Hi and welcome on my website. In my today’s blog post, I am going to check with you the 5 advantages of being self-employed.

If you were thinking about starting a revolution and you have enough of the corporate world ethic, then this text is for you.

I am going to cover some simple, yet practical and useful steps you can do in your present situation already to become self-employed. As well, I am going to have a look at qualities, essential to be successful and in the last part, the parts you should be aware of.


Why do you want to be self-employed?


Question, you have to ask yourself. Knowing your “why” is the first step for being successful.

You don’t want to be like other employees, asking “what” to do. You are not waiting on someone’s exclamation. This is the basic rule number one. Define your “why’.

Why do you want to be self-employed? Why you want to start your own business?

Maybe you have enough of listening to your annoying boss, or you want to buy a house for your family without getting into debt for further 20-30 years, or maybe you just want to have finally enough time for your hobbies.

Whatever reason it is, that you want to be self-employed rather like in employment, you have to have enough strong reasons, to keep you pushing hard, when needed.

Because, unlike any GURU’S mentioning, the journey will be hard, but the reward waiting for you can be huge.

I don’t know how about you, but I always had a feeling that the majority of companies are here to make money, they often don’t care about their employees. Of course, there are exceptions to it. Like there is an exception to any rule, right?

Let’s have a look what are the 5 advantages of being self-employed.

  1. UNLIMITED EARNINGSOne interesting fact at the beginning. The highest-paid employee in the world is Mark Hurd, co-CEO of Oracle who makes $41.1 million a year. On the other hand, the richest man on earth, Jeff Bezos netted over $40 billion in 2017 which translates to about $100 million per day.

    Which means Bezos can make in 12 hours what the richest employee can make in an entire year. You don’t have to earn that money, but the truth about being self-employed is that, even if you would perform on an average level as an entrepreneur, you will be still earning more like a hard-working employee.


    This brings definitely two points of view. Being your own boss is bringing responsibility, but on the other hand, it is also bringing the FREEDOM. My number one value is freedom, it depends completely on you and your values, but I know many people wish to have more time, make their own working schedule, and work whenever they want.


    Personally, I don’t know a person, who wants to create a business out of something he/she doesn’t like. Isn’t passionate about. If such a person exists, then that person is insane.While in every business, there are tasks, you will not like, or even hate, the main part of it should bring passion, joy, and happiness into your life. I

    t supposed to juice you, so much that you will be thinking about it before you go sleep and it will be the first thing you going to thing on, in the morning.

    The great thing about being a successful entrepreneur is that, you can hire someone, who will do the important tasks, you hate, instead of you. ☺

  4. CHOOSING YOUR OWN TEAM- It would highly depend on the field you are working now, but in many cases, you have to have a team around you.While it can be a lot of fun during the work, or while having drinks afterward. It can be as well disaster and a nightmare to go to such a place if you are inside of an annoying team. Unfortunately for me, I had always that experience.

    Maybe you have it opposite and you are enjoying the time spent in the work. You see, there are folks who think this way: “it does not matter with I am working, as far as I am delivering the desired performance I am cool”.If you are one of those, let me ask you a question. What would your manager do, if you had a serious argument with the rest of your team?

    He will most likely hire someone who will have fewer arguments and he will be a better “fit” to the team. Particularly, it wouldn’t matter if you are performing well, managers want to have peace in working place.

    Especially, if you work in fields such a logistics, hotel front desk, or in the factory. Remember, there are another 10 maybe 100 people available on the job market. Unfair? Maybe.

    But that’s just corporate world ethic. Speaking out of my own experience, I definitely prefer to have people around me that I can choose.

  5. YOU WILL DECIDE YOUR HOURLY RATEThis is closely connected with the unlimited earnings. Once you will become skillful in the area of your business, you will be probably in state to set-up your hourly rate.

    While working in the corporate world, especially in lower or starter positions your rate could be anything between $8-$12, if you would provide enough value to your customers or clients, you can be easily earning $20, $50 even $100 an hour.

What qualities should you possess?

While in previous lines I was mentioning about the advantages of being self-employed, there are as well, some predisposition you want to thing before deciding to quit your job and start your own business.

I have created a list of qualities you should already have, or if you don’t, thing if you can improve.

  • Self-discipline 
  • Hard-working mentality
  • Flexibility
  • Action taking attitude
  • Self-starter
  • Clear vision
  • Ability to visualize your dreams

The ideas for self-employment.

When you are sure enough, that you have that what it takes to be an entrepreneur, or you are willing to improve your knowledge to the required point, you might ask yourself, what activity to do? What is the most profitable one or where do I have the highest chance to be successful?

The number one rule you should thing is VALUE. In case, you decided to take the business path, you want to bring value to people’s life. You want to improve their life, right?

Why would someone ever pay you, if they don’t see something coming out of it for them?!

If you provide enough VALUE, you can monetize almost everything.

Below, some ideas for your inspiration:



There is a variety of activities you can sell from your home. It can be handcrafted jewelry or home-made food for instance. Think here on ice-cream, seasonal products (like honey), hummus or other spreads. The list can be endless. If there is high demand in your neighborhood, you can sell basically anything.



