Still, more and more people are looking for alternative ways how to earn an extra income or how to change the way how to earn money in general. Instead of working hard for someone else in a daily job, more people want to work hard for themselves.

One of the ways how to be rewarded is to create a passive online income.

I think in the present era, where economies are going to experience a huge hit, the number of people searching for incomes independent of governments, will be increasing dramatically

If the idea of having enough money to pay for the travels, or for the bigger house, or education for your kids and to have more time in the same moment is something you dream about read further.

Being passive doesn’t necessarily mean being lazy

In standard vocabulary, if someone mentions the word passive, normally we are considering it as a “bad” word. Whatever you want to achieve, being passive is not the right strategy to get it.

If you, want to have a beautiful girlfriend, high incomes, or perfect body, you won’t’ get it by doing nothing, right? So why to have a passive online income is something you want to have?

Mostly because being paid while doing “nothing” is the DREAM of many people. However, to achieve that, it is not an easy task. You might hear about some “get-rich-quick schemes”. I can assure you, that they are plenty out of there.

There are as well some legit ways, how you can start to earn a passive online income, like the one below

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In my post, I am going to show you what are some benefits of creating your passive income and as well why people in your employment won’t show it to you.


You can build a side hustle next to your full-time job

My last hotel manager, well I hope it would be my last manager forever, was NOT HAPPY of me doing two jobs. To make it clear, I was working full time in the hotel in the office and next to it I was doing a soccer coaching job, which in terms of hours we can call it a part-time job. I was highly professional at both places.

And it was not time overlapping.

Unfortunately, there are people who won’t support highly motivated individuals. Instead of that, you have to create everything on your own terms. And that’s why my suggestion would be, don’t tell it NO ONE at your current job, if you plan to start your side hustle.

Most likely you won’t get understanding from HR or management, what will lead, in the better case, to the bad working relationships.

Building a side hustle next to your daily job is something that no HR will tell you to do also for other reasons. You know what? They need someone who will be available to make those extra hours, or not?

You can replace your full-time income

Once you collect enough courage to start, and you will be leveraging some online income already, you will hear plenty of NO-sayers. They will be among your friends, family, and definitely that’s something you will hear from people at your job.

While you are going to hear why it can not be done, I have to tell you, you would need some balls to stay on track and not to take their advice seriously. It will be a hell of work sometimes. But if you are going stand it, you will win in the end.

What I can tell you are two things. 1, You will hear NO-sayers always if you will try something new. Especially if the new is something that many dreams about, but are self afraid to take action. Or they tried it and failed. Don’t let those voices to discourage you!! instead of that prove it to them, prove it yourself that it can be achieved.

2, If you, would like to be regularly earning full time passive online income it is POSSIBLE. If you are able to be dedicated and work hard, you can do it as well. There are plenty of options available nowadays. Many times, you won’t need starting capital, or special skills. All that you need is your will.

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J.O.B.-Just over broke

Imagine HR mentioning this sentence to you while being on a job interview. Inappropriate, right? And you are definitely not going to take the position. While I totally understand that there are people who are earning a decent salary and there might be people who as well love their job. If you are one of those. Lucky you and stay in your job.

What I also know is that the MAJORITY is not happy and is not earning what they wish. And they are not seeing potential raise coming up.

In any job I was in (during my 5 years working history), I was excited about the salary I was promised to be getting at the beginning, and I was wondering by the end how much is left. Now, I don’t think I don’t know how to handle the money, I am well aware of the “safe before spend” rule.

The problem is the outcomes they are showing once you get hired. Most of the time that would be costs of the transportation, or working outfit, or the “employee gatherings” or the drinks you have to have in order to get the stress relief after your work is done.

Of course, all here is very individual. And you might be lucky and be a refund for all of those, but if the outcomes won’t show up here they will somewhere else.

Your choice

Whatever state you are in right now, you have to admit that the world became more digital. (Just in the U.S. the number of people working online is around 10 million!!)

I started to work on my online business because I was tired of working for someone else. I couldn’t stand the fact that there is someone who will make decisions about how I am going to spend my free time. (How many times you heard that you can not take a holiday during New Years Eve?)

