copywriting job description

Are you physically disabled?

You might have troubles to find a job that fits you.

In my Copywriting Job Description- 3 New Ways to Earn Millions post, I’ll talk about the best profession for people aspiring to earn from their home.

The best part?

It ain’t too hard to learn.

Ready to dive into the multi-million industry, that is here decades and is super young in the same time?

Let me be your guide.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is highly valuable skill.

Once mastered it can take care of all of your expenses. In addition, it can make you millionaire.

But what actually Copywriting means? While there are many definitions, I like the one from Glenn Fisher, who describes it simply as: language used, to persuade people to do certain action.

While that might sound a bit aggressive for some, the language used for that purpose is the matter that can make you rich.

To put this in another perspective, copywriters are producing their mastery for decades. In fact, it is something that makes business thriving and successful.

In case, you are passionate about language, writing and marketing, this profession, could be right for you.

When David Ogilvy, the grand father of copy for advertising, started, there was no internet, nor SEO.

Therefore there are more options, but also more choices to be made.

Which way would you go?

Read further and I explain what each of them contains.

copywriting job description

What is Copywriting Job Description?

In general this differs per job.

That also depends if you are going to work for small business, big corporation or for your own business.

Some very general copywriting job description looks like this.

Then again, you really need to look for specificity of the task.

As copywriter you could be responsible for several tasks. Ranging from creating email marketing campaign to sales copy. However if you become an expert in specific copywriting, you could market yourself much higher on job market.

Read below which (main) types of Copywriting you might come across.

Types of Copywriting

In general, I would divide copywriting in 3 biggest (and most present) areas.

According to your knowledge or interest, you could choose which one is the best for you.

Please, be aware that I am not going to discuss if the employment, freelancing or in-house options in detail. This differentiation is based on form.

Also this post is not about tips on improving copywriting. If you are searching for tips how to improve your copy you can find it in my earlier post.

SEO Copywriting

Firstly, let’s talk about the newest one. SEO Copywriting is young compare to direct response copywriting for instance, and if you are blogger, it will be closest to you.


Because most of the bloggers came across to SEO. Some are making huge revenue, solely on free traffic and their content being SEO optimized.

Good news for you is, that in case you belong to this group, you could make extra (oftentimes huge) income as: SEO copywriter.

As previously mentioned this field is quite young and therefore there are not many people who are experts.

There is just one SEO copywritng course !!!

While I could write entire post about it, per definition SEO copywriting is :

SEO copywriting is the practice of producing keyword-optimized content that’s designed to appeal to human users and search engine algorithms.

In other words:

SEO copywriting is writing content that Google can understand. And, at the same time, that content needs to be the type of content that people want to read, link to and share.

Give it a real life example, SEO Copywriting is writing an online content, ad copy or social media posts in such a way that will make people “stuck” to the screen. In best case scenario, they will commit action.

Technical Copywriting

When I was younger I hated TECHNICAL WRITING. Back then I really haven’t had idea I will once write content about it -;)

Even though, in reality it is less technical as: it sounds.

copywriting job description

Here belongs any type of copy that goes in-depth. Think on :

  • e-books
  • white papers
  • in-depth blog posts/how to

While in many cases technical copywriting is connected with other content activity, there are some copywriters concentrating purely on technical copywriting.

Selling e-books can be for instance very lucrative if you find narrow niche and use the right tools.

(Important to mention is, that even if you decide make your income purely on writing and selling e-books, you still would need extra skills in email marketing for instance)

Direct Response Copywriting

The oldest one as: last one.

Direct response copywriting is basically any type of copy, that prompts your audience to make action directly.

Previously we talked mostly about internet and online world. With direct response copywriting the usage is much brighter.

Do you remember some old coca-cola commercials in TV?

Many of them were indirect. Their purpose was to make awareness of the brand. How does their logo or bottle look like.

On the other hand, you had commercial with intention to make a purchase straight away.

As a great example I think about the TV shopping type of promotions displayed late in the night.