My favorite one!

Now, talking about business and its advantages, I didn’t mention for me important one. LOCATION FREE. You see, there are more and more entrepreneurs who became somewhat their own employees. You don’t want that in the long run.

That’s way online. The best would be to create Passive Online Income.

Within the online world, you have more opportunities like ever before.

The most popular one :

  • Filling online surveys 
  • Freelancing online, for instance on Fiverr.com– many areas available. E.g. translating, web design, voice-over, speaker, photo editor, SEO specialist, web developer
  • Starting an Online Business From Scratch, like Affiliate Marketing, for example, the best online platform available now is Wealthy Affiliate




This is a great opportunity for all the fitness, soccer, financial or life coaches working for employer. There is an incredibly high demand for those services.

You can thing in other areas while thinking to start on your own while being in your present job. Like lawyer, web developer, marketing specialist, salesperson. The limitations are just up to your imagination can work.

What does a job mean to you?

Let me be clear with you, whatever job you are in, think about it like Just Over Broke.

You might be way above of average and you can be earning an income, which is providing you enough money to buy a house (without a mortgage), allowing you to go 3-4 times a year abroad for a holiday, is giving you enough time, financial and location freedom and in addition to that, it is making you incredibly satisfied.

Unfortunately, the truth is, that it is rare.

If you belong to the majority of employees, you are experiencing the just over broke reality.

In case, that you want to change your life, there is never too late!

You can read my story, how I change my life at the age of 30. To be honest, I never regretted what I did. At some point, I was in the position many of you are now. Frustrated, in the bad team, low paid, unhappy with small influence on my income or tasks.

In comparison to today’s reality, when I work from wherever and whenever I want is such a blessing. If you want to know more, click below

==>Check here and discover the best available platform online

Trust yourself and ask for help if you don’t know where to start

I hope I could juice you a bit with my text about what are the advantages of being self-employed. My intention is to show people, maybe people like you, that to earn living by being self-employed is possible.

I gave you some hints on what qualities you should possess or attain when thinking about quitting your job.

By the moment you are sure, you are that person and you still haven’t chosen the field, you’d like to start, click here, and you will be guided, trained by professionals on the way to create your online passive income.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I would be more than happy to help you out.


Your friend,


About the Author

Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • Hi Julius,

    This is a great article and I’m so pleased that I came across it. I am still not self employed and I started my own blog in January 2020. I didn’t really start my blog to be self-employed, I did it to help people. But the more and more people I help, the more and more I want to do this full time. So I am learning all I can to what it takes to be self-employed, and your article has been really helpful. I loved that you added in what traits are required to be self employed, e.g. self discipline. I think I have this one because I have been posting on my blog 3 times a week since January and I have been doing quite a lot on YouTube and LinkedIn too. I was going to move into public speaking just before the pandemic hit us, so that is a dream for later this year or next year.

    Anyway, I will continue to update my blog and I am looking into how I can make money with what I am doing. You have really helped here so I will let you know my progress. If I have any issues I will get in touch. If that is OK?

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the amazing work on your site.

    All the best,


    • Hi Tom, thank you very much for stopping by and sharing your experience. Great to hear that you are posting 3 times a week. This is the optimal number of content. The consistency and regularity is very important when building any kind of business. To switch to being self-employed you can do later as well, so I wouldn’t see any issue with spending time on your blogging being “side hustle” and over some time to switch being self-employed. As you picked two traits for being right or suitable type of PERSON to be working independently, or being categorized as self-employed is much more important. I am happy you found the information helpful. Yeah, feel free to contact me anytime Tom, I would be more than happy to help you. Helping others is one of the pillars of my work. Cheers.

  • Hi Julius
    This is a great and very informative article. Especially with everything that is goingon in the world at present! I am lucky enough to be a member of WA and i highly recommend it. You’re exactly right with your points aboutwhy being self employed is a far better situation than being employed. I myself wanted more money but mainly freedom also. Great work, keep it up!

  • Thanks for the great content! Totally agree with your 5 advantages of being self employed. The 2 advantages that i like are Unlimited Earning and Be Your Own Boss. I think these also most people who dream for. So that’s why we need to keep improve our self and put enough effort to achieve our dream.

    Keep it up for more great content!

    • Hi Samuel. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment. Those 2 advantages are also my favorite one -;) To have it as a dream is not enough, it has to be the ultimate goal and after the right action plan, it can become a reality. I am going to work on the content and I hope you will find more valuable information over here during the upcoming period of the time. Cheers.

  • I liked your 5 advantages of being self employed post. we know there are many more advantages for being self employed. I think working from home, being self employed and online business will be the new norm in the near future. Therefore your post is highly beneficial for those looking at their future employment/ earning money options.

    Thank you for inspiring us all.

    • Thank you for your comment, Habib. I am happy I could contribute in inspiring you and hopefully also the others. I agree with you that working online, remotely, and/or from home is becoming more and more natural. That’s what self-educating in the lockdown time has very bing meaning nowadays.
      You can also check my other articles for inspiration on how to “use” the time spent home the lockdown gave many of us. The is my newest one for instance
      Take care in these hard times. Cheers.

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