In the present times, many people are dreaming about working remotely, in fact, according to the latest studies, 67% of all employees are wishing to have more flexibility in their everyday job!

There are definitely plenty of reasons, one can think about working from home. I remember me, being at some moment so disappointed with my manager and so fed up with my tasks at my hotel job, that I was just tired before even starting my day at job.

Maybe you are fed up with your boss, or you don’t want to fulfill a request from the guests or customers, or you are just exhausted by every-day travel to and from the job( maybe you don’t even get the journeys refunded, hell there are companies who are not paying their employees for that).

Your reasons can be others. Maybe similar. But whatever reasons there might be, that you no longer wish to work in your daily job, working from home can be a great solution for you.

It could also be that you are already working from home, and you just don’t know how to get to the point you want to be. Even if you are starting out, or you already started, I have put together 5 Tips when You Work Online From Home. I hope it will give you an inspiration.

1. Solving other people’s problem

Can you think about some successful, present business?

Like Facebook, Uber, Netflix, Google? What they all do have in common?

They are helping to solve people’s issues, right? 

One is connecting people from all around the world, by allowing them to share their pictures, videos, opinions, or stories. Another one is bringing people from place A to place B, cheaper and more convenient than standard Taxi service. The other is helping people to relax after a long day at work, by watching their favorite series or movies. While the other one is helping people to find whatever information they are searching for online.

Can you see it too? Help. Help. Help. 

Now, I don’t mean that you have to invent new Facebook or something like that. It can be something much more smaller. Like fitness blog providing advice to people how to stay fit with their job and families, or cooking blog, helping people to cook healthy dishes.

You can be an editor, ghostwriter, copywriter.

==> Click here if you would like to see if your options in these fields

Doesn’t matter how big problems you are going to solve. But the bigger the problems you are going to solve, the bigger the amount of money you can earn.

2. Know Your Market


Whatever niche you are going to offer the solution for people, you have to think about the market. In other words, there will be certain people interested in your services or products. 

Imagine, you are going to help people to get in to shape. The spectrum of people who can profit from your advice can be bright. In order to be successful, you want to be as specific as possible. An example of such a specific market could be people working full time in 9 to 5 jobs, looking to lose weight, without present exercise activity around 2 hrs/week.

Now, you know what is their level( 2hrs/week), their possible time commitment(FT job) and their outcome(losing weight).

Therefore, it will be for you easier to make PLAN according to their wishes, and not what you “think” it will fit them best.

Sounds simple?

Well, it is. But many people still don’t get that and then they are wondering, why their perfect idea, isn’t working.

So before, you ever consider starting, be sure you know YOUR MARKET. 



3. Find the right community

When you are starting out( but also if you already made some attempts) tow work online from home, you would be happy if you have people around you who can help you out if you are stuck, right?

Like-minded people who are in the field longer, have more experiences and therefore are there to give you a hand, while you might be struggling. 

While in the day job, you would be most likely apprenticed by someone, if you starting to work on your own from home, there is not always this option. Next to it, if someone’s offering this, it very easily turns to be SCAM and you will lose your money, or it will be such a low quality, that you would not gain any suitable knowledge and skills.

In either way, you are going to lose money or time.

That’s something you don’t want.

You see, I am an Affiliate Marketer, and I found the best community available, where I was able to learn the important knowledge in order to start. Plus, I am able to get an answer to any question I have related to my business.

4. Make your space productive

When you are all settled to start, that’s perfect, and congratulations!

After sorting out the “outside” aspects of your “work online from home adventure”, you have to put your own input.

What is very important in any activity you do?


That’s one of the most decisive characteristics, which is going to define your success or failure. To be fully focused, concentrate and in the “flow” you’d need an environment, supporting your working habits.

Some hints to help you out are setting up your working table.

Which working table is kicking you out, to be productive?

In addition to it, you can hang on the wall some inspirational quotes, or pictures, or even your desired outcome( that works great for me).

Having your phone’s notification on silent mode is a must. As well, working in a quiet environment (usage of good quality headphones) is very useful.

Those 3 elements are basic rules, you should follow, when you decided to work online from home. Some extra ones could be proper sleep and food and working on one task at the time. Meaning, do not jump from one undone stuff to another one, just because it seems to be easier.

In the end, you would finish much less of a work, and you’ll feel more exhausted.

For those of you, who already started to work online from home, and you find it difficult to stay uninterrupted during your work, because you are sharing your household with other family members, friends or just random housemates, try to explain them, that you are working and not surfing internet for fun.

If they don’t get it, ask them how they would feel if you’d interrupt them during their work, studies, or whatever duties they might have.

In the end, they should understand. If not, search for a new apartment or office.


5. It is fun, but hard work as well

When you are on a good track and you feel great about your decision, you might be excited to start. ( You should be right, what is otherwise the point of starting ou?)

That is awesome!

