The 3 Steps Method Review

In case, you are searching for The 3 Step Method Review, you will love my post.

I am going to show you how does it work, what you'll get inside and also, if I do recommend it.

To be completely honest with you, there are many people who don't spend enough time doing their research before purchasing something seemingly good.

So, therefore, I want to congratulate you on taking your time and doing the actual research.

It is better to be SAFE than SORRY!

Especially, when it comes to online world, where the scammers are more often to be seen as legit program creators.

So, shall we start?

Founder: unknown
Product Type:
Affiliate Marketing 
Price: $9 +upsells $250
Overall Rating: 0.5/10
Recommended: NO!!
Trust Pilot Rating: NA

First of all, you might be asking who am I.

So, I am Julius and I was working online for +3 years already.

During that time, I reviewed almost 200 programs, software and courses. So, it is safe to say, I can do distinction between LEGIT program and SCAM. If you want to see my full story, you can read it here.

You see, my mission is to help people create an online passive income. I believe, that everyone should have right, possibility and opportunity to discover this and to create life on own terms.

Simply because, life is so much more than "just work".

Even so, your work, can also be your life...but I guess, you know what I mean.

So, without further ado...let me start with my The 3 Step Method Review.

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What is The 3 Step Method?

The 3 Steps Method is an informational product that claims to show you how to earn money with affiliate marketing.

The owner, says it is as easy as 1-2-3.

Hence, The 3 Step Method. He says, all you need is internet access. 

The 3 Steps Method Review

Let's see if it really is, so easy.

If you don't know what Affiliate Marketing, it allows you to make money even if you don't own the product.

 You earn a commission, by selling other people's products to people who need this product.

In my eyes, this is really a win-win situation, and in fact, THE BEST WAY TO EARN MONEY ONLINE FOR BEGINNERS.

I am talking about this strategy a bit later. 

How Does The 3 Step Method Work

First of all, when watching the video of the guy below, please be aware he is not the owner of the program. He is just hired voiceover actor to earn his salary. 

Without a doubt, the owners of this program have chosen the name in relation to how easy the method is. It should evoke, just 3 SIMPLE STEPS.

In fact, when you want to earn money online with the help of affiliate marketing, you really need 3 or 4 steps.

The problem however is, that to make this work out for you, you need MUCH MORE TRAINING AND SKILLS than those guys want you to believe.

No worries, later in my post, I will show you way, how to implement these easy steps and make them work for you.

For now, let me show you what are the 3 steps you should follow inside of this program.

1. Choose a Niche

To choose a niche, you need to ask yourself: What do I like doing on an everyday basis? What would I like to learn about and be involved in every day?

You see, in nutshell, NICHE is a small group of people sharing the same interest.

So, if we would put it plainly, you want to find something that interests you and some (small) group of people that you could easily relate to.

For instance, group of people with the same age, same geographical area or same religion.

Then, you have your NICHE GROUP found.

2. Create a Digital Asset

People behind The 3 Steps Method compared this to real estate. So once you create this asset, you can earn from it regularly and without a lot of maintenance. Same as with a house, you would rent for instance.

What are some digital assets?

You can think of them in 3 categories: websites, blogs, and social media accounts. 

Cash/Make a Commission

Finally, when you have done the previous two steps, you should find affiliate offers, place those offer on the digital assets, and make your commission.

But is it is easy?

You see, one of the problems here is, that you will be encouraged to find those deals on ClickBank.

It's safe to say, that products or services promoted on this marketplace, are very low quality.

In fact, choosing the right affiliate marketplace is a crucial step in making your affiliate marketing business profitable. CB is not the best place for you to get started. 

This program recommends also ClickBank: 12 Minute Affiliate

What You Will Get Once Inside 3 Step Method

At this time, you should know how The 3 Step Method work.

Now, you want to find out the tools you are going to use, in order to make it happen. Also, some kind of training on how to use those tools, would be appreciated. 

Here comes BAD SURPRISE.


The 3 Steps Method Review

Literally, except for the explanation of how The 3 Step Method works, you won't get anything else.


If you don't believe me, let me know in the comment's area, if you'd like to try it and I will share my email and login details with you!

I mean, this is a huge RED FLAG and SCAM ALERT.

In general, even if some product has super low value, there are some tools, documents, or training you can use.

Inside The 3 Step Method, there is really nothing, unless you buy UPSELLS.

