Tutor Eye

You can apply with Tutor Eye as English teacher without diploma or being English Native speaker.

This is definitely great deal for some experts without university degree or those not born in country where English is native. 

Additionally, Tutor Eye means freedom of choice when, where and how long you will work. 

In case, you want to earn money remotely, you have to read my review, you will love it.

So...shall we start?

URL: https://tutoreye.com
Founder: Arun Singla
Product Type: Tutoring Platform/ESLPlatform
Earning Potential: 6/10
: free to join as Tutor/ for students different membership plans
Overall Rating
: 6/10
Recommended: YES if you are en Expert willing to help others 

What is Tutor Eye?

Tutor Eye is 1-on-1 tutoring and teaching platform. There are several subjects to choose from.

Math, Algebra, Science and Languages. , for instance instance.

On Tutor Eye homepage you can find that, any student's level from K-12 until college students is able to use the platform.

Additionally, if you are an expert in certain subject, Tutor Eye is platform that can help you to earn money remotely. 

How Does Tutor Eye Work?

If You are student, so when you want to use the platform to learn something, you have two options to choose from.

1. Live Study -This is done via online video call. By choosing this option, you will get real-class feeling. The tutor will use white board and visuals. You will follow his explanation LIVE.

2. Written Help- Students will get explanation and step-by-step walk through on given problem. This reminds me a homework type of study 😀

How does this work is super simple. 

Firstly, type in your query and related problem into the application form.

Tutor Eye

After that you will have to find a suitable tutor from the given list. There are plenty to choose from.

Tutor Eye

Lastly, you want to connect with the tutor to discuss which way of learning is the most suitable for you. 

When you are still hesitating, inside Tutor Eye you'll find helping tool helping you define which way to go for. This, depends on what triggers you most to "get" the information. Below is how does it work in practice. 

Tutor Eye

In case, you are aspiring tutor, you would need to create profile and fill in the necessary information during the sign up process.

How to Sign Up With Tutor Eye as Tutor?

If you want to earn money remotely as ESL teacher or as a tutor, then you want to sign-in as a tutor.

The sign up process is pretty straight forward.

Firstly, you will fill in your personal information details.

Like your name, email address, timezone and your availability during the week.

Tutor Eye

Secondly, you'd have to share your qualification, including your university (if applicable) and your diploma's.

Tutor Eye

Lastly, if yours profile is interesting enough, you will be invited for an interview. 

Afterwards, you should hear, if you passed it successfully or not.

In case, you'll get green light, you will be placed on Tutor Eye website as available tutor under your specialisation.

What is worth of mention, that unlike Cambly, or other ESL platforms, there are no requirements on university degree or TEFL/TESL course. (When you want to teach English) 

Moreover, you don't have to be English native speaker to submit your application.

At one side, this is offering everyone equal chance to sign in, and therefore you might get lucky and be accepted, in case you have "just" experience.

On the other hand, it brings the danger that not every Tutor Eye's tutor having the desired knowledge.

Inside Tutor Eye, you will find plenty subjects you can start tutoring. Obviously, not every subject is written in their list. 

Hereby went the creators hand-in-hand with the flexibility characteristic for remote workers, and they are offering you option to "invent" new subject within their platform. 

Only requirement is enough demand among students. 

Inside Tutor Eye

The most searched subjects inside Tutor Eye are:

Tutor Eye

As mentioned previously, if you are expert in some field that is not on the list, you can email to support@tutoreye.com with your query.

Chance are high, your subject will be created.

There are several opportunities for schools, universities or companies to work with Tutor Eye.

For Who is Tutor Eye?

Tutor Eye can be suitable for students searching for an extra education on almost any subject, chosen by them.

Also, Tutor Eye can serve folks searching for remote income.

If you are an expert in any given subject and you think people search for this knowledge, you might considering applying with Tutor Eye.

How Much does Tutor Eye Cost?

The costs for students are below. It will depend on which membership will suit you best.

Tutor Eye

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find out, how much you can earn as tutor. Unlike Cambly, where it is obvious that you earn between $10-$12.

Tutor Eye doesn't share this information openly.

What are Tutor Eye PROS?

Variety of Subjects

This is great for students searching for extra knowledge, as well as, for tutors searching to earn money remotely.

Many similar tutoring platforms offer specification is certain area.

Be that languages, math, grammar, but with Tutor Eye, you can choose more rare subjects as CPM for instance.

