Viddyoze free
Welcome on my blog post, Is there Viddyoze Free Version Review!

64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video!

Did you know that?

In any way, it is definitely wise to start "shoot" couple of videos per week. If you are blogger, YouTube channel is almost a must, nowadays.

When you struggle in creating videos (as I did before), you should read my review, to see if Viddyoze might the solution you are looking for. 

Let me reveal it to you!
David Chamberlain, Joey Xoto, Jamie Garside
Product Type: Video Marketing Editing Tool
Earning Potential:
$97 or $127
Overall Rating:
YES, for short videos only

What is Viddyoze?

Created in 2015, Viddyoze is cloud based video editing tool perfectly fitting any video marketing strategy.

It will help you generate eye-catching and action calling videos.

Depending on the membership you choose, there are hundreds of templates available that you can twist according to your needs.

If you have client based business model, you are going to be able to extend Viddyoze as licensed model business. With options to lverage you additional income.

Read further to find out details about their memberships, license solution and as well the answer if there is Viddyoze free version.

Viddyoze free

How does Viddyoze work?

Viddyoze operates on very easy standards.

Firstly, you'll pick up video template you want to edit.

You have several categories to choose from depending on your needs.

Need an intro to your YouTube channel? Instagram Story? Logo on your Landing page?

They got you covered.

With the Individual Membership you have access to around 170 Templates.

Viddyoze free

When you found your "number one", subsequently you want to edit it. The variety of the templates make it easier for you to choose from.

Viddyoze free

Even tough the sales video claims infinite editing options, you might be aware that there are SOME EDITING options.

You can change the colour, the text and choose audio on or off.

But you can't choose completely new picture in the background of the video for instance. Also, you can't customise the audio, what might be quite flaw for you.

In addition to Individual Membership, there is Commercial Membership and some additional upsells. I am mentioning their functions and pricing, later on. So please keep reading.

Is there Viddyoze Free membership?

One of the most decisive factors for you if to join Viddyoze might be the fact, if there is Viddyoze Free version.

Unfortunately, there is not such a thing. Nor is there FREE TRIAL.

The good thing tough is, that the memberships are Lifetime ACESS, ONE-TIME FEES.

What are the memberships within Viddyoze?

Viddyoze free

The extra features you'll find in Commercial Membership:

  • More Templates (260+)
  • Unlimited Renders per Month (Individual membership has limited usage up to 30/month)
  • Unlimited Clients Usage (in case You want to sell the videos as entrepreneur on via for instance)
  • 2 Valuable Bonuses, Reverse Sales Method and YouTube Accelerator

Inside the Viddyoze

Your main dashboard will consist of this basic menu, where you can choose the category that, suits you best at the moment.

You can choose between intro, outro, logo, etc.

See that the templates are really about the short videos.

Viddyoze free

On top left, you can access TUTORIAL section, where you will be shown how to use the software.

Honestly, it is easy-to navigate without it as well.

What you might be interested to hear are the different options how you can use Viddyoze.

For instance there is this White Label option, that's basically agency type of membership. So, you can "re-brand" the Viddyoze website with your (or yours clients) domain name, custom logos and colours.

Additionally, you have another extra option, called Custom Template Club. This as it already hints, will provide you with extra templates.

The standard price of this one is $37/month.
See Upsells section later on for additional info about each upsell.

For Who is Viddyoze Best For?

Basically anyone who is in search for short videos can profit from using Viddyoze.

Even so, the best fit for professional use will be for:

  • Start-Ups
  • Small Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Social Marekters
  • Video Marketers

The creators did use example of using it if you are video designer and offer your services on I like this idea. Although there are some limitations when you are using individual membership.

Some of them, I outlined already as limited graphic and audio options. 

What do I like about Viddyoze?

Easy to Use

Its drag and drop style makes it super easy for everyone.

So, when you want to create outstanding, eye-catching and action calling videos, you don't have to be computer savvy. That's great news for people who don't want to waste so much time and money on expensive video designers.

30-Days Money Back Guarantee

Even so there were some complaints about the refunds in the past (see more in the reviews section), since Viddyoze is offered through ClickBank too, you are covered.

Because ClickBank offers this guarantee and not the product vendor. So, you will be dealing with eventual refund with CB instead. I never have any issue with claiming through money, when purchased via ClickBank.

Regularly Updated Content

You see, Viddyoze free doesn't exist, but the owners are updating the paid version regularly. Since 2015, there were already 4 updates.

So, it comes for about every 2 years there is an update. I think, that assures that the product is catching with the newest trend. They don't provide info if the updates are included in your membership costs, but I would be surprised if not.

What I don't like about Viddyoze?

Done For You Templates

When you want to use Viddyoze, you must be prepared, there is not an option to upload your own video. So, you are basically "forced" to use their templates.

If you are keen on creating short videos, you might be happy with Viddyoze anyway.

But in case, you want to add some kind of personality, or make your videos longer, you might feel limited by the number of options you have.

Limited Customization Options

The narrow usage of the templates is not the only limitation you will experience inside the Viddyoze.