3 Step Method Upsells

Previously, I mentioned there is nothing awaiting you inside of the website unless you purchase some UPSELS. 

So, let us have a look at what kind of "treasure" is coming with those upsells.

  1. UNLIMITED $97
    It seems to me useless, that the owner claims with this upsell you can earn 3x more. When you will earn $0 with the front end, then will you earn 3x$0 with this upsell?
  2. DFY $147
    Not only, DFY is one of the worst stuff you might be exposed to when it comes to Affiliate Marketing, it seems hard to find out what kind of DFY is waiting for you.  

    Landing pages? Email Templates? Blogs?

    Not that it matters so much (as said, I would recommend you to avoid DFY at all costs), but it all just sounds too vague to me.

    In case, you are asked to spend almost 50 bucks on something, at least you'd like to know what you are paying for, right?
    I am afraid those shortcuts are just other fake videos and fake testimonials. Even if I am wrong, there isn't any indication of what you'll get when paying for this. 

Seriously, read it below and tell me if you know what you'll be getting inside. 

The 3 Steps Method Review

You see, in general I don't like upsells, because they seem to come from marketers who like to trick people into buying stuff, they don't need.

Inside The 3 Step Method they went even step further.

Every upsell came just with the price and without clear description what you will get after purchasing it. So, they ask you to pay for something, you don't even know what is it. 

If you are tired of this BS, see proper training below.

The Reasons, Why You Shouldn't Join

Low Value of The Program

There isn't pretty much any value when purchasing the front end. Considering what is awaiting when you buy the $9 "membership" I barely think those upsells would have more value.

You can expect no training, a bunch of hype, and vague information. All-in-all, I DON'T SEE ANY VALUE YOU WILL GET WHEN PURCHASING THIS PRODUCT.

A Lot of Fake

You see, normally when I review a product that has kind of hype around it, it doesn't surprise me that there are suspicious "stuff". It could be, the way how you'll earn the money, missing tools, or it could be questionable owner. 

But The 3 Step Method is UNIQUELY BAD even in that. 


There is just TOO MANY fakes. Firstly, the fake testimonials. Secondly, the fake claims.

Lastly, fake owner. The owner/creator of The 3 Step Method is hired voiceover actor. 

The 3 Steps Method Review

No Training Included

As mentioned previously, there is no further information on how to actually proceed with this 1-2-3 method.

I mean, you can read what platform to use for the website domain ( and what platform to use for the blog (WordPress), and what platform to use for affiliate offers (ClickBank).

Let me tell you something you might already guess...this isn't sufficient at all!

You need training on how to write a blog. How to pick up affiliate offers that will convert, etc...


After the missing content inside The 3 Step method, it comes as no surprise at all, that there are upsells. I don't know how about you, but when the front-end already offered nothing to me, I have no intention to purchase any further upsell.

No Customer Service

The unknown/fake owner has customer service that will reply to any of your concerns within 24-48 hours on weekdays.

This sounds to me like a joke.

Seriously, in the 21st century, with AI, and with all the chat bots, those people aren't able to reply to your concerns earlier than 24 hours?

ClickBank Products

Even so, the strategy explained inside is valid, I don't like that you are recommended to promote products from ClickBank.

95% of the products on ClickBank are crap. I mean The 3 Steps Method is the perfect example...

Do you think, you'll be able to earn a lot selling similar products? I think, that the number of REFUNDS will be actually higher than the NUMBER OF DOLLARS YOU EARN.

$18 is average conversion from this product, not the best one, right?  

The 3 Steps Method Review

What You Might Like About 3 Step Method


You might say, the 60 Days Money Back guarantee is something to be considered good, but I will disagree.

You see, ClickBank offers a money-back guarantee regardless of the product. Even so, I haven't missed any refund so far, there were times I had a hassle to get my money back. See the screenshot below.

So, why do you want to pay for this low-valued crap in the first place?

You are better off, and spend your time elsewhere. Trust me!

The 3 Step Method Review Final Verdict

First of all, thank you that you got it to the end of The 3 Step Method Review. If you read my review completely, you felt I wasn't happy with this product. 

Honestly, I am almost disgusted. The 3 Step Method is in my eyes the reason why people don't trust online world.  

You see, I try to cover how this program works, what you will (not) get inside and some reasons why I should avoid it.

Indeed, this will be my final verdict: AVOID THE 3 STEP METHOD AT ALL COSTS.

Even so, there is 60-day money-back guarantee, you might be exposed to hassle when getting your refund.

