self employment job ideas

Hi and Welcome to my blog post about the best Self Employment Job Ideas. 

If you land on this post, there are huge chances that you are interested in starting as Self Employed or you are searching for inspiration on how to expand your existing portfolio of work what you do. 

In both cases, you cannot be in a better place, because within my today’s post I am going to show you what I am doing as self-employed and what are some advantages of being self-employed. 

I  turned to be self-employed almost exactly 1 year ago, precisely on the18th May 2020 I received confirmation that all is set up to go -:) 

self employment job ideas

As you might know, there are different ways on how to proceed with your ”business” career. {Being self-employed is often related to having own business}

You can be 100% self-employment with one task, 100% self-employed with more tasks, or you can be partly self-employed and partly in the job (so-called hustlers). 

Which category are you in? To which category would you like to belong?

Clearly, everyone has their own perception of how to divide the tasks. 

While there is nothing wrong with being in any of the groups, mentioned earlier, I think you all want to have a significant portion of control and therefore being self-employed is something you want to be the biggest piece of the cake, am I right? 

So, let me show you first what I am doing as Self Employed. 

Search Engine Evaluator 

When I started on my first project as a Search Engine Evaluator, the number of tasks and the guidelines seem to be heavy. 

A lot of them being quite technical, that is not my favorite part, to be honest. 

But if you spend enough time learning it, you can find it as interesting portfolio filling. 

As a search engine evaluator, you can be performing several tasks. Some of them being sharing your opinion about:

  • Social media, Google and Bing Ads 
  • Websites 
  • Google Maps

The attributes you are going to be evaluating are mostly: 

  • Relevance of the search query 
  • Quality of the particular search result

Estimated earnings :

200-800 $ (10 hours/week) 


working from home, helping improving web search results and user experience


quite a technical job, supervisor approving your job 




self employment job ideas

Mystery Schopper 

Differing from the times 10 years ago or so, when Mystery Shoppers would get some gift cards as a reward for their effort (even though there are companies who will still offer you this ridiculously low revenue).

In the present days, you can earn nice money as an (online or offline) Mystery Shopper.

The tasks you will be performing can vary. Indeed the majority will consist of taking pictures in the shops or performing a particular action. 
{I had once an assignments that I was pretending to have an interest to sign phone contract}

Estimated earnings:
300-800$ (10-15 hours)

working whenever you want, relatively easy tasks

most of the tasks available irregularly, raters approving your work, not available in every country 




self employment job ideas


This function is relatively new in my portfolio, but on some occasions, it can be quite profitable. 

{I had assignments just last week, where I was able to earn 30$ for half an hour of work}

The tasks are mostly building promotional material for a particular shop or helping with optimizing the shop shelf.

Unlike search engine evaluator or mystery shopper, as a merchandiser, you would need to possess quite strong communication skills and you would have to be quite flexible, as you will be getting assignments at several locations. 

So if you will like to have some ”extrovert” type of job in your portfolio, being a merchandiser can be a great option. 

You can choose if you want to work as self-employed or as an employee in most of the cases. 

Estimated earnings: 

100-300 $ (1-5 hours/week)

a big portion of freedom, relatively high reward

irregular projects, quite a lot to commute (also in bigger cities) 




self employment job ideas

Affiliate Marketer

This is my activity I am bringing the most hope and the activity that will bring me the most revenue(hopefully). 

I am talking WILL because it is definitely not yet where I am hoping it will be. (That is also the reason why I am still in the hustling group if you remember still the beginning of my post -:)

On the other hand, I am making huge progress to my desired result. 

Affiliate Marketing is the type of business that almost anyone can start and type that is having low requirements on budget. 

Reasons I love it:


Estimated earnings :

0-10 000$ (10-20 hours/ week) 

PROS (except the already mentioned) 
working from home, freedom of choice which products to promote, huge earning potential, being completely ”own boss”

prepared to be working for ”free” (3-12 months), quite competitive 


Wealthy Affiliate 

{There are other Affiliate Networks, but after reviewing plenty of them, I haven’t found any offering such a value as Wealthy Affilaite}

My Passion 

Besides the four activities, I am still active doing my biggest passion. 