Flexibility in Usage

Again, you can profit from this flexibility if you are student or tutor. As there is no location limitation, you can use it wherever you are in the world.

Due to the fact, that Tutor Eye operates worldwide, there are students/tutors available 24/7.

What are Tutor Eye CONS?

Unknown Earnings for Tutors

In case, you aspire to earn money online with Tutor Eye, you might be super disappointed, that there is no income indication.

According Preply, the average online tutor salary is $18.90. Even so, this highly depends on the subject you will tutor.

Important to mention is that while Indian Tutor would find almost twenty bucks an hour as great salary, I can imagine for someone living in Western world, it might be not interesting enough.

However, not only me, but I guess rest of you guys as well, would appreciate if there is salary indication written somewhere on Tutor Eye's website.

Questionable Knowledge Level

You see, I mentioned that already, the application process doesn't require NEW TUTORS to have obtained diploma or other education.

It can be beneficial for the guys who are experts, but have no formal education, but it also lowers the standards of the platform (if there are not suitable tutors)

From my own experience, I had not the greatest feeling when assigned to Nikhil, as my English tutor. Honestly, my feeling was, he knew less of English as I do. But, I could have been wrong.

Also, the demo session was not really useful as it was all spent on conversation, and therefore to guess what this lesson will look like, was quite hard.

Tutor Eye

Should You Join Tutor Eye?

Firstly, In case you are an expert in field on demand and you want to earn money as online tutor, you can give Tutor Eye a try. Since it is FREE to join, you have not much to risk.

Even so, there is nowhere to be found, the pay rate you will earn as Tutor Eye online tutor, from the reviews of the guys who worked there, they were happy and they claimed they earned well.

Tutor Eye

On the other hand, there are some complaints about tutors being not skill full enough.

Tutor Eye

So, this brings me to 2 conclusions. 

Firstly, If you are student searching for a tutor, you might be disappointed when getting not sufficient help.

Secondly, if you are aspiring tutor, make sure you are an EXPERT, so the level of the platform goes higher and you will also be able to earn enough. 

How Do I Earn Money Online?

Earning Money Online is the greatest way out there. You can spend your time in the beach house on sunny island somewhere in Pacific. Where living costs are super low compare to western world.

In addition to cost-efficiency, you would have most likely around 340 days sunshine a year.

I can guarantee you, LIFE is much more enjoyable under the sun.

The greatest thing about earning money online is that you can earn also PASSIVE INCOME.

If you achieve this (passive income) then you can spend your time HOWEVER YOU WANT. For instance, be with your loved ones, travel or with your hobby.

When you aim to CREATE PASSIVE INCOME, you need to think bigger than ONLINE TUTORING.

In other words: you need to create online business.

You see, I am member of platform that taught me how I can create online business from scratch. Platform that is responsible for results like below:

  • 6.2k in passive income from 21 Year Old College Dropout
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  • I made it my mission to help other folks, to create PASSIVE INCOME too.

    So, if you also wish to start online business, but you don't know where to start or you feel overwhelmed by the many opportunities, don't search further.

    This platform was founded by guys who are more than 16 years in online business.

    When you join you will have access to step-by-step training that will walk you through scratch until building your thriving business, 24/7 live community of +1.5 million like-minded folks around the globe, 2 websites (great if you are freelance online tutor), outstanding support and much more...

    About the Author

    Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • I’m glad I took the time to read through this article. Tutor Eye seems like a pretty decent platform to learn various subjects. And the opportunity for teachers to earn an additional income is appealing.

    What I don’t really like is that the barrier to entry for teachers is quite low, so there can be some cases where under qualified teachers possibly start flooding the platform and diminishing its value.

    Regardless, I think this is a solid opportunity for students to learn online and for teachers to earn from the platform.

    Thanks for taking the time to create this helpful post.

    • Hey there! Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment. Obviously, it might distract many people from joining in, when the quality of teachers is not sufficient. From my feeling that was the case of the English teacher. But then again, there might by some high qualified ones. I think it is just trying and see. Cheers.

        • Indeed -;) Well, whoever is interested in this opportunity, should bring quality. As longer as I do work with other people and helping them reach their goals, either in football pitch or online with my business, as more I do feel responsible that I do bring quality and difference into their lives. Therefore, I hope that every tutor will have the same approach.

