck at writing, either because English is not your mother tongue or simply because you don’t feel you have that talent for writing? 

It is good to know, that there are other opportunities to earn money online. 

Some of them include dropshipping, crypto investing, email marketing or affiliate marketing. 

In fact, my favourite one is the last option. You can read all the PROS and CONS about it here. 

I hope you have now better idea what is copywriter salary and if that something you’d like to learn and get skilled in.

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Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  1. Hi Julius,

    Thanks for showing us the average salary as a copywriter. I believe the best ones earn a lot in this industry since not everyone can create the words that persuade people to do or buy something. However, you can learn how to expertise your copywriting through tons of practices.

    In modern society, we move our business on the internet, so every business needs copywriters to create powerful words to make people trust & purchase their services. I think this trend will last for a long while from now on.

    If people like to pursue this as a career, I don’t see the harm in it. But, I prefer to leverage this skill on my personal website to make money through affiliate marketing, the same as you recommend in the last paragraph. So, thanks a lot for sharing all the valuable information here. I’ll take some time to read ‘Art of Click’ 🙂


    1. Hi Matt. Yes, businesses moving online offering copywriters another medium to perform their task. Let’s not forget that copywriters are on TV, radio and billboards as well. Anyway, the need of this job is huge and will just increase so,I am sure that anyone WITH INTEREST in advertising should check that out. Earnings are indeed another intriguing part of it.

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