I also don’t want to rely on completely on one income, especially on income from some “strange company”. Yes, every company you work for is in the end strange to you, why?

What would happen if the company experiences significant losses? They are going to release people, they are going to fire you, being said less sophisticated. Is that would YOUR COMPANY should do?

In the end, I know we all are different. We all want something else in life. The same is valid for earning money. I know there are people who are just happy how things are and they don’t want to change anything. They just want to get up, get to someplace, provide the work and get paid. Now, that’s OK. If you are HAPPY.

But I know there are plenty of people who are unhappy with their present situation and they want to earn more. They want to be earning depending on THEIR OWN PERFORMANCE and not on depending on the tables. If you, want to have financial and time freedom, if you want to have more impact, don’t search anymore

If you, are not sure if you want to rely just on your online income it is fine, create a side hustle, just do something start somewhere. If not, you will be waiting for your salary every month, and you will be wondering by the end of the month how much is less.

I know you might be afraid at the beginning. You don’t know how or where to start? You are not sure if it is going to be working. That is alright. You can have some concerns. Just don’t stay paralyzed. And search for new ways.

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I hope I could provide you some quality, valuable and helpful information over here. If you, have any questions, or comments, please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out!

About the Author

Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • Hey,

    This is a really important and interesting article. I know a few people who believe that earning a passive income is lazy and is a scam, when actually it isn’t one bit. It is a very ethical way to make money, as long as you do everything in an ethical way. To start off as a side hustle while you are still in a job is definitely the way to do it. I am still working on it, but I will be there very soon.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    • Hi Tom. Thank you for your meaningful comment. It is still new way of earning, that’s why many people still don’t believe in it. It is natural for human race to trust traditional ways, and what is new, is less popular. That’s ok. We have to keep up our work and hope to deliver great results. You are completely right, that the only way to achieve the online/passive income success is by doing it in an ethical way. Indeed, there are many scammers, persons who are trying to rip off people. On my website, I do share as well as numerous reviews, and will add much more in order to help people prevent from signing for those scammers. All the best to you Tom as well..

  • That’s a very informative guide, I’ve found it motivational as I’m just starting out with my site, it’s currently 1 month old, with hopes to become the ultimate full-time income source!

    What do you think is the general timeline as to when someone starts seeing some financial success, specifically when talking about affiliate marketing?

    • Hi Julius. I am happy, I could provide you some insights. To answer your question, it really depends on many factors. Especially on your chosen niche, the amount of the time you are able to invest and the intensity/quality you are generating. As well as financial success is defined for everyone differently. What can be enough for me, is not enough for you for instance, and vice versa. But generally speaking with number of 60 posts on your website, you can expect to have some earning potential. I hope this could help you a bit. If you have further questions, please leave them here. Otherwise, you can follow my channel on social media, using the buttons below, there I am regularly available too. Cheers.

  • What a pity HR managers will not like people who do other things as well. When I was still an employer I encouraged my staff to do things that were not or hardly work-related. It did so much good for the work in the end after all. But maybe that was because I was in the creative branch and for creativity to thrive you need to be able to color outside the lines.
    Great article, Julius.

    • Hi Hannie and thank you for sharing your experience. You were indeed either great HR, or it was because of the creative branch -;)Or maybe both -;) ?!
      Unfortunately, my experience was different and I know it is not nice. I think about the things in the same way as you. But in the end, if this HR wouldn’t “motivate” me in that way, I would maybe never started to work on my own. So therefore I am grateful for that. All the best to you.

  • Such a great article. As someone who has made passive income a significant part of my earnings I can attest to the importance of this post. It is true that some people may think of passive income as a scam, but I would say those are under-informed individuals as most great organizations are online providing passive income opportunities in the form of investments, digital and affiliate marketing, crowd funding, dropshipping and so many more options. I love how you share your own experience and as you say, some people are not meant for this but for those who are, this post is a valuable resource. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you Chris for your comment. It is great to hear from you as being a proof, that the online and passive income are really possible. If you would like you can also share some of your experiences, where and how did you start, as you say the area of this “new digital era” is such a bright and people can get more inspiration. Happy you liked it, and all the best to you!!

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