As you might sense, DRC uses multiple devices.

copywriting job description

Internet, TV, newspapers or magazines, they all use direct response copywriting.

Did the Copywriting Job Description hooked you?

If you master this “crazy”skill, you can really become millionaire. You can be even physically disabled. Great thing is, that in many cases you don’t even need a degree.

Considering the lack of advertising (copywriting) schools, the best way to learn copywriting is from books or courses.

(In case you prefer books, this one is insanely good for starters)

When you are searching for Copywriting job description oftentimes, you will find some discouraging ads, where (small) business owners want next to your cw skills bunch of other stuff, like following:

  • web design
  • social marketing campaigns
  • creating content(visual or written)
  • responding to comments and interact directly with customers

Fair to say is that small businesses really look for “multi-skilled” individuals rather than experts.

On the other hand it should be said that as: copywriter, you really don’t and shouldn’t be asked to cover multiple roles. If you are irritated by these ads, you have two choices:

a) become an expert at one of the copywriting sub-niches (examples are above) and then market yourself to some big companies (the earnings here can be anything from 30k to 65k at junior level)


b) start your own business where you will be (most likely) covering multiple roles as: well, but just at the beginning. Because if you will drive your business effectively, you will not need to actually “create a content”

I hope I gave you more insight into Copywriting Job Description and into the types of Copywriting that are out there. If you have any questions, or concerns leave them below and I will be more than happy to answer them.


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  1. Hi, great review! I have my own blog and writing is my passion. But I never tried to do copywriting and get paid for it. That is a good idea. Tell me if you know approximately how much the prices for this type of job are and where it is even better to apply because a copywriting job ads are mostly just a scam.
    Thanks for the reply and keep up an amazing work!

    1. Normally, the salaries for copywriter can range from 30-60k per year. There is also flexible part of the salary, which consists of royalties. Even though, it depends on your experience and your previous work. The best way I would search for job is not to search for job, but search for companies they can use your services. That’s the strategy, this super experienced copywriter teaches her students and I think it make sense. Because the standard job pages have a lot of people searching for job, therefore you will meet HIGHER COMPETITION and LOWER PAY RATE. Hopefully this could help.

  2. Hello Julius,

    I have to admit, copywriting is new to me. I also have my own hobby website and using Constant Contact to build my email listing and for the purpose of marketing and brand awareness. Does that make me a copywriter?

    So anything you write for the purpose of other people to take action, SEO optimize my posts, more in depth how tos, will make me a copywriter too? I am just a one man show in my website for now. Does a copywriter different from a proofreader?

    1. Hi Lemuel. You are indeed right. When you want that your readers take particular action, you can improve the number of people taking this action by applying the copywriting tips I shared in my present post or in this post dedicated for bloggers. Proofreader is the guy who ensures that everything is grammatically correct. Copywriter is someone who “creates” and is therefore more creative than technical proofreader. It is not always easy to be one and only guy for everything. When your blog will grow I’d recommend you will outsource the tasks, you like least.

  3. Hi Julius,

    Copywriting sounds fun for me, and thanks for showing us resources if we like to expertise it. I think I am an SEO copywriting kind of guy. Doing good keyword research and implementing good SEO on my articles help me drive traffic to my humble website. If they like my sharing, I can turn them into my future customers, which brings an online income. So, I can see a huge potential in copywriting business, and I am sure everyone could do it after trying your recommendations.


    1. Hi Matt. Happy for you, that you are applying some of the (SEO) Copywriting strategies. Definitely, this is the way to get your content be read. You can also share some of your tips what works for you, if you have some specific that could help our readers. Otherwise, good luck with your humble website.

  4. Hi Julius,

    Copywriting has been in a greater trend nowadays as it is easy money working from home. This article is so well explained that even a newbie who want to start fresh and doesn’t know much about copywriting will find this really helpful.

    This article is worth sharing. I am definitely going to share this with my family and friends who wants to start their new source of income and am sure that this will help them a lot as it helped me.


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