  • Hi Julius, Very interesting in my time as an internet marketer I have come across tutoring as a means of online earning many times. I know there is a demand for it. I haven’t really considered it myself as I’m quite anti-social really but I’ve heard of TutorEye and sounds like a good platform just without much quality control. It seems to me that you can sometimes find a great tutor on here but other times you can end up wasting your money on somebody that is just not very good. Perhaps this will be something that improves in the future with more of a review based system. I know many that are travelling for example rely on online tutoring gigs whilst they are away from home. This sounds like it could be good for them and really anyone looking to get their first tutoring gig might benefit here too. I think that as long as the tutor is willing to be understanding with their students that will help build these relationships and in most cases, this will be what people want so they can get more work.

    • Hey Alex. Thanks for sharing your opinion. I absolutely agree with you, that each experience might really vary. As I mentioned in comment below, it is unfortunately just trying and see, because as you pointed, someone can be lucky of get assigned to high qualified mentor, while someone, on the other hand can get “bad luck”. The opportunity for people traveling is obvious. Even tough, for those (remotely living) I would recommend starting an online business. As its sustainability and growth possibilities, are much better as tutoring.

  • Tutor Eye sounds great in theory if you are an expert in your subject but have no formal qualifications. But, as you say, this also raises the question of the overall quality of tutors available.

    The negative review from the guy at the end of your article really put me off. He also mentioned that they were many other negative reviews relating to the poor quality of tutoring.
    I think Tutor Eye is going to have a difficult time surviving if they get more negative reviews like this.

    Thanks for the information. I won’t be recommending them to anyone I know just yet!

    • Hi Andrew. Indeed, those negative reviews can be STOP sign for plenty. I can understand why. The reputation that product earns from real-life customers is one of the most important quality measures. Unfortunately, Tutor Eye is not doing great in that.

  • Hi Julius,
    Thank you for introducing me to Tutor Eye. I was born in the U.S., so my native language is English. But, even if I wanted tutoring in math or some other subject, I strongly dislike Indian teachers. I have had to deal with Indian support on the phone. Most of them, have a thick Indian accent, and speak poor English. For me, they are hard to understand. So, knowing that their is a good possibility that most teachers could be Indian because of the low wages, I would definitely pass on Tutor Eye. Again, thank you for the “heads up” on this program!

    • Hi Chas. You welcome. Indeed,I agree with you that Indian English can be sometimes hard to understand. While in some subjects it might be less of an issue, I think, with teaching English language, it might be quite a problem. Therefore, I think platform like Cambly for instance could be better choice. Cheers

  • Hey Julius,

    This is a really good read on Tutor Eye. I have an online business on leadership and have written books on too. It would be amazing if Tutor Eye would allow me to teach on my topic.

    But, I do know a maths and English teacher who could earn a side income from their normal teacher’s salary. I think I will share this with them and hopefully they will sign up and take advantage of what you have reviewed here.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    • Hi Tom. I am happy I could show you and your friends some possibilities how to earn side income. Very nice to hear that your leadership business is generating you some money as well. Happy to hear that. Cheers

  • Tutor eye sounds good and all but math all the time would be a waste of our time. We are not looking for the simple way out but this program lets you pick how you learn. A new way of getting the message across to us the way we understand it.
    Your second choice is even better we have been generating money with WA for a while now, we worked hard to get our website off the ground but class and courses I understand the best is in this platform.


    • Hey there guys! Thanks for your comment and sharing your experience with WA. Happy, you are seeing already some financial success with the platform. All the best towards your dreams. Cheers

  • While it is not perfect, I think that Tutor Eye is not so bad as it’s free to join, especially for aspiring tutors. Plus, it’s a pretty great way to make some extra money in your spare time.

    But for students, I guess it is important to go into it knowing that you might not have a perfect experience every time, but if you find an expert tutor- one who knows their stuff and can help you improve academically- then it’s worth joining!

    I however have a question.
    Is there a way for students to determine the tutors they get?
    Like the option for students to go for the more popular and longer-tenured tutors with good ratings so that they are likely to be happy with the result?


    • This is a great question Femi. Students can choose their tutor. However, the issue seems to be that the best rated tutors are not always available. As there is not any guarantee you will have the same tutor for the entire time you will stay with the Tutor Eye. It depends purely on tutor’s availability. I can imagine it might be an issue for some students. If you are interested in joining the platform as tutor self, it might be interesting way of side income. Only be sure you discuss the pay rate before hand. Thanks for stopping by and let us know if you will give it a try. Would be interesting to hear real life experience.

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