{If you read my story, you already know which one it is.}

Unfortunately, (or fortunately, otherwise I won’t find my other big passion, affiliate marketing and helping others create their desired lifestyle through it -:) sometimes the career paths are not going entirely the way we dreamed about. 

So, without further ado, my passion number one was or still is SOCCER.

I still do play [on a lower level] and I do mentor others as a soccer coach. 

I think there is nothing better, like earning money with your passion. 

Soccer, in particular, is not for everyone, but it is offering you (besides nice earning possibilities) great social connections. 

In fact, some of my best friendships (time proven) were guys from soccer. 

Not only I am talking about guys from the country I do live in now( Netherlands), but also I still have hours-long calls with my soccer buddies I know from 20 years ago. (And we are living in different countries for the last 10 years). 

That’s the power of soccer. 

Estimated earnings:

300-1000 $  (10-20 hours/week) 

do things, you love

I don’t see any 



self employment job ideas

What are your self employment job ideas? 

I tried to cover how my self-employed portfolio looks like on my 1 year self-employment anniversary!

I hope you like the ideas and you were inspired by them. 

Please be aware, that I used the estimated earnings based on my experiences. 

Obviously, your situation can differ. 

Therefore, I would love to ask as many of you to share with us, your experience or TIPS on self-employment job ideas. 

Also, if you found this post valuable, please do share it, so more people will have access to it. 

Thanks and happy self-employment 🙂


About the Author

Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • we enjoyed your choices of self-employment ideas and with the mystery shopper, we have tried to sign up for this and did not get to use it. We tried so many of these choices and may even be signed up for them still and don’t use them. Either because I do not know how to use it or I made no money with, Wealth Affiliate being a Affiliate Marketer it takes patience.
    This article did help us with making more of an informed decision to see what else is out there for self-employed jobs.


    • Hey guys, thanks for your reply. The issue with SmartSpotter or Roamler is that they are not available in every country (Mostly in the Europe with exception of Colombia, don’t know why). Those two platforms are in my eyes the only one worth time. I have regular revenue of like 18$/hour. As support for my main activity it is ok, I think. I am busy with it for some 8-10 hours. In general, I agree with you that mystery shopping is not financially interesting. Indeed, affiliate marketing takes some patience but can be rewarding in long term.

  • I chose the affiliate marketing route years ago, and I can comfortably say it’s one of the best choices I’ve made so far. It takes a while to get things going, but it becomes one of the best self-employment routes you can take once it does.

    I love your other ideas as well, but this is what I’m most familiar with. Anyhow, lovely post. I’m sure many will benefit from it.

    • Hey there, thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment. Yes, Affiliate Marketing is definitely something many will find attractive, as it is requiring a really low budget to start. But indeed, it asks for TIME, COMMITMENT and as you said PATIENCE. Once, it starts rolling, it can be the only stream of income leveraging thousands of $ month in and out. Thank you for your positive words. I hope to help as many people as possible. Cheers

  • Hi Julius,

    It must take you a lot of courage to be a self-employer since not many people do that, and you are like a pioneer. I was part of Appen in 2019 when I was looking for a part-time job that I can do online for extra money, but they cut the project because of the low demands in my region. It’s good to see that you still have the opportunity to be a search engine evaluator in your region. 🙂

    Doing things you have passions in and doing other jobs to support it, WOW…I wish I could have half of your courage, and then everything in my life might seem brighter!

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Hi Matt. Thank you for such nice words. It took courage that’s right, but I wanted to do this already some time ago(even though I didn’t know for sure which direction to choose). I was close to a franchise restaurant and then a fitness center ( happy I didn’t go for any of those ideas, to be honest 🙂
      As I wanted to do something location-free and I found it in Affiliate Marketing. The timing couldn’t be better, as the decision to leave my last official job was on the 1st March 2020 and 15th the Covid outbreak came causing my colleagues to lose the job one-by-one.

      If I would give you advice (if you want to become your own boss) I would borrow the words of Steve Jobs:

      ”follow your heart and you will somehow know what to do”

      Let me know if I could help you with something more. Cheers

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