Previously, I dived in already in the fact, that you can't add new picture inside of template. And also that you can't customise audio inside of each video template. Only option you have, is to turn the custom audio ON or OFF.

Additionally, the limits are also in terms of font usage for instance. So, when you are fan of particular Google font and you want to use your own audio, again this software isn't the best choice


Lastly, what I don't like are the upsells. You see, I would be happier to know all the prices at the beginning, even if the extra features would cost me more.

The way of finding out about those upsells is bit difficult. 

But I got you covered here ?

You need to be prepared that if you want to go beyond those two memberships, you'd need to pay additionally. The first one offers pretty much extension to Individual Membership and offers much more flexibility. 

Template Club comes with $37 monthly or $347 yearly.

Some features this provides:

  • Multi Font Usage
  • 1500+ Templates/30 New Templates Every Month 
  • Background Removal 

White Lab will cost you $297 monthly or $2497 yearly.

This solution is basically for people interested using Viddyoze as their own brand. Owners will let you re-brand the complete website.

Viddyoze Reviews

Viddyoze free

When searching for Viddyoze reviews, I found Trust Pilot and YouTube reviews.

Equally, there are positive and negative reviews.

The most common feature people were happy about is the easy-to-navigate nature of the tool.

On the other hand, there were some issues people were complaining more often. The biggest issue seems to be refund and the upsells.

Viddyoze free
Viddyoze free

Is Viddyoze Scam or Reliable?

I intent to find out if there is Viddyoze Free version with conclusion: there is not one.

In addition to this, many people are asking if Viddyoze is scam or reliable. I guess, mostly due to the fact, that the memberships, upsells and refund conditions were not explained entirely good in the past.

Honestly, I've got similar feeling as it might be hard to get around of those upsells. Therefore you can access them here: 

Template Club

White Lab

Once, you get all information needed, you'll feel pretty ok browsing on their sites.

This (refund) issue seems to be solved now as well, as when not happy with product, you can refer to ClickBank rather than to product owners.

So far, I always got refunded through CB, so you are 99.99% safe here.

Not only just because of this, but also considering the results others are getting, we can surely call Viddyoze LEGIT, and not SCAM.

Should You Try Viddyoze?

Creating videos, is crucial in today's internet marketing.

There is almost no website, aiming to be successful purely on written content. So, soon or later, you have to include video as yours marketing tool.

Either on your YouTube or Instagram for instance, the need of video is great.

On the other hand, you want to be sure, that the tool you'll use is reliable and bringing you value.

Would I recommend using Viddyoze?

For short videos with intention to be used as an intro, outro or logo presentation, it will bring your value.

Some templates are really eye-catching and I am sure they will attract new visitors to your offers. With relatively small effort, you can really create stunning videos.

Even so, it would be undoubtedly better if the customisation is wider, you are still left with some editing options.

If you are keen on using the whole package, then Template Club is what you should go for. The price ($37) is still ok.  

On the other side, there Viddyoze is not meant to be used for recording or editing your own videos.

So in the case, you want to create video review, or sales video or just video vlog, you are better off with Screencasting o-matic, Vimeo or other video tool.

Also in case, you intent to create longer videos (more than 1 minute), you should search elsewhere.

To sum up the things, if you want to add short videos to your channel or website, like logo presentation for instance, you can try Viddyoze.

Also if you plan to use it for commercial use, it might bring you additional income stream.

You are always backed up with 30-Days Money Back Guarantee. So, you are not risking too much.

Where to go from here?

In case, you wonder how to market your brand, video marketing is not the only one tool.

I am using SEO as the main strategy to attract the right people into my business, and it works perfectly.

Not only it is free, but it has LONG Long-term of bringing people on regular basis with increased quantity.

There is a platform, that did teach me how to write for SEO.

In case, you want to increase your reach, check the training below. It is the best training available.

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  • Hi Julius, Viddyoze looks interesting though I’d be put off by the fact you can’t create videos longer than a minute. It also seems limited in what you can do compared to other video creation software.

    However, being able to create short intros quickly without paying a designer is good. The template club sounds excellent value, especially as you get 30 new templates a month. Although I’m not a big fan of DFY products. Thanks for sharing ☺

    • Hey Kathy. Happy, I could give you an inspiration. I am also not fan of DFY. So, the tool limits are quite a downside, it still might be useful, when you want to create short attention grabbing videos. Cheers

  • Viddyoze seems like an excellent solution to people who have no video editing skills, but it’s a pity that they don’t offer a free trial to gain our confidence. I like how easy it is to reduce the workload for YouTubers or bloggers and the money-back guarantee. But as you mentioned here, the downsides weigh more than this product’s goodness. Maybe I will try Template Club or the SEO method you suggested in the last paragraph. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey Matt. I am happy I could offer you some solution on how to gain more visitors. Viddyoze offers indeed very easy to use solution, but it might be a bit tricky when you will not follow precisely the memberships conditions. Again, with ClickBank money-back guarantee, you are definitely covered up, so there is not a big risk, I’d say.

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