But, let’s don’t forget one important fact, and that this will be most likely marathon and not sprint. You shouldn’t be disappointed if you don;t see the desired results see early enough. They will come. If you put the right amount of the work obviously.

Here is the point, why many people just FAIL!

As they are not willing to be patient, consistent, and driven during the starting period. They just see it as a “fun”, “hobby” or “something interesting”.

If your approach is going to be the same, then I advise you not to even start, and rather search for hobby, demanding less of your time.

In order to be successful online, you have to put the HARD WORK IN THERE TOO! Without it, it’s impossible to achieve a big results. That’s the fact that after Monday, there is always Tuesday.

But once, you have put enough time, quality work and provided quality service, people will reward you with the deserved checks. How long it is going to take, depends on many factors. Like the niche you are in, the amount of the time you are going to invest in your business and in the end obviously the quality you are going to produce.

Do you want to work online from home?

If you want to work online from home, there was probably no better time like now. 

With the possibilities that internet offers, it was never easier to start your online business from scratch, literally within a minute. Far away are the times, when one needed to be great at coding, web design and when searching for the people, interested in online services as hard as trying to sell CDs at the present times.

I started my online business using Wealthy Affiliate, without prior experiences.

In fact, I was the one, among my friends known for being the “computer anti talent”.If I could started and learn how to earn online, you can too. Doesn’t matter what is your background.

If you’d like, you can see my journey over here.

When someone would tell me some 5 years ago, that I would be working online and helping others to create a passive income online, I’d say he is insane. But there I am. Earning money online and helping others to achieve the same.

I don;t know what your background, motivation, or target is, but one thing I know for sure. if your “why” is big enough, you will find your “how”.

So if you are enough fed up with your boss, tasks or payments and you want to change that, you’re reasons to change it are big enough, like your time/financial freedom i.e., you will find the way how to make it real.

Here is one “how” I am offering you.

When you join, I will show you how you can create your website and turn it to be a profitable business, in whichever niche, you are passionate about. 

I hope I could provide you with some tips on how to work online from home. If you found it valuable, please share it further, using the buttons below the article. If you have any comments or questions please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Your friend 




About the Author

Julius is an Online Marketing enthusiast helping people with creating financial freedom. Thanks to Affiliate Marketing it never has been easier. In his free time is Julius spending his time on the soccer field, in the airplane, with a great book, or with his friends.

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  • So true about it being fun but hard work as well! I think that is a point that a lot of people gloss over. Do you have any communities that you personally recommend?

    • Mike, there is the best community available online, called Wealthy Affiliate , where you will get the best advice possible. 24/7 great group of people willing to share and help. I can’t stress enough, how helpful this can be for starting and aspiring online entrepreneurs. Thank you for stopping and leaving your question, hopefully, this helps. If you have further question, please leave it below and I would be more than happy to help you out. Cheers.

  • While starting a business online may be more accessible, in order to grow and maintain you must follow a similar process to starting a traditional business. You’ll still need to validate your idea, do business planning etc…you have enumerated very well the 5 things to consider when it comes to starting online business. Just don’t underestimate the importance of putting together a functional website and getting it in front of your target market.

    • Thanks for your comment, Satz. You are completely right, the planning, either financial or strategical is important as well as by the traditional business. I tried to emphasize that in the last part that it is not just fun, but hard work as well. In general, doesn’t matter what your intentions are, if you want to start a real business, or just a side hustle, you have to have the approach of like it is your money machine. Great, you shared your note. Cheers.

  • Great article.
    Indeed working from home can be fun and I agree with you that it is hard work!
    Having never worked online, I was completely oblivious to this fact. I kept thinking well, people spend too much time on their online business because they are not fast and organised. How wrong was I!
    Just 2 months into an online business and I feel drained.
    Thanks for reminding me that after Monday, there is always Tuesday!
    Many thanks 🙂

    • Hi Ekufaa, thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment. Yes, it is very tempting to fell into the idea, that I will just try it and have fun because it is online and we are not having someone above us watching us. But, until we are taking it seriously and acting with an approach like it is a business, we will be never able to achieve any success. I am happy you liked it -:)

  • 5 best tips if you work online from home is a great guide, and I find your very first tip to be my biggest motivator. I struggled after my health ended my career as a photographer, I am too unsteady now to be a professional photographer. So for years, I struggled to find a purpose in my life, and God led me to help others by mentoring them on how to start and succeed with an online business. I can’t wait every morning to get online to help as many people as I can find in need, and if you love helping people this is a very good business for you to consider.


    • Jeff, this is amazing. When you can turn your unfortunate injury turn to be a starter in a new field. Very well done! Yes, to help others, is one of the biggest and most valuable motivation one can have. You are perfect example, that works online from home is rewarding, fulfilling, and enjoyable when filled with the purpose and right approach. Thank you for sharing your part of the story and all the best!

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