So, why bother? You can spend your time with more valuable stuff. 

Moreover, you might even feel pretty down, negative, and discouraged about affiliate marketing, what is otherwise another great way to earn money online without. 

I would even so far and describe AFFILIATE MARKETING as the best way for beginners, because you don't need:

  • big budget
  • product stocks
  • customer service
  • experience

In fact, in case, you are interested in AM and want to find out more, I write about it more in the following paragraph.

Read furthermore, the review is not finished yet-;)

How to Earn Money Online in 2022?

I taped into it already...

Did you know, that you can actually be earning money online with the 3 steps formula?  

(Too bad, the creator didn't bother going deeper and show you the strategy.) 

Indeed, this formula is called affiliate marketing.

Rather than what he didn't show you, I want to introduce you a platform, that will teach this you step-by-step.

Furthermore, this platform has 24/7 community of like-minded people (till the date already 2.5 million users worldwide), technical support where you can your answer within hours and not within days, live training classes on weekly basis, domain and affiliate marketplace, and much more...

The people who are experiencing success are REAL, but yet "ORDINARY" people... There are no fake actors, testimonials or income claims. So the stuff really works.

The 3 Steps Method Review
The 3 Steps Method Review

Even thought, you might be hesitant, when seeing programs like The 3 Step Method I can see why, this stuff really works.

The best part maybe of all, is that you can try it FOR FREE. 

You can also stay FREE member forever and you can learn all what affiliate marketing is about, or you can go for PREMIUM and have access to everything and start earning quicker.


I really believe, that if you want to master the "online world" you really won't find better place like this platform. Anyway, I won't brag too long. 

I just hope you like what you see and that I will see you inside.


Sounds interesting?

Then join today and I'll see you inside.

If you don't try out the things inside of my favourite platform, please do further search and commit some time to find the program you will trust.

Program, that will help you create your online passive income.




$9 up to $250


  • Nothing


  • Too Fake
  • No Training
  • Missing Value
  • Lost Time
About the Author

Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • My goodness, the 3-Step method for affiliate marketing throws out so many red flags that I would be surprised if anyone were to proceed to pay for the upsells after paying $9 for nothing!! No training whatsoever. Mr VoiceoverbyLuis must be doing pretty well for himself making videos for such questionable programs.

    Thanks for creating this review article to help people not fall into these online traps. Your alternate program is definitely a better option any day!!

    • Hi there, Ceci! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. It is really crazy, isn’t it? There is no single mention of the owner/creator. Obviously, because he wants to stay hidden, in case the program sucks. Surely, this program sucks a lot. You see people experienced in online marketing know this is a SCAM, but there are many newbies who in their innocent nativity, could believe this can work. Scam artists hope just to trap on newbies, because they are also aware they selling BS. No worries though, I will push hard to get people the right information to make informed decisions?

  • Hi Julius,

    A program where the owner/founder is hard to verify is concerning. Hiring an actor isn’t necessarily an indication of a scam, but combined with the other factors definitely points to the program being a scam.

    I appreciate the information about the program. I had not heard of it before.
    Thanks, Chastity

    • Hi Chastity. Thanks a lot for your comment. Yeah, it is very concerning indeed. I hope I have provided enough information for people to make their informed decision. There are programs that work and teach legit affiliate marketing, but those are not so loud. Therefore all of those reviews. Cheers

  • Hello Julius,

    I can’t emphasize enough how much you have helped me with this article of yours about the 3 step method. I agree that all of it is for nothing and total crap. There is just so many red flag and no value whatsoever. You don’t even know what you are getting, and too many upsell, no training, just voiceovers, no real people that you can interact with, founder is unknown.

    Again thank you! I have heard of this method before, but now I know with your help.

    • Hey there. I am really grateful, that I could help you. You see, there are so many scammers out there, who will try to take advantage of newbies. My mission is to learn people how they can create passive income online. With programs like those you have no chance to achieve that! Cheers

  • Hi Julius,
    I am glad you alerted me on this scam! The last thing people like me need is to have someone lure us into a 3 step method to make money online! And They are fake! and everything about them is fake, you have to wonder. How do these people manage to stay online selling this crap?
    You know that a price tag of $9 is going to lure people in, and if they don’t know better, they will click on the upsells and be drawn into the trap.
    With a 30 day money back guarantee, people may become fearless, and spend much more on the upsells. Totally a shameful money trap! Thanks for giving us the heads up on this one!

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